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Charlie Manton The curse of the Pink Blood

Hello Charlie Manton Flashmag and its readership are happy to have you today as guest.

Thanks for having me.

you are a writer based in London and if I recall this is your third opus after the book focused on the situation in Ivory Coast you have published another book on the situation of immigrant in Europe so what brought you to writing was it something you wanted to do younger or you simply discovered this passion with the need to contribute to a certain ideal?

Yes, that is correct, however this is my first book in English and I have used a nom de plume for this on I was told by my teachers that I was going to be a journalist because I could read and write well; that idea must have remained in my mind and affected me. I always wanted to write really because talking wasn’t something I was good at.

Talking about the curse of the pink blood an opus published recently what inspire you this story ? and did you think it was important to write a novel on a topic like feminism? The book is about feminism but more importantly it is about humans in general. When I look around me, I note a sort of obsession for technology. It is everywhere, in the house, at work and it is increasingly getting into the way we procreate. Don't get me wrong, I like technology, but it could destroy us if we are not thinking ethically about what we think is about progress. Now , women are usually wise, but they haven't done anything to stop the madness, feminism in my view should be for the good of humanity as a whole.

Is it important to dissociate the ideology of feminism, that tend to take the same ills of patriarchate to spread, to woman rights, just like children rights which are relevant to the wellbeing of the society?

Women's rights are important but let's not forget that women are part of the society. Personally, I don't like any ideology that goes against the core values of humanity, love, respect and spirituality. Women , children and men are all important , none of the aforementioned can survive without the others.

With your new novel what public do you aim at and what message do you try to send to the readers?

I hope everybody reads it and primary women. Black, White and Asians women will identify many of the ills of what we call modern life. I would like women to stand up to the utter confusion we are in, I am referring to some of the controversial issues such as gender change, homosexuality and the transformation of humans into robots Writers, some time can make very clause prediction to the future; with the actual evolution of technology, what can you say about the upcoming day of humanity ? and does our generation has means to change the course of what seems to be a curse now? Humanity has been on a slide toward self-destruction and we could stop it, but I doubt those who think so will be listened to. It is exactly what I am saying in the book. Humans of our times could stop the nightmare with all the means at our disposal but most of us are daydreaming to their doom days

Some believe humans are programmed to self-destructions, and two theories seems to converge. meaning humans themselves carry the genes of their total destruction because of their parasitic nature, while the other advocate that humans are being programmed by evils forces hiding in technology, media corporations and governments what is your take in this issue ?

The second theory is my take on the book, we are not programming ourselves to self-destruction, but some forces work tirelessly at that end against us.

How long the book took you to write and why you used a nom de plume ?

The nom de plume is purely a commercial tool, a way to blend and let the story speak not the author; it can also be regarded as a tool that by-pass the stupidity of those who are always eager categorize people and expect thru that to fight their endeavors because they may look different from them. the name is more neutral so be it. It took me six months to write it, but I have been perusing the issues for a while. A last word to the public and where is available your book. I want the public to enjoy the book and think about the issues raised. The book is available on USA , Amazon UK , Amazon De et Amazon France.

Charlie Manton thanks for this open talk good luck for the rest. Thanks for the opportunity.

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