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Why marriage between blacks and whites is seen to some as a betrayal


it’s Valentine's Day!  It’s true some say without pondering their words that love has no color, if it can be verified in the emotional and sentimental reality, this assumption is not always consistent with the daily realities in the experience of the thing in the racialist society based on epidermal a priori, in which we live. The members of the human society like to judge what is good or what is bad, without asking the opinion of whomever, since judgment is innate to the human condition. Even if more has to be said about what needs to be tried or absolved of any judgment, some find that marrying outside their race is nothing unusual given the evolution of the global society, with people shuffling through socio-cultural exchange. However it is important to note that many think that the contrary axiom of inter-racial marriage has a sociological importance that cannot be overlooked. For some Africans and Africans descendants is a real problem especially since we know the tumultuous past of the history of relations between whites and blacks, a historic littered with scars that continue to be very painful. In the white community a significant fringe opposes intermarriage for reasons liable both to racism as to the fear of the unknown.
It’s not daring to say that slavery and colonization have defined the relationship between-whites and blacks it’s a truth of palisse to confirm the point, and nowadays the legacy of these facts that no doubt one can agree to call misdeeds, are still very vivid in the minds of the protagonists today. Also when some black people feel like it’s an aberration to marry a white partner; it’s their painful history that speaks through them. If the emotion of blackness is questionable it is undeniable that the painful memory of the global black populace is something globally shared, it's not recent studies revealing  the printing of the pain and suffering in the genetic code that will  disprove us. Even those who deny certain facts do it because they know somewhere that it's hard truths, so to state that love has no color is a mean to admit that the color is a problem when it comes to love.
Blacks advocating the endogamous thesis think it is normal to stick together in a world of whites, identity destruction imposed by slavery and colonization has given  Africans and Afro descendants  the feeling of being perpetually fought, and the reality is far from complex. Indeed today the global African, fight already in his inner self to define itself, before that the world around come to remind him that fight he lives inside of him is a dream that comes true in its interaction with the world dominated by Western philosophy. In this light it is normal for them to feel that when a member of their community marries to a white community member, weakens their bloc and their defense capability against the enemy. In ancient Africa when a tribe married one their daughters to another tribe it was essential that the tribe, who had lost their daughter to a tribe,   marry one of their sons to the tribe that had recovered their daughter, to keep a certain balance.  As the ox that had been lost to pay the dowry for a daughter of the opposite clan, could be reimbursed when the opposing clan had to pay the dowry of a daughter of the clan in its turn. The balance of power is very ambient in the relationship between race and worse these days it’s taking the form of vendetta, because of current racial cleavages   born from the troubled history.

Also for some black it is lamentable to cross the Rubicon by marrying the enemy who besiege colonized, enslaved the community by removing their dignity. So it is logical that these latter find that it is an affront, a betrayal to marry the executioner. And worst they believe that marrying the hangman by way of social progress as it’s sometimes the case is an unparalleled corruption of the soul. Then  legitimately  they believe that the material of the so-called white race is proportionately equal to the suffering it undergoes, and have their congener speculate on the filthy bounty of war they suffered and continue to suffer is something they live very badly. The concept of black beauty which preaches self-love is only a result of the rejection of humiliating values imposed by slavery and colonization. Value that tend to make the black man and the black woman, people less physically attractive and which therefore little equipped to conquer a partner in life.
But among blacks some believe that the most important thing in life is to be happy and marry who you want, and why not a white spouse.  Those who think this way are simply trying to be positive, while projecting themselves in a more peaceful world than the reality of black white inters actions that despite the evolution of time have still not been pacified. If there are few examples that hide the forest of misery and prejudices striking the black community  in the four corners of the globe, black defendants of exogamy, no less either speculate on the social status by marrying the whites. For most of them it is a social platform that allows them to distinguish themselves from the rest of the black populace, especially when one knows that the ambient colorism have made bi-racial  children born of these unions elite of the black race.
   In the White community proponent of the strict endogamy, have shown what they were capable of throughout the bloody history of the 20th century with Nazism, and worst before with the phenomena of slavery and colonization. for them it would be a shame to tint their race, with the genes of an inferior race, the brainwashing of the white population in this paradigm is more important than what one can believes, because despite the progress of science with easier access to education and information, the irrefutable evidence proving that Africans and Afro descendants are human beings in their own right is well established, so persistent racism proves that there is a serious problem somewhere. And this problem is closely related to the selfishness and economic and cultural social privileges. So it makes sense in this context that all exogamous marriage are seen by them as an attempt to transfer their privilege to the black race. One option that is unacceptable, especially since the so-called black race with time was labeled as the congenital enemy, based on the recognition of the fact that it has suffered the ravages of racism while subject to shameless pillaging. Per se it is normal to find that in the design to counter any potential vengeful attempt of the secular victim, segregation of marriages has to be imposed, a scheme that would save the essential, ensuring the sustainability of the breed. But the worst with the proponents of this view,  it’s that the aim is no longer to reject merely marriage between blacks and whites but in the paranoia to preserve the group against any possible attack of the enemy, it’s normal to wreak havoc in the enemy camp. Also schemes are designed to find what would prevent inter blacks marriage and their community development. Social Darwinism is usually the lethal weapon that creates tensions within the black community. Austerity of life imposed by those who hold economic power and decision making prevents the emergence and development of the enemy population. As any member of the white race that would familiarize with the enemy race is taken as a traitor. For them a white that deals with blacks as equals, is advocating for the end of a secular superiority of prestige hardly won, a contempt that cannot be tolerated.

However in this category there are those who feel the need to embrace the blacks to better control and weaken their community, by plotting to bind to their community by the bonds of marriage   the majority of blacks with social achievement sometimes insolent, and of course with the aim for them, to transfer their material goods and prestige to the white community instead of building the black community and give it, its letter of nobility by the example of success that they would inspire. Also the trend of the black bourgeoisie to fall in love with the white race is not as innocent as that.
Other white less versed in the hegemonic ideals of their race  admit though that it is a risk to marry his child  to blacks, you never know the prevailing racism could early widows their children, or else socio-economic challenges faced by the black partner can create tensions in the marital home that can lead to divorce. While at worst they argue that the exogamous marriage might not even occur if the potential black spouse remained confined in the abyss of the society, struck by poverty and disease in the third world, or relegated to pariah in Western society.
Ultimately in view of what lays above it is clear that intermarriage remains a problem than a solution, equality and brotherhood among peoples as social inequalities between the black and white races are still too loud. It is difficult to keep peace between the idyllic relationships of each other, especially that exogamy has copied in its account all the flaws of the racialist society in which we live. Also for some the black partner is an Object whose  services can be hired   through their social pre-eminence, to satisfy any kind of sexual madness, the drama of the marriage between Westerners and African women is there to remind us how often those who thought they had found the  charming Prince in the West  rather found the den of Satan, undergoing all kinds of mental and physical abuse, the same for the  Afro westerners who in their unions often live under mental slavery  unrewarded efforts  to fit in a community that has shown its hardness can be overbearing. This is why it is important for the black community to first heal its wounds by loving itself and building a stable socio-economic fabric that will make its members be envied, not as mere sex beast but as a person with intrinsic values to assert.  Only then they could afford the luxury to explore other races. If all men are equals one cannot say that all communities are equal in regard to the socio-economic realities, to acknowledge this reality is a first step towards rebirth. When some whites as well as black families will say with pride without causing a hilarious questioning, my child bride is black then true love without any speculation would have conquered all hearts.
By Hubert Marlin Jr. Elingui
writer, journalist

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