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Evolution or Devolution: The modern Man progresses or regresses

Boris Vian said that the inevitable evolution is parallel to this great current that starts from the monkey to lead to man, and in the same way, from the man to lead to the fool.

If, from the physiological point of view of Cartesian science, we do not already agree on what evolution is, there is no evidence that the anthropocentrism that makes man the absolute master of the earth is an exact science. The scale of human value, considers only the world in human prospection, which over the centuries has been content to speak by the voice of the dominant forces in the time. The world according to Mandingo, Uighur, or Western understanding differs greatly, but the most commonly used scale value will always tend to be the prerogative of the dominant civilization.

Scientists have historically evaluated non-human organisms by human anatomy and physiology, and mistakenly conclude that humans are the ultimate product, and worse they readily admit that evolution has the primary purpose of rendering service to humans. A man who would be the earl of the manor However, we can admit that the influence of humanity on earth remains hyper preponderant given its damage on the modification of the relief, pollution and extinction of some species including some related directly to the human race. Humans are not necessarily the center of the universe even if they seem to better understand the world, they do not know which of the dolphin of the Baltic Sea, or monkey of the Congo equatorial forest, has a better understanding of nature and the world, because they cannot communicate with other species.

The watertight partitions which exist between animals and men, also exist unfortunately between men of different origins. Also, some because of their custom or choice of life, are called native or indigenous, a term that in Western terminology is no less pejorative, even if on the other hand it must be admitted that the Westerner itself in its own way of being and acting, is not always described on its best profile, by foreign cultures notwithstanding its troubled history with various peoples.

The verdict of research on the phenomena of evolution is without appeal, the evolution must rather be understood as the birth, the expansion, and the decline, an infernal triptych which for billions of years governs the terrestrial code. In fact, more than 99% of all species that have lived on earth have always disappeared, implying that the rule that theorize that species to survive in a changing world must mutate, is true in 1 percent of cases.

If the theories of evolution remain a questionable subject, because there is no evidence so far that humans come from fish or monkeys, it is important to emphasize that it is rather natural conditions that have facilitated the expansion. of humanity. In a world where there would have been man-eating dinosaurs, humanity would have had very little chance of developing as we know it today.

It is a larger notion that defines who survives on earth; and this notion is more related to nature, which is the ultimate master of life on earth. Climate change, ecological events, and extraterrestrials events like the fall of comets are those that have radically changed the meaning of life on earth; and not the Man who is only an inhabitant of a planet that it has been trying since mastering, in an often-illusory way. The Man does not have the physical or technological means to stop a volcanic eruption or to stop the impact of the earth by a celestial body just as dense. As the fossil record shows, extinction is a perfectly natural response, and even quite common to changing environmental conditions.

When species evolve or develop in a given environment, it is not out of necessity but rather because their populations contain organisms with trait variants that offer a reproductive advantage in a changing environment. For example, the light skin gene that is currently the preserve of the populations of the northern hemisphere was present in the black populations that left the cradle of humanity that is Africa.

Even if many remain skeptical about the phenomenal expansion of the pale phenotype, in a very small interval about 5000 years, it is undeniable that the development of humans commonly called whites was only possible because the first humans already had this gene which was convenient for life in very cold areas of the globe.

However, it is important to know that the theory of evolution through adaptation is not always accurate, because nowadays there are many black peoples who live in very cold areas without perishing or changing skin, and there are white-skinned men living in the hottest areas. When it is cold or hot all men regardless of race or genetic phenotype feel it, and therefore suffer the side effects, even if the morphology tends to make some more sensitive to certain phenomena. In fact, if we admit that some people can tan in the tropics, the evolutionary adaptation does not exist, because as long as the threshold of tolerance remains favorable to the survival of a species it continues to live; but when the conditions necessary for its survival no longer meet, the species in question simply goes out.

From the societal point of view, the notion that some humans are more advanced than others, presumes that there is a preferred hierarchy of style and way of life. Also, to walk, the legs with the feet would be better than the legs with hooves or breathing with the lungs would be better than breathing with the gills. This would be true assertions, in the Western conception that deals with its ethnocentric paradigm, forgetting that fish would no longer be fish if they were forced to have lungs and worse, if they would have to leave the waters to live on earth, they would face other difficulties, because having the lungs would not be enough. To move on their fin on land would be practically very difficult. The allegory is striking, but it better explains the danger of the universalization of certain principles that are proclaimed indispensable for all.

What if the Western vision was wrong, and would rather be the trigger for the intinction of the human species?

A question that is not unfounded because Western expansionism has brought many problems and apparently solved certain problems by creating above all means of capitalist profit. In the field of health, if mortality rates are compared in ancient Egypt, and in native Latin American communities such as Indians or Native of the African equatorial forests such as pygmies, to those of the so-called civilized populations, Ratio seems rather to militate in favor of the so-called indigenous populations whose only hecatomb in general often occurs when they come into contact with what is commonly called civilization. A phenomenal shock that sometimes led to the edge of extinction some varieties of the human species.

The clash of cultures created hybrid populations in perpetual identity crisis. The acculturation of the populations who knew slavery, or colonization is an abyssal plague. If for Emmanuel MOUNIER “most blacks are ashamed of being black, a secret shame they do not do theirs, but haunts their pride”. It should be noted, however, that the rejection of identity that reached its peak in the 80's and 90's is experiencing a vertiginous drop with the renewed interest in the new generations of Africans and afro descendants on Africa and Africanness, a sign that shows, if it’s still necessary to prove that what has since been considered Western civilization is in full decline, because the latter has failed in its so-called civilizing mission by forcing itself to format beings who could only be refractory to the biotope or society imposed on them, because of the rigid rules which aim at their perpetual enslavement. Many have waited for the right moment to leave in their direction not without recovering the baggage of their experience in Western society.

Western society has always thought of perpetuating itself, when it knows the current crisis of values, it tries to apply radical methods that are barely visible.

Jean-Claude Michéa in his book The Teaching of Ignorance and its Modern Conditions, explains that the steady decline of critical intelligence, meaning this fundamental ability of man to understand both in which the world he is brought to live and from which conditions the revolt against this world is a moral even vital necessity, is no longer on the agenda in the teaching provided in the academic curriculum, while the media do the rest. He believes that by altering the critical judgment based on "minimal cultural bases, the teaching of ignorance, like the destruction of cities in peacetime, is at the center of the capitalist acculturation. Because those who no longer have a culture necessarily consumes that of the dominant force.

For example, in France, if French artists and French filmmakers are no longer able to fill arenas, American musicians and Hollywood films because of the acculturation that the United States has since imposed on France, performs in sold out venues. The destruction of the culture of others is an unprecedented economic war, if by a curious combination of circumstance African haircuts and braids were to become the norm accepted by all, how much would African hairdressers earn and what would it bring to Africa in terms of moral respect, and foreign currency?

In Africa, if culture remains strong because of rigid customs and misery that prevents the penetration of certain tools of acculturation such as the media, cinema, music, the situation is no less critical.

Capital is not sorely lacking in Africa, because it is the basis of capital; producing in abundance the raw materials necessary for this capitalist world. Paradoxically downstream, it is the African population that is in danger because it has no purchasing power to consume manufactured products and suddenly it begins to find itself in a situation where the conditions that should facilitate its extinction, begin to be reunited, with the continued expansion of capitalist society that only thinks of maximizing its profit, which implies buying raw materials for less than nothing.

The outrageous imbalance of the terms of trade between the north and the south, causes a genocidal pauperization of the black populace of the tropics which is not a market for manufactured products by the West because of the weakness of its power of 'purchase. Also, the logic of an Africa without Africans is no longer a mind view. The proliferation of genocidal conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa, are a war of depopulation since they are strictly related to the predation of the continent's mineral resources.

To survive Africa must redefine its priorities and "re-culturate " and the Africanist movements must take over and avoid falling into the same pitfalls that undermined the expansion of movements like the Negroism of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and the Negritude that was born in Europe and in the United States becoming enmeshed in themes or literary phenomena which derived from the same radical advocating an awareness of the black populace in a hostile world. Africanism the pride of belonging to Africa and its rich history and culture that seems to have become a cultural phenomenon, which attracts the crowds and the same capitalist predators. Also it will be necessary to avoid that as usual to snatch away the main aim to Africans and afro descendants who formerly faced for the better or the worse, a Western movement of recovery of the African art, at the head of which the artists Vlaminck, Apollinaire, Picasso, Braque, Derain, Leo Frobenius, and others, including André Gide, famous for his Journey to Congo (1929), leaned cheerfully into the African cultural reservoir to make a substantial capital and gain a fulgurant reputation.

Reducing Africanity to a fashion phenomenon and a capitalist tool is a dangerous process that perverts the sacred, making it vulgar, while emptying it of its essence. As Jean-Marie Abanda Ndengue said in his book De La Négritude Au Négrisme (from negritude to negroism )published in 1970, a new system of life and thought of the Negro-African, can only force a new vision of the world "Negroism, after his timid advocacy in consciousness, was considered in Europe not only as a fashion of the Black, introduced in art and literature, but as a paradox. Before going to the West Indian literature where, at the time, it was curiously noted that the first Negroist, writers were white intellectuals who, informed of the work of ethnologists on the African survivals in the New World, were inspired by various African and Caribbean folklore to create their fables. In the same vein, Stan Lee's American epics with his black panther are directly inspired by this logic of appropriation of black culture turning into fashionable phenomenon to make a marketable dish, emptying it from of it sacred character at the same time... Read more at

Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.


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