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For Elites, Sex Rhymes with Power

Orientation and sexual habits intimately inform who we are as human beings living in a society that is constantly evolving towards uncertain horizons. Conspiracy literature always seems to give the elite a plan for the future of humanity, which it hopes to shape to its desires. However, if we consider that we want to continue to make sure that women and men remain humans, in their material and emotional dimension, it is important to emphasize that the agendas on the sexual orientation of humanity , which once again seem to be pushed into the social chessboard by the elites, tend to go towards a kind of pansexualism. A psychological theory which implies that all desire and interest derives from the sexual instinct "or, in other words," that the sexual instinct plays a primordial role in all human, mental and physical activity ".

Sexual liberalism based on pansexualism finds its reason in exoteric theses of shady thinkers like Aleister Crowley who felt that it was forbidden to refuse to yield to instincts. According to Crowley, the least desire, the slightest sensation should be satiated to the dregs. One of his greatest followers Oscar Wilde felt that the only thing he could not resist was temptation, saying clearly that "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Try to resist it, and your soul craves sickly for the things it has defended. " The exoteric literature of Crowley or Wilde is generally beyond the reach of the plebs, but of an elite who in these theses, finds comfort in its way of being and thinking. The animal instinct is matched only by sexual predation, reflecting social predation. As a result, the destruction of moral barriers and interdictions, can only be the result of the influence of a type of individuals who feel powerful enough to override the moral laws that society establishes for the common well-being, since they consider themselves to be above the law. Also, the excesses in the sexual behavior of those who compose the elite can be considered as an assertion of their power over society, and not always as a mere perversion. And if there is a perversion from the point of view of the norm, which would govern the society, it would be something normal or tolerable, considering the social statuses of some. It is normal, then, that some celebrities or politicians believe that, they should be forgiven and understood for their misconduct since, they would be exceptional beings, either by their talent or by their stature in society. Thus, asserting that the nature that would hate the imbalance, would have given them a lot of genius, but unfortunately also, flaws that make them human beings a bit special, if not mere mortals when it serves as alibis.

The mystical and secret vision of the influence of the work of the masters of the occult in elitist circles serves only to add to the feeling of power conferred by secrecy. By feeding the occult egregore, the elite ensures a certain influence in the psyche of society, a mystical power, a knowledge of the arcana that they sell willingly to the plebs (People), which of course would make of them unconventional individuals, therefore untouchable. . It is therefore normal that the most serious cases of rape of conscience and morals, seem to be the prerogative of elitist circles, opposing in general those who have more power against those who have less, or hope to acquire some, and whom at a given time submit themselves willingly or by force to an authority, to have access to a higher level of power, which can be conferred either, after sex, by money or by positions of power, like political co-optation, or advance of career in arts and entertainments. The most popular figure of sexual style in elitist circles remains the instinctive possession and domination of the subject, by direct methods such as rape, or indirect, as psychological coercion, to sexual intercourse. Elites live in an environment where they learn from an early age to dominate, and possess, and necessarily this mindset transpires on all the important facts of their lives, including on sexuality which is often the ultimate reflection of the personality of individuals.

Also, it is important to note that the sexual assault as such, does not concern the lust or the excessive libido of the elites, but the voracity of the power. The excessive libido, or sex drive, is itself a reflection of the narcissistic voracity of the followers of elitism. If rapes are legion in the schools attended by young elites, it is because these preparatory schools and elite universities create a culture of privilege that encourages the dynamics of power. Students in elite schools learn that they are the best of the best academically. This, combined with their financial privileges, gives them a sense of power that they claim through assault. Sexual behavior and relationships are never purely private affairs, because the implications and social consequences are recurrent. The dysfunctions of current attitudes toward sexual practices often defended by elites, such as homosexuality, zoophilia and even pedophilia, constitute a sort of manipulation of society, to the desiratum of a caste of individuals who, far from having a detailed plan as some often claim, simply test new toys as spoiled kids, in a society in which, they try to imbue, the dissolution of reason and common sense, to the less affluent, by questioning what is traditionally fair and what is not. Thus, they create a gray area, which becomes a labyrinth in which the laymen are lost. A loss of landmarks, that benefits only those who know the purpose of the social game, namely the elite, who finds with this stratagem a major tool, in the manipulation of the masses and the preservation of its privileges. In more closed societies such as the clergy, if clerical elitism seems to have caused more violent sexual abuse from the point of view of morality, it is because first of all it is the fact of a caste which has often been granted the benefit of trust. Treason by reprehensible acts, violates consciences of expiatory victims, who are often dazzled by the assertion of the supposed knowledge of the divine mysteries of religious gurus. The sexual violence of clergy elites, follows the same dynamic of power, including in the protection of sexual predators. Also, to preserve a certain size and dignity of the Church, which implies power, to stifle sexual affairs, even to legitimize them by impious rituals, , (like those pastors who would sleep with their naive flocks, for a divine intercession that would favor their happiness to procreate) has always been the norm, and will always be so as long as this idea of inviolability of the right to beatitude of the church is the base of the legitimate morality of the clergy, as well among the Catholics, Reformists, Protestants, Hebrews, Muslims, or Buddhists.The culture of innovation and leadership in new behaviors makes it legitimate for elites to explore new forms of sexuality. In the West, those who now have exclusive or normative tastes, such as monogamy or heterosexuality, are often seen as the least affluent and, above all, the least progressive, with narrow-mindedness. As a result, they are sometimes subject to disdain, much like those teens who would put the outfits of the 90's of their mothers and fathers in a debutante ball, and wipe off jokes. If the world is moving towards a dimension that you do not like, and do not want to comply with it, you become an outcast and worse for some you are simply limited, closed, and basically a stubborn, doomed to failure, because according to the logic of social progress induced by the new elites, only those who advance with innovation can take advantage of the material opportunities that it provides, forgetting that one can have made a fortune in a traditional business and lose this fortune by investing in new technologies . Nevertheless, it remains logical to say that in matters of sexuality only common sense should guide the choices of each other and not, the nonsense of a pseudo-sexualist evolution which ultimately seems to be a devolutive experience, that in many respects is only the nth whim of the rich, when it would not serve wacky agendas.

Hubert Marlin


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