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Whether deliberate or not, the Corona Virus is a tool of war

According to an old Italian adage, peace with a club in hand is war, while the Chinese wisdom believes that war is not repugnant to any trick. With the news of the global corona virus pandemic, it is only natural for one to think, of what many think, without saying it openly. The 2019 coronavirus pandemic will change the world, drastically influencing the balance of power. The COVID 19 coronavirus, comes at a time when tensions in the world are real. Since at least 2011 and the war in Libya, a multipolar world has been claiming its existence, against the unilateralism consecrated by the Western forces, with the United States at their head. While the initiative of the BRICS namely Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa has been almost undermined with the destruction of political careers of Presidents, Lula Da Silva in Brazil, and Jacob Zuma in South Africa , added to the disappearance of other sympathizers of this order like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela; the past two years have seen frontal attacks by the Western capitalist bloc, against the two greatest forces of this bloc; namely Russia, the lifelong enemy, and China, the useful enemy, which the West is always wary of, through an unprecedented economic war, openly declared by Donald Trump, after the armed standoff against Russia in Syria. When some people consider that the economic war against China, is strictly linked to the less cavalier nature of Donald Trump, who seems more inclined to make decisions motivated by his mood swings, they forget that the asymmetrical war against China. is not a brainstorming of Donald Trump, but of the American deep state, which is far from being a caste of individuals who secretly govern, in place of the elected presidents. Rather, the Deep State is an ideology, deeply rooted in the American political and economic class from all sides; made up of political parties, think-tanks, lobbies and pressure movements. The Deep State is made up of diverse ideologies, which all advocate the greatness of the United States at all costs, even if one can observes different trends, in the path to reach this goal. Also, two camps often oppose, and also combine quite often. The Falcons warmonger, the bellicose entities that one generally finds in the republican right wing, and the followers of the soft power, interventionists, who are not less warlike, than one finds in the democratic left.

The entire American political class, which has been inclusive for a long time, has adopted Americanist doctrines as a code of conduct, including that of Milton Friedman who considered that, the duty of a company is to make profit by all means in a perverse neoliberalism of laissez-faire, free market capitalism, where policies of economic liberalization, including privatization, deregulation, globalization, free trade, austerity and cutting public spending must prevail, in order to enhance the role of the private sector in the economy and society, thus consecrating a caste of wealthy peoples, who alone would pump up all the benefits of economic growth, destroying the social fabric by creating a grandiloquent gap between the classes. So, when Donald Trump advocates the return to the greatness of America, he is only repeating a slogan of the deep state, which sees in American greatness the multiplication of billionaires as at the beginning of the last century, with the discovery and exploitation of oil in Texas, the machinery of industry, bureaucracy, and the creation of economic empires like the Rockefellers or JP Morgan. For 3 consecutive years since Donald Trump’s accession to the presidency of the United States, the big fortunes have multiplied their profits, and paid very little tax in return. Also, it is fair to say that Donald Trump is indeed a member of the economic deep state, because he follows the directives of what has always facilitated the emergence of a super-rich caste, and his populist discourse in the creation of more jobs for the less wealthy, is nothing but demagoguery, since the repatriation of American industries based in China, to the United States, like Apple, which pays its Chinese employees a fraction of what it would pay if its factories were located in the United States, is inconsistent with the profit of American multinationals.

Logically many ask the question, since Donald Trump is the president of the super-rich, himself being a billionaire, why does he want to deregulate the market by hurting China which offers an inexpensive labor force to American industrialists? The answer is once again in the American ideology of total domination. Logically Donald Trump considers that the United States must be the super-rich, and the others the super poor, because in a simplistic way, he considers that one is great, only while others are downgraded, a diagram of thought which seems naive, but that can also be found in the Rumsfeld - Chlebowski doctrine, where the development of other Nations must be prevented by suffocating them through interminable wars. An idea not new because it was already clearly defined in the National Security Study Memorandum 200 Designed by Henry Kissinger in November 1975, where it was felt that, it was necessary to counter demography and control the leadership of countries, with natural resources were essential for the expansion of states -United. However, it should be noted that with intelligent policies, China, despite the modest wages of Western multinationals, has been able to take advantage of the presence of these different companies on its territory, to diversify its economy and above all recover the know-how, that it ended up developing to its advantage, so that at one point it is legitimate to think that; the modest wages of the Chinese employees of Apple, Microsoft, or Nike, are supplemented by a know-how which is recovered by China; and necessarily to this day China has become a serious rival against American hegemony in all areas of the industry. And to put an end to the propagandist discourse, China did not need to steal American know-how, the Americans brought it to China, by simple greed, given the facilities offered by the Asian workforce. From a military point of view, China undoubtedly is aware of the war doctrine, weighing on the development of emerging countries, and has never engaged in open conflicts, even if it has put in place legitimate militaristic strategies which aim to protect its territory.

The Chinese questioning of American omnipotence, is a nightmare that Donald Trump wants to break through the economic war he has started against China

So, what about the coronavirus in all this imbroglio? No matter the origins of the coronavirus, one should know that it acts on the economy and on the psyche of populations, just like a biological weapon. The main objective of biological weapons is not always to inflict the greatest number of victims in the ranks of the enemy, but especially to modify enough the behavior of a Nation or a group, which can constitute a credible threat, both militarily and economically, by creating a mass incident that has the ability to change the conditions in which, other nations or groups interact with the launchers of the biological attack or the rest of the world. However, these days, it is the agitation of the loss of human life accentuated by the rapid flow of information, which in general has more consequences. Despite their invisibility in propagation, biological weapons make it possible to create a level of destruction and loss of life much higher than nuclear, chemical or conventional weapons, compared to their mass and their cost of development and storage. Therefore, biological agents can be useful as a strategic deterrent in addition to their usefulness as offensive weapons on the battlefield. It is interesting to understand that the rhetoric of Donald Trump accusing China of having maliciously spread this virus is questionable, the Coronavirus could be a perfect weapon and the Chinese would absolutely not have needed to start by infecting their own population. Some infected agents traveling the world would have done the trick without raising the slightest suspicion. However, it’s also known that the opposite is more than likely, with the plausible leakage of several pathogens in the laboratory of the American army at Fort Detrick, in Maryland which had to close its doors in July 2019 under the request of a report of the CDC, center for disease control of the United States which estimated that there were failures in the security protocol of pathogens. In 1917, another American base, Fort Riley, in Kansas, was already responsible for the spread of Influenza, which caused 40 million deaths worldwide after leaks in laboratory working on viruses. Today this base has become a tourist attraction according to the site of the American army:

where it is written black on white, that ... [Fort Riley is believed to be the origin of the world-wide epidemic that killed millions, said Robert Smith, director of the museum division at Fort Riley. "It was probably the greatest pandemic the world has ever seen," he said. "They (researchers) think it killed between 2 and 4 percent of the world's population. It was even greater than the bubonic plague back in the 14th century." Over lunch at Demon Dining Facility, Smith presented the history of the Spanish Flu at Fort Riley, as well as background on the installation and living conditions of Soldiers at that time. With a smirk, Smith told the scientists that patient zero was an Army cook named Albert Gitchell…] Several American soldiers who entered the world war on April 6, 1917 had passed through this training center of Fort Riley, Kansas, and were contaminated by the influenza which they brought to Europe during the First World War. A similar scenario, voluntarily or not, would have contributed to the spread of Covid 19, when it is known that 369 American soldiers were in Wuhan between October 18th and 27th, 2019, to compete during military games . A date that coincides with the explosion of the corona virus in the same region. It is more than likely that these soldiers were in contact with the Covid 19 pathogens from the United States. If the thesis of a leak of these pathogens in Maryland is verified, it will hardly be officially confirmed because in general everything related to the US military at this level is top secret. Beyond the 4 main strains of Coronavirus, the United States keeps the most dangerous virus in the world, the mH5N1 at the Influenza Research Institute of the University of Wisconsin. A virus compounded by the virologist Yoshihiro Kawaoka, obtained by "mixing" an avian strain of H5N1 with an H1N1 virus from the 2009 flu epidemic (a highly contagious human strain). At the risk of a guaranteed hecatomb; calculations carried out at Harvard estimate that if one applies the death rate of the H5N1 to mH5N1, it very quickly exceeds one billion deaths! When one talks about the 1972 Convention on the Non-Proliferation of Biological Weapons which was adopted by 170 countries around the world, many continue to wonder why the most developed armies in the world continue to work on these dangerous substances? Apart from the fact that officially it is necessary to work on viruses to alleviate a possible epidemic, it is unfortunately undeniable that the environment of international conventions has been deteriorating dangerously since the beginning of the 21st century with cases like the war in Iraq in 2003 and in Libya in 2011 where the resolutions of the United Nations were overridden by the Western leaders, who no longer want to burden themselves with a regulatory body which slows down their expansionist doctrine. And the destruction of the legal framework, necessarily makes the world a dangerous place. The ineffectiveness of the United Nations in managing global crises is also an indicator that the world order is changing, as was the case with the League of Nations at the dawn of the Second World War. So, it makes sense that, as we are in the midst of World War III, despite its asymmetrical nature, that the body which should have stopped hostilities is ineffective. Now, that it is undeniable that the world is in a situation of world war with this pandemic one can easily ask the question, which world will emerge from this asymmetrical war? The first reality that emerges is that more than ever the world is connected and rightly globalists think that it is necessary to seize the opportunity to impose a world government. However, this idea remains very unpopular because the alternative press, since the beginning of the 21st century, did a great job of making the masses aware of the dangers of globalization imposed by the strongest, which is nothing, but a lethal dictatorship... To read More

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