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Anti-racism in the main Stream medias is not against racism it promotes a hidden agenda.

The notion of belonging to a given group and pride that might prevail in the eyes of others is generally the last frontier that led to racism, when the next step is no more liable to pride but specially to assert the dominance of a group over others, belittling the latter to have privileges or exploit them in a servile way. The desire to dominate and exploit is the largest vector of racism of our time. If the effects of racism are widely listed in the history of humanity with the slave trade, the native Indian genocide in the Americas, Nazism and others, it remains true that there is a grey area that appears when analyzing ways that are used to combat racism and the expected. Results. If today there is no more black slaves under the whip and the hot red iron, it is not presumptuous to say that racism as well, has had its industrial revolution in its sophistication including in the fight against racism. The majority of the sociologists who delved on the notion of anti-racism recognizes that the latter is not clearly defined, since even the notion of racism itself is very wide and varies per contexts, and logically when one want to combat racism it would make sense to also multiply means to fight it. A deep analysis of the phenomenon of racism and anti racism, reveals the persistence of two principal currents regardless of the chosen model of society.

Also in a multiracial and ethnic society, such as France or the United States, the big dilemma is either consider different races and ethnicities that make up the country or either refuse the cultural or religious expression of different individuals and groups, and build a unique mold that would abolish the communitarianism difference. This policy, under other skies, can be taken as a virtue because it promotes mutual support between members of a defined group. But in the other conception it becomes reprehensible because it puts in danger the ideals of globalization of a given society; a model of society which unfortunately is also considered as racism because it is generally defined by the group that has the power to dictated its views. So, it will impose its languages and its way of life to others. seen from this angle the global communitarianism is also racism because it does not account for the specificity of different groups. And worse the Group imposing its way of life often feels to be within its rights to judge members of other groups who adopt its us and customs, rewarding and berating them. At the same time, they always speculate in a kind of copyrighting, arguing that the system set up under the influence of their race should first benefit them. Over the centuries the humanity in all its diversity has learned to know itself, and the racism that was based on ignorance, which made people little or poorly known, animals or people without souls, has been replaced by the struggle to assert the cultural, religious, and socio-economic identity of some groups over others. Also, social groups compete fiercely in the conquest and the maintenance of certain privileges. Those who first understood that racism served their interests, were also the first to understand that they had to guide the fight against racism, to maintain their privileges. Also, it is important to know that anti-racism such as the one seen in the mainstream media, funded and supported by members of the establishment who had even benefited from certain privileges linked to their race, has a well-defined objective, which is not always in line with the concept of fight against discrimination related to race. Anti-racism in this context is allowed only if it serves a larger purpose that is not always apprehended clearly by profanes. For example; in the United States Martin Luther King made headlines of all the media and was supported because he advocated integration and assimilation of the black populace to the American ideal, dissolving thus consciously or unconsciously black cultural identity in the whiteness because in the long run if blacks want to be able to live peacefully with white Americans it imperative for them to become gradually white, culturally, religiously and physiologically The frictions that continue strive between the races in the United States are rightly related to the fact that there is a resistance of black identity that does not fit with what should be a global White America. Likewise, Black lives Matter movement an anti-racist entity supported by white billionaires and led by an openly lesbian, afro American, behold another message away from self-determination, but a message of assimilationist tolerance of the black populace in a white world and especially acceptance by the black community of Western lifestyles as homosexuality, because Black lives matter movement is greatly influenced by the coalition gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. Without its rainbow color This movement would not gable on the street in the United States. Indignation against the deadly abuses of the system can not be achieved by another wing of the same system which imposes a certain way of life on the black populace.

Beyond the critical situation Black Lives Matter is tolerated and accepted in all the mainstream medias precisely because of its hidden goal, which is to assimilate the black community to an ideal, ideal defined by forces which created racism at first. Forces which are manipulating events, and are working intelligently to control the fight against the scourge they have created, using even this struggle to achieve other goals.

Another perverse aspect of the assimilation and phogocytosis of black populations lies in the claims of black celebrities, to greater visibility in institutions controlled by the white establishment. The veiled idea behind manifestations which are said to be justified by the need for equality of opportunity is in fact a fatal weapon to the assimilation of the black masses, thereby negating any attempt to develop outside the grounds of racism, Subtly forcing the formatting into a mold that does not fit the black populace; Instead of defining oneself and creating its own industries and thus liberating itself from the yoke of the white establishment.

Similarly, in the logic of assimilation and the whitening of the black populace, bi racial personalities have by now more exposure in the media controlled by the same forces, to the point where some start to wonder whether the only blacks to be indignant are those with white skin. The goal is to send another subliminal message. only those with an ounce of white blood are worthy to see injustices because they would be brightest and smarter than the rest of the niggertrash. Becoming an example of what blacks should be physically speaking. It follows that if those who are really black can no longer speak somehow, it is because they no longer exist, they would have the right to do so only by being white or assimilated to the Western ways of life which Do not always fit with black culture. Per se the idea of genocide is underlying this fact because it is necessary to kill what is black in them to exist in a white world. Many critics would say that it doesn’t matter if lesbians and mixed are advocating for the rights of blacks, it’s a small victory that should not be rejected, but it is important to ask the question to know if the small victory was to led instead to a cataclysmic defeat which would see a genocide of the black populace by homosexuality that does not perpetuate the race or whitewashing ,and social engineering (hacking and control), the alternative to social Darwinism considered more violent, will there be will be enough blacks left to speak up?

Those who fight racism do not often have time to demonstrate, because every day they must strive to survive in a world that is hostile to them. Manifesting it dissatisfaction is good but it is necessary to know that 90% of the racism of these days does not make more noises, it acts in mute with an unparalleled acuity, the followers of racism knowing well how to behave, to impose their ideals underhand. Now fighting racism should no longer take place in the streets controlled by the oppressor, because to manifest towards those who commit racist crimes does not serve much, if the balance of forces is not equal, but educating Black masses to take radical measures encouraging self defense communitarianism and the economic social progress of their race would be more successful, racism being more and more a struggle of social privileges. .

By Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr

Journalist writer

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