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Does Africa have the means to welcome its diaspora in the event of a serious crisis in the West?

It’s an utterly obvious truth to state that the situation of black peoples around the world remains very critical, the great marketing campaign to affirm the contrary like the elections of certain elites labelled as black, at the Highest distinctions, or publicity made around black celebrities, veils the reality of everyday life, of Africans and their descendants in the countries of the northern hemisphere. Although in Africa, in the Maghreb in particular, the situation is no less precarious. Xenophobia against sub-Saharan Africans reaching outrageous peaks. Nobody has forgotten the massacres perpetrated on the sub-Saharans in Libya after the fall of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, in a dirty war conspired by someone who was depicted as a descendant of Africa in the Person of the 44th American president Barack Obama.

The problem with the black peoples around the world is that, they generally believe that the suffering they encounter, is due only to their skin color, and in a kind of messianism inculcated by the different Religions which were brought upon them in the wrong manner, black peoples throughout the world still believe that their struggle is a prelude to heavenly deliverance, and forget in general that even to reach this paradise one must show some efforts, and die while Having lived an irreproachable life. One does not necessarily go to paradise by allowing itself to be a victim, some should revisit their catechism at this level. members of the black community around the world are wrong to indulge in melanated emotionalism, which make them believe that all their problems are related to their skin tone, and that anyone who is close to far related to their color is their friend, or should be on their side in any case, yet the reality is much more complex than that.

It is difficult to find the means to defend somebody who is not even aware of the war against itself, even if in the long run, one can understand that, this war against the blacks that is been thriving for more than thousand years, having begun around the 6 centuries with the Arab Muslim slave trade, in Africa, is now part of the routine. Overtime it has entered everyday use habit, and has become, second to nature. It’s so blatant that those who undergo it, find it normal, and no longer complain of it, while those who inflict suffering no longer realize that they do harm to others. It is laughable to believe that with the progress of science and the flow of information at the speed of light, those responsible for ill-treatment against black peoples, around the world do not know that human beings Called black are human beings in their own right, and worse even if they were animals, it is difficult to understand why the same who have a crazy love for their pets, devote at the same time a ferocious hatred towards blacks, somebody would say because Domestic animals are their private property, but even at the time when blacks were domestic properties of these same people, they did undergo maltreatment in a generalized way.

In view of this, blacks must understand that the war against them is a war not only of hegemony but a war of colonization of the world and its wealth which will clearly end only with their total genocide, if they don’t fight to protect themselves. In 3 centuries, more than 100 million Amerindians have disappeared from the surface of the globe and since then no one has been moved, and better the genocidaires of yesterday, are today the lessors of respect for human rights, because this Gives them a means of further pressure on their long-standing war against indigenous peoples throughout the world. The hidden design of the western warmongers remains and will remain, the total conquest of the world, and racism is only one of their many tools, to achieve it.

It must therefore be understood that racism, which was the ideology which preceded slavery and which continued to make it live in several other forms, was set up for reasons relate to white supremacy, but above all for material gain. From the Middle Ages Europe finally learned what means civilization. A civilization Africa had known thousands of years before. Nevertheless, a distinction must be made between the destructive material civilization which Europe adopted, and the civilization marked by civility towards the human being which was the prerogative of ancient Africa. Also, finding that the best means to achieve its capitalists and slavers objectives, passed through the denigration and denunciation of the so-called black race, racist ideology will make its way into the western elite. In England, the great great-uncle of Olivier Cromwell who expelled tens of thousands of European blacks to the Americas Between 1641 and 1652; was Thomas Cromwell, as Prime Minister of King Henry 8, he will launch the whitening movement of British society, destroying more than 97% of the British cultural heritage because it portrayed, in its paintings, sculptures, mosaics and others, the multiracial past of Great Britain. The beginning of the western slave trade decades later will give the opportunity to his great little nephew Olivier Cromwell to expel to slavery in the Americas the rest of the black community in Great Britain, who had survived the war of 30 years.

The presence of blacks in Europe since at least the first century of the Christian era no longer suffers from the slightest doubt because ancient Rome which dominated at the time was already multiracial in England for example the remains of the black lady with ivory bangles discovered in a stainless-steel coffin in York, a sign that proves she belonged to the high class are there to attest. And better the decree of expulsion of the English black community under queen elisabeth exists indeed in the archives.

The situation of the blacks in the West and even in Africa where they undergo the pressures of the global economic system controlled by the West, has put the so-called black race in a fragility that seems perpetual. One has the impression that the Westerners have always arranged to put their enemies in critical situations, to prevent any option of retaliation of the latter against them. Thus, with this policy they reserve themselves, the right to do what they want, when they want, against blacks in Africa, as well as in the West. Does who do not understand it would be blind, or blatant ignorant. The black people is not cursed, but for sure it has crossed a curse on his path that since has been fighting against its destiny, things are so well done that it is necessary for one to make imbecility its major asset, not to understand That the precarious situation of the black man all over the world is not coincidental. those who hold the strings of the purse, of the hanging, and of the puppets, since have consciously decided to make them, their sufferer, for reasons of their own, reasons, the majority of the black people seem not to know.

In the present context, how would Africa have the means to welcome its diaspora if it were once more hunted down in the West, especially since in recent years the rise of Western fundamentalism is palpable both in Europe and in America, the extreme right is gaining in approval almost everywhere, and the new campaign of denigration and open war against the black people, have only one objective neo-colonialism. The “black” president of the United States of America in his time has multiplied American military bases in Africa, having the guts to treat the Africans suffering from the diseases they are suspected of having created with the tanks and the rifles of the American army. The new US president elected from the right-wing, clearly believes that Africa must be recolonized.

The well-informed observer understands easily that the idea of ​​open recolonization is not new, it is a plan that has existed since the 1960s because the last 50 years have served to weaken the economies of the Black African countries, intervening from time to time to foment coups and wars, to keep their yoke on the continent, and to prevent all economic progress and freedom. Hence it is understandable that Westerners now, seem to find it propitious, and vital for them to grab hold of the continent and its resources.

History tends to repeat itself in a negative way for those who do not know it, or draw lessons from the mistakes of the past. Also, while the Western black elite, who is recruited mostly inside buffoonery that serve the white establishment, because, without disrespect to black artists and sportsmen who do their work and feed their families, it is aberrant that those who serve as Buffoon to the system of spoliation of the so-called black race are imposed on the black community as elites and models. As a result, these elites, both Western and African, who live side by side in secret societies controlled by the white masters, perpetuate the enslavement of the global black community, even if today the slavery of the black populace, takes the form of The harmful propaganda of gangsterized behavior, prostitution, and genocide by assiduous assimilation, (intercommunity unions and others)which is advocated by these black elites of the West, who work for white supremacy while the black elite ruling in Africa signs unequal treaties, sells arable land and mineral resources to the West, indebting the countries they manage, thereby putting future generations of Africans into perpetual slavery.

In a context where the West Confiscate all the levers of modern social life: economics, armament and technology, to give themselves the means of their survival black peoples of the world must turn away from the elites that are sold to them to maintain them in the Bottom of the scale. Let the jesters take care of being the buffoons of their white kings, and consolidate the exchanges between individuals of the black global civil society because one will never states it enough. unity makes the strength. In the event of a serious crisis If the puppet rulers and the corrupt elites would hesitate to raise their fingers fearing to anger their master, the black diaspora can count despite the lack of material means, on the generosity and solidarity of Africans on the continent, this is a fact Which no one can deny even if the work of deterioration of the secular qualities of the black man on the continent is being done through the same corrupt elites, everything is not lost. While on the other side the Africans of the diaspora should now understand that it is a compelling duty for them to start investing and build their lives with Africa, they must not wait for the situation worse to Improvise a falling point. And above all, Africans and Afro descendants should no longer be afraid to take responsibility in the history, which is being written in present day because when one is no more of this world, all that remains of is the memory, and what memory of you want to leave to future generations? To triumph by violence is weakness, to capitulate in the face of violence is weakness, so it is essential now to give oneself the means to resist violence both directly and indirectly and the first way to go, is to be aware of it.

Hubert Marlin

Journalist Writer

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