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Is the Free World Free?

In the ideal free world, freedom must oppose tyranny, however because of the speculative paradigm, many believe that freedom has a price, which if necessary, must use the tyranny of extreme security, to better protect itself, we are told. It is perhaps an oxymoron, no doubt a play of words, where the antinomic nominal translates the cunning that undermines the policies of the western world after the Cold War. The term "free world" appeared in the late 1930s and early 1940s as an anti-fascist rallying cry. In the spring of 1938, a group of French writers and politicians, including former Prime Minister Édouard Herriot, founded a magazine called "monde libre" (free world) to promote greater solidarity among democratic nations. Four years later, at the height of World War II, US Vice President Henry Wallace underscored the existential nature of the world conflict in a speech to the United States-based International Free World Association: “as a struggle between a slave world and a free world. Just as the United States in 1862 could not remain half slave and half free, in 1942 the world must make its decision for a complete victory of one side or of the other”. Later that year, Frank Capra’s, Oscar-winning propaganda film "Prelude to War" illustrated this point by showing two spheres side by side, one black and one white, one a "free world" and another a "slave world", each encompassing an entire globe. The message was clear and very repeated: the planet had become small and interdependent; the forces of slavery set out to conquer the world; and the fate of freedom everywhere depended on their defeat.

Political speech never precedes action, it is just a bitter pill sprinkled with sugar, to make one believe in an inexact science. When the American vice president used anti-slavery rhetoric to speak of the imperative of the emergence of a free world, he ignored the 4 centuries of servitude that built the United States. If slavery was so bad for their conscience it should not has been used to build the United States. Where were the anti-slavery forces for 400 years? why suddenly they woke up in the 19th century for a civil war which looked more like a political and economic war than a commendable ideal cause. It’s somehow curious that whites who only granted civil rights to blacks 100 years later chose to kill each other for the sake of the same blacks, 100 years before, during the secession war. Was the black people’s condition so important that some whites people had to die for, while keeping institutional racism for eons? It is important to go back in history to better understand the recurring behavior of entities, because the quantity of items shopped are always linked to the quality of the client's purse. The American anti-slavery assertions during a period of racial segregation should have caught the attention of more than one. The American authorities were in a most shady cynicism when speaking of the free world ,when the black population of the United States was not free and did not even have the right to citizenship nor access to the most basic elements of freedom, like the right to enter public establishments. How is it possible, therefore, that peoples who freely declared themselves promoters of the free world where also the backers of Nazi Germany, an important vector of fascism in the 1930s? Today it’s well known that American economic magnates like Ford, General Motors, or Chase Bank helped to build Germany, backing Hitler economic programs. From its beginnings, this rhetoric of the free world most certainly resembles a story for whites only. This kind of egalitarian principle like the French Revolution which was supposed to freed solely whites of the third estate and not the slaves of the Caribbean. And if it is a story tainted with snobbery and racism, it is far from being an example of freedom. It would have been naive to think that a country which continued to believe that a certain category of its population was unworthy of any social economic progress, would have noble ideas for the good of all. Everything was in the strategy of conquering the world and nothing else. The American authorities of the post-war period had understood that it was necessary to use a language different from the warlike fascism, or Bolshevism, to win the world, and establish their hegemony. The original sin of sincerity remained the darkest cloud, which years later would sound the death knell of what has been called the free world, which will prove more like a sphere of influence of the United States and its satellite countries. An outlet for the neo-liberal economy, advocated by the United States. If before it had been necessary to bomb countries to open market opportunities as during the opium war which opposed England to China between 1839 and 1842; with neoliberal ideology the United States will succeed in conquering phenomenal market shares in all fields, from technology to arts and leisure, showcasing their freedom like way of life to sound appealing for the masses. The end of the Second World War and the start of the Cold War will lift part of the veil, of demagoguery of the term free world. The United States will turn a blind eye to undemocratic and autocratic regimes if they were willing to oppose the Soviet Union and communism. Portugal and Turkey, NATO allies, used to have repressive regimes. It has taken decades for South Korea to become fully democratic. And the American allies in the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia to this day, have barely reflected the values that the free world prides itself on. Why the double standard? When, for example, the Obama administration pledged in 2011 to contribute to the revolution which will see the violent assassination of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, at the same time it supplied Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf monarchies with hyper-sophisticated weapons. It must be understood that from the outset, the notion of free world is intrinsically linked to the notion of expansionism of neoliberal capitalist ideology; and any entity aiming to oppose this order of profit, this cartel, which uses embargoes and war to the bitter end, to achieve its agendas, and to be respected, must expect to suffer the pangs of the anger of the American egregore, whose ambition remains the domination of the world by neoliberal capitalism, which advocate the release of key sectors of countries economy, in favor of privatization by multinationals. This is why regimes with a socialist tendency where the state seems to control everything in order to better redistribute as in Libya or Venezuela will always be entities to be defeated for the neoliberal cartel. From this point of view the freedom of the free world is contradictory on two aspects. First, the free world advocates alliances under the authority of what was the hyper powered USA, after the Second World War; and secondly the free world and its allies unilaterally decide towards sovereign Nations what is good or what is not, outrageously ignoring the first principle of freedom, which is freedom of choice and the right of peoples to dispose of themselves, and to adopt the regime that best suits them to govern themselves. The forced formatting of a global community, which should think the same way, could only in the long run create some embarrassment, and legitimate tensions of peoples rebelling against an order which by forcing them to adopt a certain type of behavior manipulates them into consumerism; ideologically transforming billions of people across the globe into slot machines belonging to the world leader of capitalism. In the digital age, many believe that freedom in the Western world has declined. If it is true that new technological tools allow better surveillance of citizens, it is important to note, that digital and information circulating better than before, simply allows the global community to understand the magnitude of deception of the Western ideology. Edwards Snowden, and Julian Assange simply made available to the general public the methods of surveillance and repression of freedom, which already existed, since at least the period of the Cold War. Intelligence agencies like the CIA or the NSA were created at the wake of Second World War. However, it is important to comprehend that since the world already knows what is happening, when... To Read More

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