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Messianism and populism in Africa the new panacea of neocolonialism

Colonization, slavery and the white supremacy which vivifies it, laid the foundations for the present and the future of Africa. Western imperialism, which has since adapted itself to all periods, proves that it is thought, and applied by an entity that is ahead of its time. Having even the audacity to create a time, that it has endeavored to master with projects of social engineering which are far from being a fiction which would swell the ranks of the already plentiful conspiracy literature. When one takes the time to think rationally, by flipping what one believes to know, some are eager in general to accuse their own fanciful rantings, yet the daily facts are there, they shout at our faces that there is no clock without a clockmaker. Without advocating the fatalist belief that would send back to the goodwill of a god who would have decided to make the black world's populace undergo any kind of setback as a test for its future redemption, the warned observer soon realizes that history In Africa and in the black diaspora worldwide is repeating itself way too often. Hence one can understand that if the same causes always produce the same effects, because of the causal link, it is necessarily to repeat the same causes each time to produce the same effects. Therefore, it is clear to understand that it is not simply history that repeats itself, but those who influence history who have been using for eons the same methods to have the same effects.The proponents of colonization and slavery that were materialized in more than 500 years of looting around the world have offered themselves a huge booty that allowed them to invest in both paranormal and physical sciences, putting humans at the heart of the society they have since struggled to control. By ingenious and sordid stratagems, they have succeeded in perpetuating their hold on society. Nowadays, it is difficult to elude them especially when it comes to the facts that would question their leadership on the management of affairs of the African continent. It was not a paradox but a well-planned scheme in advance. So when in the 1990s the West urged Africans to democratize their governance, it was because of their need to apply the other phase of the program, which planned their return to business in Africa after the Cold War truce.Paradoxically, 30 years before, the colonialist West thought it would have been good to assassinate all African Democrats and activists who had succeeded in bringing down colonialism in its most abject form, namely, the destruction of the indigenous code which had its equivalent in the Americas, with the segregationist system of the Jim Crow Laws.In the 1960s, faced with a new challenge that defied its supremacy in both the Americas and the colonies, white supremacy imposed the assimilation of black peoples in the system it already controlled.

Legitimate struggles, of black populations in Africa and America will be diverted from their main objective. Applying the principle that advocate the killing by substitution. Meaning, to kill an ideology one must replace it by another that resembles it without being it. If in Cameroon, for example, the UPC fighting for total independence of the country was muzzled and replaced by a horde of assimilationist independentists who continue to manage the affairs of the country under the control of colonial forces. In the United States, the self-determination of peoples will take a name. The acquisition of civil rights, and integration into the Racist state of the United States, while will be muzzled, voices demanding reparation for slavery, redistribution of land to blacks and creation of free states for former slaves. The project of Booker T Washington will scrapped while Martin Luther King will become the providential man, because he promoted the ideas of assimilation in society he knew very well was dominated by a perennated white supremacy, and even the supreme sacrifice that he paid is directly connected to his contract with the shadowy forces of white supremacy. So, if he remains so famous in a country that remains so racist it is because somewhere he served the cause of the United States empire, promoting the dream of assimilation that allowed the non-creation of a free African American state.

In Africa, it is no more necessary to recall that the independences were artificial. If the colonists had to withdrawn from the land they nevertheless continued to exploit the territories of African countries. A stratagem that proved to be much more profitable because by withdrawing from the colonies and exploiting them remotely, the colonial forces realized a policy of a profitable perfect segregation, leaving the negroes to cultivate their plantation of Africa while simply deriving the profits and changing from time to time, farm foremen, who had tendencies to help their indigenous citizens.

The metropolis as in Ville Cruelle (cruel city) a novel by Mongo Beti, the Cameroonian writer, has thus become this Tanga North where live only the whites, whereas Tanga South remains that Africa which works for the white master while bending under extreme suffering. The sea when it separates Tanga North from Tanga South is this filter that prevent some from going to the paradise of Tanga North which is the imperialist West. Meanwhile using social engineering, the elites of the Western world have built a phenomenal science and technology system to control their population, while in the Third World, they have invested in a few men and women, an elite, who is used to implement their policy of control and domination. Hoping, to eventually create a system of global aristocracy with western countries playing the role of the wealthy bourgeoisie and the third world that of the pauper third estates. This is why in this pattern the western world needs corruptible regents and tyrants, to control by misery and fear the third world population. Western propaganda over the past 50 years has been pushed to the climax, so bad that what should work in the tropics should have the colon's stamp. . Also, when opinion leaders want to make their way into the black mass of the tropics, their Western background in general is an asset that the colonist often refrains from exposing even admonishing indirect agents of its propaganda Armed with diplomas obtained in Western institutions, a brilliant speaker from the banks of the Seine, or the Thames river,

will always have more chance to subjugate the African crowd formatted often despite all, to Western ideals. These personalities, whether they are agents of neocolonial networks or not, contribute to perpetuate in the local imagination that all that is best can come only from the West, which is known to be the congenital enemy. Similarly, in the logic of the making of public women and men, there is a certain omerta against the black elites who are not won over to the cause of Western supremacy. And the colonist of yesteryears, neo-imperialist of today, has found the miracle panacea. Promote a caste of jesters to counter the community of intellection or competent civilians in several fields. For example, in Africa a Kemi Seba whose background remains very vague will be at the head of all the Western newspapers, whereas Amzhat Boukhari eminent intellectual who better master Panafricanism will rarely make headlines in the Western press. By creating the leaders, they are able to take down whenever they want. Western supremacy gives itself a consequent power on the orientations of the legitimate struggle of the oppressed populations. Experience has often proved that the allegorical personalization of a movement or struggle is often disastrous to the survival of pressure groups or lobbies, once the all-powerful leader succumbs naturally or criminally. The cult of personality does not help the survival of noble ideas Messianism is the leprosy of progress in the tropics. This endemic nature was slyly implanted in African society during slavery and colonization. Also because of this culture of self-denial, while waiting for the providential man, the colonist succeeded in creating a mass of slackers who hope one day that someone with supernatural powers would come to avenge the punishments inflicted by the injustice of the white world.At the same time, in a more materialistic approach, the white man has in the same vein substituted the redeeming Christ, becoming he, who alone has the solution to get the African from the mire in which he finds himself. Ultimately any initiative that does not have the white anointing in the tropics is doomed to failure. The presidents who have known the longest reigns in Africa are those who managed to print their mandates in this logic of omnipotence and messianism as Omar Bongo in Gabon or Paul Biya in Cameroon who for more than 35 years reigns from Yaoundé, cultivating the personality of this invisible god who strikes from time to time to make it known that he is omnipresent, and knows and sees everything. Not surprisingly, even his most vocal opponents have often called to his action, including allowing them the right to lead also the country. Besides, personality cult and messianism should be abandoned definitively because it is aberrant to grant everything one forbids itself to a man who ultimately does not give a damn about you. Africans do not need Messiahs but knowledge, to be able to face the challenges of the present and the future. The flesh is weak men die or betray but the noble ideals remain immutable, always clean because they relate to justice, to social progress, and to the freedom of peoples. Data that are intrinsic to every human being. That is why one must be clean to carry these ideas. Also, it would be time to stop thinking that when it is clean it must be messed up because the muddy game that is politician policy would allow all possible misconducts. A strong people in knowledge and political culture will never need strong leaders to lead by the wand, and better it will never tolerate that deceit defiles its city.

Hubert Marlin


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