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The Exchange Partnership Agreements and their impact on the health of Africans.

It will never be overstated that the West likes to play with words, when the franc of French coloniesof Africa, became the franc of the Francophone community of Africa, informed observers had understood that in fact nothing changed, today with the EPA one can reasonably say that there will be no exchange between Africa and Europe but an invasion of European products on the continent. Seen through this prism The appropriate definition of the acronym EPA should be Europe profit agreements, for the African economy does not produce any manufactured product that meet Western standards to be sold equally on European soil.

Economic matters experts have labeled these agreements as unequal treaties with reason, and now beyond the imperialist nature of these agreements that remind the Opium War between China and Britain in the 19th century with the Treaty of Nanking, it is time to focus on the direct impact of the consumption of these products on the health of African populations.

In Africa there is no agency to regulate standards of products destined to consumption, also product manufactured in Europe will pour on the African market without control, and European producers in their cowardice to compress production costs will be eager to produce goods of lower quality to sell on the African markets, products that normally they could not sell in Europe will be channeled to Africa. The lack of qualified staff and corruption that allow products containing carcinogens and other substances will find buyers in the African market.

Africans can expect even worse with the dumping tactics this agreement will bring. In economics, "dumping" is a predatory pricing , especially in the context of international trade. It occurs when manufacturers export a product to another country at a price either below the price charged in its home market or below its cost of production. The purpose of this act is to increase their market share in a foreign market or to drive out competition, this scheme will result in the killing of national economic fabrics of African countries and the misery that will follow will kill people who will no more have means to take care of their health.

Apart from the clash of culture, it is not pessimistic to say that the shock in the alimentation habits of the African population, could lead to genocide, as these new habits will bring with them new plagues against the public health of African citizens, flails which the continent lacks the means to cope. It is an open secret to state that opportunistic diseases such as cancers, diabetes, kidney failure, hypertension, heart attacks are intimately linked to eating habits of Western populations, who at least have substantial structures in the treatment of these endemic diseases.

Africans are not equipped enough to deal with an explosion of these endemic diseases in the coming years, EPAs are then a Pandora's box that will in turn bring its share of death, misery and desolation. The depopulation of Africa viewed in this angle is not a figment of the imagination.

While Africans have always eaten what Westerners call today bio, or foods produced naturally, without pesticides or genetic modification, a luxury that can afford only the more affluent western citizens who find hence the suitable means of prolonging their lives with a healthy diet, the imposition of Western ways of alimentation to Africans, a pattern that made the wealth of the pharmaceutical industry which curiously was in the origin of the creation of food chemical additives, supplements, and genetically modified organism, just to make pay people for the cure of diseases they helped to create, will aim to control the population of Africa. it’s well known that some genetically modified product as the GMO corn produced a few year ago by Monsanto are able to sterilize male population, by weakening their number of sperm.

The always increasing number of Africa's population is a big concern for Western chancelleries. They fear new difficulties in their plan of grabbing African resources. As in December 10, 1974 the administration of Richard Nixon issued a Memo of 250 pages written by the US National Security Council entitled "National Security Memorandum South 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interest. The administration of Richard Nixon was adamant that the growth of the population of African countries threatened American economic interests in the exploitation of mineral resources, and solutions had to be find to curb it. Wars, family planning and vaccination campaigns, funded by USAID were put on feet, bizarrely at the same time.

A paradox for laymen who do not understand how works camouflage of evil with apparent good action. On one hand they are afraid of the growth of the African population, while in the other hand they invest heavily in immunization campaigns against infant mortality. The same paradox is visible in the actions of eugenicists like Bill Gates who evokes the scarcity of resources for the people of the continent and urge a drastic reduction of the population, while conducting vaccination campaigns, that should rather extend the life of the inhabitants of the continent, in view of this it is normal to think that vaccination campaigns are actually sterilization campaigns.

Westerners who are so inspired to request a reduction of the population for lack of resources simply refuse to say that Africa has enough resources to be self-sufficient, and that it is only the plunder it undergoes that would make critical the situation of population growth, worsening poverty and the revolts against the system that robs them that will create even more wars unrrest and killing. It is not insignificant that the ratification of exchange partnership agreements was the condition for some African presidents like the one of Cameroon to attend the Africa USA summit last summer, the European Union is the anti-room of the United States working in the realization of a new world order led by the United States a globalization were Africans are not welcome, but their resources.

Hubert Marlin

journalist Writer

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