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Eco-Travel to Amsterdam

Headline - A la une

All the magic of Amsterdam draws throughout the year many visitors, who enjoy walks along the canals or visit museums. It is not only the capital of the coffee shops and the red light district, no, Amsterdam harbors a rich cultural and architectural heritage.

It is a work of art, the Venice of the North as they say! It will surprise you with its traditional character and alternative, for its kind and smiling people.

“Green” Tourists will come from every corner of the world, sure to find their values ​​and ideas about ecology. It is one of the greenest capitals in Europe, you can breathe clean air!

  It feels good to walk or bike. The bicycle is the main means of transport for a cultural experience in harmony with nature and course cars are banned. Even fashion is green, peoples wear t-shirts made ​​from organic cotton, shoes made ​​of natural materials, and it’s all about respect of the environment and recycling of raw materials. Hygiene products such as bio alum stone is used.

For this purpose a whole ecological neighborhood "GWL-Terrein" was built in the city of Amsterdam between 1996 and 1998, the first urban project without cars in Europe. 600 homes have been built on the site of a former water treatment plant for drinking water. The green building materials and recycled materials from the demolition of the original structure were mainly used. A neighborhood of the city protected from pollution that lives a little in autarchy with its own rules. It has a coffee shop built in the engine room of the pumping station and a hotel.

Many hotels have established a genuine environmental policy for the protection, respect for the planet and help save the environment. Amsterdam is one of the cities that offer a variety of different types of housing and the green rooms. With one click you can watch online a few good deals on a lot of sites such as venere where you can easily find and compare fares.

Finally, an area not to be missed is the bourgeois and bohemian Amsterdam called Jordaan. It is considered the most charming and graceful town with its narrow streets and small shops along the canal district.

Amsterdam is the perfect city to a green and harmonious living.


By Maya Verte







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