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Secret Behind Wars Economy and Occultism

If George Clemenceau, Prime Minister of France, twice between 1906 and 1920 believed that war is too serious a matter to be entrusted to the army. He probably did not refer to the lack of seriousness of the armies, which sometimes are considered pejoratively as a pack of decerebrated men, who obey orders blindly, and sometimes commit ignoble forfeitures. The maxim of Clemenceau, who was Prime Minister of France between 1906 and 1909 and a second time between 1917 and 1920, reflected beyond the supreme sacrifice that engages the forces of a nation, the dynamics that lead to war. Dynamics that have nothing to do with the armies but the influence of certain networks, which for eons have always used war to achieve often unconfessed goals. If the American scholar Abraham Flexner believed that no nation was rich enough to pay at the same time for civilization and war, and stigmatized the Western society to make a choice between war and civilization; He probably did not have in mind the international mechanisms that finance wars. Also, nowadays, it is normal to say unequivocally, that war is not a matter of Nations, but a big business opportunity for supranational entities. The multinationals, since the time of the Templars have always influenced the history of the world using the opaquest sectarian networks, and methods of manipulation of the masses which draw in the finest techniques of modern marketing , as well as in the paranormal Sciences. Since it’s a popular affair, armies being often constituted of the plebe , it is important to sell successfully to the populace, the idea of dying for noble causes, whereas in reality this is not always the case.

Wars are very serious business because they are able to redefine power balance in the economic world. And logically, wars have always been at the heart of the oligarchy's concerns. Slavery, like colonization, were at the outset private affairs which eventually took the seal of the State, because, the lobbying of big Western fortunes towards politics, had prevailed the reason of public interest of their private companies. Using both corruption and the game of personal interests, while relying heavily on sectarian networks, almost all the wars of the modern era bear a single label. The economic interest. The economy is at the Centre of the life of modern Nations, and inevitably it has a predominant ascendancy over the ruling elite, who in general is judged by public opinion on its ability to build and maintain a healthy socio-economic fabric. At the same time, those who hold the purse strings, namely members of the oligarchy have become those who hold the real power and therefore, they are the reason behind the wars that bind Nations. Very little is known about the true reasons behind the two western wars named world wars, probably because of the heavy hand of the real agents of the world belligerency from the end of the 19th century, who since use, for private purpose, repressive organs of States, to silence the investigations on their responsibilities on the various carnages that have grieved millions of families. If countries have often been quoted in the gruesome tragedies that mankind has experienced such as the slaves trade, or colonization, one must not forget that these phenomena were primarily private enterprises, which had the blessing of the sovereigns of the time. In February 1891 Cecil Rhodes, the biggest British private colonizer had understood the necessity to create a secret organization of powerful British capitalists in order to ensure the world supremacy of Britain, not because he was a patriot, but for the simple reason that a powerful State has incommentable means, in the realization of the agendas of the oligarchy, as mobilizing the resources of the nation for the wars that benefits its members. The Organization had unlimited funds, from the Rhodes trust, drawn directly from the personal fortune of Cecil Rhodes. The hard core of this secret imperialist and plutocratic society was composed of wealthy high-ranking peers of Rhodes, and took the name of the " society of the elects " the second more open circle composed of agents facilitating the capitalist ideology, as the rulers or members of Parliament was referred to as the " aid association ". The secret society later between 1910 and 1914 will create the " Roundtable " a think-tank that was used to freely discuss thorous issues in a Masonic approach . After the Westerners together defeated the local resistance of Africans to colonization, which succeeded slavery, the struggle of interest between the Dutch and the English had become inevitable in southern Africa. The lone remaining alternative was a war to fight against the cousins of Germans, their great rivals since the middle ages. The first forfeitures of Rhodes networks were made during the Boers War (1899-1902). The objective of this war was to seize gold sites of republics formed at the end of the nineteenth century by the Afrikaners. Namely the Transvaal, and the free State of Orange. The British invented on this occasion, it must be emphasized, the concentration camps, just like the tactics of the scorched earth that aimed to burn down villages, crops and cattle, to starve, and isolate the Boers fighters of their environment. Women , children, parents... the genocide of the Hereros and Namaquas, in Namibia by the Germans using the same methods, will intervene between 1904 and 1907; two years after the war against the Boers.

The plutocratic oligarchy mobilized by Rhodes, reunited within the " secret elite "

beyond the death of their initiator and their hand down on the gold and diamond of South Africa, (the control of the largest reserve of gold gave a hegemony over the world economy at the time of the gold standard) will continue the fight and try to settle once and for all the Germanic question. Indeed, since the time of the Templars in the middle ages there is a legend well known in the European hermetic circles, which admits that the Templars owed their fortune, to a secret. A kind of Holy Grail, which granted dominion over the Affairs of the world to whom possessed it. Also, after the destruction of the Templars and the execution of Jacques de Molay, the last great master of the order in 1314, it would have been agreed among western powers to observe a kind of rotation in the domination of world's Affairs. Also, after France and his Sun King, Louis 14, it was Spain then Portugal whose fleet reigned long on the seas. Germany, which was not United at the time of the slave trade, had a limited role through Brandenburg, which was quickly supplanted by the British and the French. Logically after the rise of Victorian England, the norm would have wanted it to be the turn of Germany, to rule on the world. Obviously, it is easy to understand that England would have opposed a no way, to transfer such power to Germans, and the two wars that will mark the 20th century namely the first world war just as the second are in the origin wars of domination both mystical, socio-economic and political. An abundant literature exists on Nazi occultism, however one of the most curious facts lies in the Nazi's obsession with the Holy Grail. Also, before starting the hostilities of the second world war Hitler had ensured to dispatch a special mission led by Otto Rhan. The mission aimed to seek and bring to Germany the Holy Grail, which normally should ensure the domination of the 3rd Reich on the world. Did Otto Rhan, found the Holy Grail? no one knows, his apparent suicide left the question unresolved. Paradoxically Jews or affiliates were particularly influential in the 3rd Reich, by their close connection with Zionism, Otto Rahn was Jewish by his mother, just like Alfred Rosenberg who helped Hitler to write Meinkamft, or Karl Haushofer married to a Jewess, and Halford Mackinder of the London School of Economics who had undeniable connections with the secret elite of Cecil Rhodes. together they decisively influenced the trajectory of Nazi Germany. Haushofer is known as one of the founding fathers of geopolitics, with his theory that States: "the destiny of a people and a nation depends on their characteristics of blood and soil. The life and survival of Nations rests on securing and extending their living space. As the population grows, the earth remains at the same size, so an ambitious people must continually conquer new areas at the expense of the weakest. " Germany reunited under the Kaiser Wilhem I, who King of Prussia in January 1861, became emperor of the reunited Germany in 1871. A Coronation that was made at the Château de Versailles in France, after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, which saw a neat victory of Germany over France. The German conquest of France and the unification of Germany will disrupt the balance of European power that existed since the Congress of Vienna in 1815. A Congress, which had seen a redefinition of the European Pacific space after the bloody epics of Napoleon I. Otto von Bismarck Prime Minister of the Emperor Wilhem 1st, then of his successor Wilhem II, will maintain a strong authority in International Affairs for two decades. Also, as a great power of the time, Germany convened the Berlin Conference in 1884, which will see the scramble of Africa. While everything seems to prove that the era that opens is that of Germany, the plutocratic networks led by English and Jewish rainmakers, will plot the overthrow of Germany's hegemony by financing anarchists who twice will try to assassinate, the Kaiser Wilhem I.

Violence, calls for violence, which hides secret maneuvers. The horror of the first world war, which was declared after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, by Gavrilo Prinzip, a Freemason, Jew and agent of the secret society "the black hand" is there to prove it. In an uplifting book, Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War * Gerry Docherty and Jim MacGregor believe that there is a manipulation on the real origins of the first world war by stating: " a carefully falsified story was created, to conceal the fact that it was Britain, not Germany, which was responsible for the war . " While the German emperor Wilhem II added that, it was Freemasonry that was responsible for this war, they planned to use as platform to launch the construction of a society conform to their ideal like a one world government with the creation of entity like the society of nations directly inspired by lodges, as the corner stone. On December 6, 1916, an invitation from the great Masonic Lodge of France, was sent to all the lodges of the world to attend a meeting, which was to establish an international organization that was to emerge from the deadly ashes of the first world war. The Freemasons of the world who met on 14 and 15 January 1917 in Locarno adopted the term society of Nations which later will be formalized in extenso by States at the end of the war. The Freemasonry during these same foundations advocated the continuation of the design of the establishment of a new world order. A theme that had already been mentioned many times in the past. the Masonic meeting of 1872 in Locarno took up the work of building a new world order, which could only be carried out by a series of world events.The political field remains the area of choice for the recruitment of oligarchy agents. A final solution will use Socialist Nationalism to make it a public enemy. The oligarchy that hides under the harmless terms of liberal economy, does not like nationalism nor even less socialism, because one tends to grant the best of the economy to the control of the State through nationalization , while the other destroys any mercantile speculation or profit, distributing goods and services to the people, freely sometimes.

In Africa in the sixties with the cold war raging, it was normally foreseeable that the US and its western allies would not let Africans have effective control over strategic raw materials, championed by socialist and nationalist inclined figures like Patrice Lumumba. His determination to achieve genuine independence and to have full control over Congo's resources in order to utilize them to improve the living conditions of African peoples was perceived as a threat to western interests. Thus, he had to be eliminated. The murderous instability that since has been plaguing the great lakes region, is simply related to the mercantile interest of the oligarchy against people. Also, beyond the occult that serves only material interests, the members of the "secret elite" knew very well that Germany would quickly be about to surpass Britain in all areas of technology, science, industry and trade. The unification had endowed Germany with a new status within continental Europe, and it was hardly doubted from 1890 that it would surpass, Britain and France . " The war of 1914, which intervenes after the assassination of Sarajevo, will change the world. Germany will be defeated and lose the Alsace Lorraine, and its status of great European power dearly acquired. The end of the second Reich intervened after the crises that followed the German defeat in the first world war The 3rd Reich was born in Bavaria, the focal point of Western secret societies like that of perfectibilist or enlightened launched by Adam Weishaupt, who plotted from 1717, the creation of a new world order, which by an oligarchic mechanism was to monopolize resources of the world to carry out its agenda. The workers ' Party that becomes the National Socialist Party, was manipulated by the Masonic or enlightened oligarchy that financed it from the outset.

Democratic or Republican modes allow the play of interests and corruption of the political elite by the oligarchy, while the monarchies are hardly corruptible because immutable, that is why they had to be abolished for a speculative political system. Activists of Socialist nationalism at the end of the 19th century, had a shadowy relationship with the oligarchy, in view of the attacks fomented against the figures of the German or Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Also, Hitler normally is no less at least at the outset an agent of the Anglo-Saxon powers and his oligarchy members, who were the first to finance his National Socialist Party, and above all to make movements of funds that helped to curb the inflationist crisis of the post-first world war. . Apart from IG Farben, or Thyssen who will provide the Nazis with a headquarter by buying them a plush mansion, labels such as Ford, General Motors, or Chase Manhattan Bank of J. P Morgan, contributed greatly to restore the German economy and the development of its industrial military complex. The sequel to the story is very well known, with the horror of the Holocaust that will have marked memories, to cast a total discredit on any form of national socialism.

Many researchers have always tended to prove that Hitler and his 3rd Reich served an agenda far removed from the interests of the German people, they advocated publicly. Many have trouble understanding, how a whole people has been fooled. The occult and the techniques of manipulation of the masses, are thus often evoked. The 3rd Reich is a school case, in the conditioning and manipulation of peoples. The conditioning of the people to the war is nothing new it is part of the logic of war propaganda. If nowadays the media are the indispensable tool visible, and social networks, an important indicator on the General ideology of the population, it is no less true that behind the scenes, some methods such as telepathy are used. Important studies since the cold war have shown that methods to know the General State of mind, of the population exist and have yielded often encouraging results. The reading of what experts call collective subconscious in the former USSR as well as in the United States, has often been accomplished by individuals with paranormal gifts, or specially trained and drugged to allow them to feel the prevailing atmosphere in a city. Total control of the population by occult and parapsychological means, Is the dream of Governments both, democratic and dictatorial. It is now assumed that there are means capable of controlling the results on the collective mind of any action. Results that determine public opinion and consequently public action. The research now goes further experimenting with the methods of "sheeping " that allow a small group of individuals to project their thoughts on the masses, in order to make them docile and to react in a certain way in the face of a certain situations. To do this the entities holding a certain power both in the media, and in the entertainment industry, can set up social engineering methods, which have nothing to do with computer hacking, but the manipulation of consciences by staged events. If one knows very little how the manipulation of thought by parapsychology works, (Magic), the CIA, the KGB, the SWAPO, the BOSS (secret service of the South African Union) would have enlisted wizards in Africa) It is now known that the same results can be achieved by electro-magnetic tools and ultra sound weapons, or by manipulating the information served to the masses. The Shockwave of some manipulated information, drives the reaction of the public towards a given question. For example, showing false images of decapitation of an Islamist sect can offend public opinion that will urge its rulers to react by a war of invasion of a foreign country like Syria. Since, the cycle of wars is renewed, using the same ingredients that often go unnoticed, because very few people have the intelligence or even less the will necessary to make a rapprochement between the elements of the past and those of the present.

While the West seems more than ever to cross a period that in many respects is ringing its irreversible decline, some wonder about the fate of the world and seek to understand what yet seems obvious. At first, Asia and China became great economic powers somewhere because they were helped , including from the Western world with in particular the relocation of large multinationals that from the seventies have laid their sights on the middle Empire. If this does not take away any merit to the hard work of the Chinese people, it should not be forgotten that sectarian movements like the Hongmen a sect directly affiliated with certain branches of the Western Masonic oligarchy, will have played a crucial role in China's development. It is curious that the Hongmen sect, is the only non-communist entity to have a ministerial position within the Chinese Government. At the same time the Hongmen remain equally well represented in Taiwan where they occupy a prominent place in the State apparatus, playing a kind of hyphen between the enemy brothers of the island of Formosa and mainland China. Beyond , its hardiness to work, China has no less recourse to divinatory techniques to make major decisions about its future. Also, thanks to the I Ch'ing an ancient book which gives interpretations on the phenomena of the time and the conduct to be held, it would appear that the shift of Deng Xiaoping towards a more liberalized economic system, just as the recent refusal of China to commit in armed conflicts, would have been dictated by an interpretation of this ancient Holy Book. Although it is easy to think that by moving away from pure socialism, China has distanced itself from the fury of the Masonic oligarchy, whose enemy of all time is socialism. The most recent victim of the oligarchy cartel was Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, while Venezuela is struggling now from the same nebulae. In the end, it is clear that despite the Cartesianism of modern societies of our time, much of the daily experience remains dictated by the arcane of the invisible. Read more at

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