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On the internet, the Black Love is painted black.

As the use of online dating services grows, people whose paths have never met, now meet regularly, and have meaningful exchanges in the virtual world, explains a study of the " University of California Berkeley.

However, racial disparities persist on the Internet. According to the study, more than 80 percent of online contacts are between whites, with only 3 percent of positive exchanges, towards blacks of both sexes, a disparity that exists among young people as well as the elderly. The reluctance of whites to contact blacks is real in the virtual world even for those who claim to be indifferent to the race.

In theory, blacks act like other minority populations in the history of the United States and the rest of the northern hemisphere, where intercommunity unions are a stepping stone to progress in the societal scale. Which implies that the best way to progress socially is through marriage with the dominant group.

Although more and more black peoples seem to be looking for idylls with partners of their own race, because of the conscious generation that seems to be gaining importance in the black community of the web, Black women as well as men tend to give 10 times more importance to white partners who make up the dominant group. A situation that can be explained by the preeminent position of beauty standards, and especially the material security inspired by white partners.

Overall Blacks in virtual dating networks, are the group of individuals who are more engaged in the search for partners of other races, when Asians in more than 90% seek partners of their own race, as do the Hispanics, The Indians or the Arabs. The average success of the sites reserved exclusively for blacks undoubtedly explains this tendency.

In sub-Saharan Africa, the tendency in vogue, despite the numerous slippages of the white man or white woman that one taps on the Internet to change the course of one's life, shows sharply that the phenomenon of marriage for the realization of the designs of social progress, is an important vector of exogamy among blacks. A trend that persist in the western world, despite the blatant racism of the social fabric.

In the West, it is a veritable virtual genocide that undergo the profiles of the blacks who seek love online. The number of rejections is alarming. In the West Some black women prefer to avoid the pain of being humiliated and coldly rejected, and engage very little in this path, or simply give up. Also, a black American resident in the northeastern United states, states she has decided to drop online dating as an act of self-preservation. Being tired of suffering the rejection and the gibberish of Internet surfers who seem to let off steam on the black women they often regard as nymphs ready to respond to all their erotic fantasies. Black men are no exception, the image of stallions with exceptional sexual performance, make them dreamed partner in bed, but never in life, where they are often judged immature by the feminine gent of all Races, including black women. In addition, both in the West and in African countries, black men who search for virtual encounters are generally suspected of being criminals who would use the Internet for shady purposes. The images of the black American gangster, and the African crook, and even the criminal of wars with the macabre topicality that seems to make the front page of the Western press, are difficult to dissolve in a context where the Internet alone, can already allow one and the other to camouflage their true personality.

However, according to other surveys, the percentage of cyber-criminality attributable to blacks on dating sites remains at a very low ratio compared to other groups, such as whites.

In the United States, Berkeley University's study shows that blacks more than whites are likely to be in interracial marriages and that couples in which the husband is black are more common than Those in which the husband is white and the wife black. This trend is confirmed in most countries in the northern hemisphere. In Africa, however, it is rather the reverse, there are more black women, married to whites than black men married to white women, a tendency which undoubtedly is linked to the adventurous nature of the white males who do not hesitate often to conquer an exotic beauty from the tropics.

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