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Africa is sick of the bourgeoisie of tropical kinglets

On May 10, 1994, when Mandela came to power in South Africa, many wondered how he was going to get the black population out of the gigantic gulf that separated it from the rich white class which for more than a century had controlled the affairs of South Africa, without sharing. The African National Congress, which started out with Marxist Ideology, will make a 90-degree turn, no longer to protect the poor classes but to create its own bourgeoisie. Mandela and his people therefore believed that they have to create their own wealthy class among the black population to try to pull the rest of the "pauper populace " who lived in the Bantustans, towards social progress. However, as everywhere else in Africa it is the opposite which occurred, while some black elites were growing fat, they abandoned the rest of the black proletariat, in abysmal distress, and very quickly they taught black South Africans very little educated, that their misfortune was coming from African immigrants who were making them an unfair competition in their own country by stealing all their livelihoods. Thus, will be born a xenophobic stagnation which years later will culminate in the hunt for the non-South African "negro" in several bloody riots which during the decades 2000 and 2010 will come to show to the face of the world, the faults of the various governments resulting from the ANC. The corruption trials against former President Jacob Zuma will only confirm the stagnation between the black kleptocratic bourgeoisie of the tropics and the African proletariat.

Often educated in Western universities, and programmed to serve the system of spoliation of the continent, in Africa the bourgeoisie is an outgrowth of neocolonial regimes, because it is an excrescence of neocolonial policy, of the West, which under the deceit of Africanization of executives, in the 1960s, rather equipped the continent with an armada of mercenaries loyal to the neocolonial system which, since the 1960s, have been the most influential agents of Africa's underdevelopment. One has to witness the patter with which African executives, working for colonial banks such as BEAC in Central Africa and UEMOA in West Africa, defend the system of spoliation of the CFA franc. Handsomely paid by the monkey currency that is the CFA franc, they defend their small privileges of tropical kinglets to the detriment of a real monetary reform which would distance their countries from the colonial yoke of France, and consequently would give a little dignity to a black populace who for too long has believed they have been cursed because of the burden of plunder they carry without understanding that their fate is controlled thousands of miles away, by a Western cartel which continues to make it rain and shine as it sees fit; through its corrupt African regents devoted to their task of relaying the servile policy of degrading Africa.

Just like the Western bourgeoisie, whose speculative behavior was criticized by French President François Mitterrand, asserting that “The bourgeoisie has always chosen its interest, or what it believed to be its interest. Patriotism is part of its interests only under benefit of inventory. "

The African bourgeoisie likewise, does not care about what would become of an impoverished Africa, with a population growing exponentially. Rather, it sees the prevailing misery in the tropics as the ideal conditions for the consolidation of its power over souls damned by the system it defends, and from which it benefits handsomely.

However, it should be noted that if the best result that a revolution can obtain is a change of bourgeoisie, the tropical proletariat, washed away by decades of perennial poverty, knows how to crowd out only for the crumbs. You only have to see the enthusiasm that certain populations have in black Africa on the eve of the elections, when here and there the votes are bought by portion of rice or meat, to understand that the situation is more than critical . The famine which is raging under the tropical proletariat has deprived the black populace of all dignity, who shamelessly sell its vote to the tropical bourgeoisie.

Political prostitution in Africa is an avatar of the neocolonial spoliation system, which primarily benefits Western multinationals, which themselves, organized in the form of a cartel, have become, through their influence on Western political circles, real king’s makers. For the past 30 years no Western leader has dared to attack the interests of the Western bourgeoisie and has survived politically. As political parties in Western democracies increasingly depend on donors who are drawn mainly from the bourgeois classes, it makes sense that elected politicians will in return make favors to those who contributed to their electoral victory by initiating policies that protect their interests. And more and more there is no longer any difference, between the bourgeoisie and the political class in the West; because politicians and well-heeled businessmen operate in the same circles. And worse it even happens that, as in the case of Donald Trump, the bourgeoisie itself comes to exercise political power, and thereby allows itself to directly influence the social economic landscape for its pecuniary interests. Many still remember the ban on Chad by the United States, and its placement in the list of countries whose nationals were banned from entering the United States under the Trump administration, not for terrorism or corruption, but as direct consequence of the financial imbroglio which opposed the Chadian State to the American oil giant Exxon Mobil, which Rex Tillerson, American businessman and politician, was the CEO from 2006 to 2016, and Secretary of State (Minister of Foreign Affairs ) of the United States from 2017 to 2018 during Donald Trump's presidency.

The late President Idriss Deby's claims of the percentage his country was owed in the exploitation of its oil had earned him admonitions from the Trump administration. Chad, which until then had been a reliable ally in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel, had overnight become a terrorist country to be put on the blacklist. This example illustrates very well the mafia connection that exist between the Western states and the Western bourgeoisie, when it comes to the defense of the mercantile interests which are in line with the implementation of the neocolonial policy, which always sacrifices the well-being of populations in the tropics who are unfortunate enough to have under their feet, mineral wealth coveted by Western multinationals.

It would be a joke to think that these methods of another age are the sole prerogative of the right and the American hawks, because even the left and the oligarchy of new technologies which finances it handsomely, is not exempt from all reproaches, as attested by the shady deals of Microsoft, Apple and others in the exploitation of coltan in Congo’s war zones, where the mafia of the warlords plunder the country for the profit of the American multinationals. Where the state is bankrupt one exploits without paying the slightest tax, so logically leftist governments cannot question the order of the macabre disorder that enriches its financiers.

In the classic cases of tax dodging of Western multinationals in the tropics, where batches of money are delivered at night to executives of administrations in the tropics, to turn a blind eye to the tax royalties which are supposed to be collected to serve the public interest, the members of the Chadian government would have agreed to be greased the paw personally by Exxon mobile to forget the billions of dollars owed by Exxon Mobil to the State that there would not have been problems. When in speeches Africa is lectured by Western democracies for the corruption which is very high there, very few have the honesty to say that there are no corrupt without corrupters. And the biggest corrupters are unearthed not in the impoverished populations in the tropics but indeed among the members of the cartel of Western and Asian multinationals.

While the picture seems to be more than gloomy especially when we see that everywhere in the tropics there is a renewal of the executives of the obsequious bourgeoisie, which through sectarian heredity monopolizes positions of power perpetuating the system of spoliation and its defects, the only hope remains in the circulation of information, the black populace in the tropics more and more, has access to information; and consequently begins to understand the intricacies of the systems which since, has been keeping them in endemic misery. Knowledge is the first step in overthrowing a system; when we know we end up understanding how to equip ourselves with the means for a better future

Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.



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