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In the West Governments will empty as the churches.

The rise of the Christian Church in the West is a fact of the prince, because starting with the Council of Nicaea in 325 the Roman emperor Constantine at first aimed to use the Church to consolidate his power, however, the closeness of Church with the political power over time will enable it to wrest authority to Western monarchs, the following centuries will rather see the church become the central organ of politics in the West. Thus in the middle ages the Christian Church in the West, will have stately functions. Close to peoples the church will be able to answer their needs and becomes richer and more powerful than kings that the head of the church can help to dismiss or appoint, as no coronation is done without the anointing of Rome and the pope is the supreme authority able to take actions that have the force of law, and to fight wars around the world including economic wars as crusades in the Middle East, slavery against black people and colonization in Africa who took over from slavery before being sustained by neocolonialism that is underdevelopment, which will be controlled and systematized by the entity that will replace the Church, the Western democracies.

With abuse of any kind including the Inquisition and the extreme rigor of the Church, there will be several schisms of the church that will weaken church’s authority which will gradually lose its power at the same time the western population became more literate, freeing itself from the yoke of the Church through knowledge. During the middle age less than one percent of the European population was literate, while at the period of revolution and abolition of slavery more than 30% of the EU population could read or write.

Access to education is not alone responsible for the disaffection of Western citizens in the church as being able to read and critically think, whether the church was really a moral probity who led by example the access to knowledge would have rather strengthened the faith of citizens in the church the dissatisfaction of citizens rather come from the ambivalence of the clergy whom with the French revolution will lose its sovereign power. However, the faith in God, will survive and the church will be restored to its primary mission which is the servicing of divine ways, even if on this side once as well the advance of science, and the immorality of some clergy members will make the church lose a little more flock.

Today after much struggle the main ideology has not changed a new entity simply took power with the French Revolution and the independence of the United States from England, the so called Republic and democratic regime took over from the clergy and monarchies, for over 200 years a political class is in business and exercise the sovereign function with the same arrogance and deceit of the church of the middle ages, with time the barbaric method such as the inquisition took another lip in torture, of police states that under the cover of law, or State espionage, conduct despicable activity against the citizens. Corruption of the Western political class has reached unspeakable levels, even the church of the Middle Ages didn’t do better, the only camouflage being the constant change of faces on a body old of several centuries to fool the populace. The illusion is so well maintained that Western citizens do not realize that for centuries now is has been the same political class that governs regardless of the political parties coming to business; and better for the last 100 years, the bipolarity of the political class forming the right arm and the left arm of the same body, has simply added to duplicity. Within the church the pope was voted and continue to be elected today, although there are some coup d’état in history, within the single party that is the clergy. In the United States the major entity of the current West, in the two parties that have been sharing the political scene for aeon, it’s the electors of the electoral college who elect in fact the president who is endorsed by their party, a system that has a striking resemblance with the electoral college of cardinals who elect the pope who is himself member of the clergy.

It is clear now to know who has the same powers as those held at the time by Nicolas V who decreed the beginning of slavery June 18, 1452 or Urban II who decreed in 1095 the First Crusade in the Middle East. If the Capitol dome resembles, the Vatican basilica this will interest more those that tend to focus on the esoteric nature of the exercise of political power in the world and it is not insignificant, far from it, however, in fact the sins of Rome were transferred to Washington, DC, with the same dexterity since decades wars are triggered in the middle East and around the world, they influence support secretly or openly regime, violently overthrowing or putting in power leaders of countries said sovereign, they make and break kings of this era at will, and abuse are no less legions with torture, the horrors of war and economic embargo on astronomical sections of the world population.

Cynically the United States decide who has the right to economic and social progress and who does not, the war in Libya is a conspicuous illustration. In the rest of Western democracies, France, Great Britain Germany and Canada follow the directive of their great ally, the United States and in a smaller scale, the disaffection of Western population is a reality that the Western government can no more afford to sweep over from the back of their hands, as unlikely threat, there is no more reason to doubt that, as the Christian church, the West should expect great disaffection of humanity because it has betrayed the trust, giving itself a good role it never could keep real, blurring and deceiving every single time their fellow citizens as well as the rest of the world.

When one advocate a moral probity and has the patter to act contrary it is logical to lose people's trust. Access to information and the proliferation of forms of communication enabled the erudition of a new generation of citizen of the world who like yesterday will take down actors of Western democracies because increasingly the duplicity of western politicians is known and once the king is naked he loses all respect. However, with the decline of the Western ruling class that increasingly offers as candidate to key position chartacters who appear very unsavory for the simple reason that the knowledge of political matters of the global populace is much better, it’s not that politicians suddenly became worse like some may think. With their decline it is important to ask the question, who will take power and how?

The most tenacious candidate to take over are multinationals which now make it rain or shine, making and unmaking kings through manipulation of economies and financial support for future political leaders they turn in puppets. Corporate power is way greater because it’s invisible in the multiplicity of its poles and strategies, however, like his two predecessors he is no less vile, criminal and arrogant. Nevertheless, it is a step ahead since it intends to impose itself through addiction of mankind to the consumption of goods and services it produces. Also today the world populace can complain of the danger and harm of multinationals but unfortunately cannot stop using the products that these companies produce. The revolution for the seizure of power by the multinational was done by industry and surreptitiously infiltrating western governments and desappropriation and impoverishment of the people by colossal privatizations.

The corporate power over humanity will be a return to slavery and the worst is that many do not even realize. Because nowadays it easier to deceive people than to make them understand that they have been deceived before. The only trend that could break this monopoly is the alternative technology that would ruin these multinationals by offering free or revolutionary solutions at paltry cost

Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

journalist Writer

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