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Meet The Crew behind "Flashmag!"


Hubert Marlin Jr: Founder of Flashmag, he had the bright idea to create a magazine  which the purpose was to cover  the main topics of today life with a different approach, the vanguardian vision of Flashmag is a reality. The first edition of Flashmag went online in Miami on July 2011. dedicated media professional he has done Law Studies before graduating from London School of journalism. He lives in Miami.


Cynthia Phibel: She's one of the main person behing Flashmag, true artist she's working also in arts management organizing concerts and media events for the like of Kassav or Angelique Kidjo. she studied Art history in the university of Paris 1 Sorbonne, graduating from Paris 8 University  in 2007. She's  the correspondant of Flashmag in Paris, France  where she 's been contributing to make Flashmag a reference in cultural news.


Serge Julien: He's one of the very best Flashmag contibutors multilingual, he's based in the Hague Netherlands, Serge Julien attended the hogeschool voor de journalistiek (superior school of Journalism) of the University of Tilburg,  Netherlands, trough the years,  he has acquiered a bright experience on internet journalism writing for several outfits online.


Roland Abina: He's the reality of the global extension of Flashmag, Roland Abina is the correspondent of Flashmag in Africa, he's has superior Diploma in Business Managment, son of diplomate he was born in Germany, he's  a consultant, in world politics. He lives in Yaoundé  the capital city of Cameroon. 



In view of making the art of communicating something more straightforward to assimilate, we thought it was essential to create a magazine that will help this purpose.  Flashmag can describe itself as an “avant-garde” magazine that  deal with first rate news, reports, comments, interviews, documentaries and editorials… in topics like music, film, fashion,literature, sports, travel, lifestyle.

If we humbly think that "a life without cause is a life without effect" our main objective is to contribute to the edification of the universal civilization. Assimilate multiculturalism by bettering ourselves, but never  by becoming  assimilated to the the main stream treatment of culture and information of today, which seems to dilute inner identity. We cherish our freedom of thought ,by keeping our moral and cultural integrity. Our editorial line is our trade mark; the soul of our tribune, whilst it's true that the World is more and more a global village, where everybody must contribute to build a multicultural society, promise of creativity, innovation renewal and perpetuation.


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