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Before African ancestors did not die they rose to heaven like the Virgin Mary.

The elevation of the holy people of the Catholic faith like Mary with the Assumption celebrated on August 15 and the ascension of Christ which occurs 40 days after Easter would be inspired by African myths that through the ages managed to find themselves in the dogmatism of the Catholic church, unless it’s another version of an ancient reality.

If there is no more doubt about African spirituality it remains that certain facts celebrated today as miracles would have been part of everyday life of a bygone era. Here and there in deep Africa one can still found traces of supernatural stories that have transcended time, that custodians of old ancestral wisdom tell to youths.

Also at 235 km of the political capital of Yaoundé Cameroon, there are villages of Nanga people, a people who rightly or wrongly, is accused of having mastered the art of manipulating the lightning of thunder for vendetta purposes. In these villages the story of Nda Meyong is still told (a name that means in Beti vernacular the youngest of the nations). Nda Meyong was an ancestor who was able to teleport, traveling between time and space in a twinkling, visiting cities without using mechanic transportation, walking under scorching rains without getting wet, invoking the rain to fertilize the soil and more. Upon leaving his village for good at old age he gathered people to say goodbye and rose to the heavens forever.

The myth of the rise of Nda Meyong dates from the 18th century a time when Western pressure was already felt on the mainland and many scans this story as a mere fantasy, to terrify the enslavers and colonists who were not a good news for these people. However, in other parts of Africa similar stories tend to make believe somehow that paranormal phenomena were very well happening on the continent.

Also the Dogon for example have a good knowledge of the sky and the constellation of Orion, from which they claim, they originally came because their ancestors lived there long ago and these latter by simple levitation were able to travel between Earth and the constellation of Orion. So when they give detailed positions of the stars that are light years from the earth without telescopes it's simply that by teleportation their ancestors were able to tell them how their heavenly universe was.

More in the south in Azania commonly known as South Africa, the ruins of Mpumalanga suggest cases of teleportation. The Adam calendar found there is a collection of stones positioned in reference to the appearance of the constellation Orion, this stone proves by their original alignment compared to what would have been the position of the constellation of Orion at the time they were set, that the site was inhabited more than 100 000 years ago. The excavation of the ruins has unfortunately failed to find any human bone. how people living there disappeared without leaving a trace except the ruins, while some studies that take into account the vastness of the site suggests that the city alone could have housed more than 100 000 inhabitants. The lack of human bones and graves suggests that the people who once lived in Mpumalanga may have been teleporting. In addition, the old relics proving the exploitation of the gold mines in the region make other think that gold alloys extracted there rather served to build spaceships of aliens that returned to their world after; that is why there are no bodies to be found.

In the Rastafarian movement that has its roots in the culture of ancient Ethiopia, the Star of David instead represent Zion, the land that was promised to the brave were the ancestors live. This implies that Zion is not a piece of land like Palestine which is occupied since wrongly by the Zionists. Zion land of the ancients exists, and long ago one did not need to die to get there, when an individual had fulfilled with brio its mission on earth the reward was to go there by elevation without dying, the Christian tales moreover do not give honors to illustrious characters accidentally, exceptional life lived on earth opened the heavenly gates.

The mortality of humans we live in today is probably related to the loss of ancestral knowledge, loss induced no doubt by a phenomenon that some have called the deception of the devil. Several relics and oral tradition speak of a time when the ancient peoples did not know the disease. Recent studies have shown that disease genes were passed to humanity by the Neanderthal, who is is posterior to the African modern man, then it is more than plausible to say that, it is when mating with the man beast of Neanderthal, that the disease genes entered humanity and created what is called now death. To support this theory some of the worst epidemics of our time such as Ebola or Aids are somehow related to bestiality, and manipulation of human and animal genome, behavior and fact that are purposefully condemned by ancient african cosmogony.

Anyway the various apparitions of the Virgin Mary are still very much like astral phenomena of the visits of the ancestors from the constellation of Orion in the African oral tradition, because every time she would have appeared she would have come from heaven levitating when speaking to those she had chosen to pass her message.

Another mystery, the immaculate conception is also found in ancient Egypt and sub-Saharan Africa were spiritually by dreams a man and a woman could have sexual intercourse and have a physical child. As of today when similar phenomena happen they are labelled as cases of "witchcraft "where women affirm to had have erotic dreams with men just to find out later that they were pregnant, these stories are often catalogued as mere irrational superstitions proper to Africans.

Moreover, many other legends in Africa are similar to stories darn by the Abrahamic religions such as the burning bush of Mount Sinai in Moses Exodus, in the oral tradition Bassa'a, a people of the south coast of Cameroon the same burning bush is the tree of God in the sacred mountain located in Bassa’a country, this bush tree according to oral tradition was treating all diseases and rejuvenated old peoples. The tree represents a great meaning in African culture for example members of the Himba tribe of southern Africa before having a child listen to the voice of the trees that gives them the sex and the child's name to be born and even a song for the kid. In the same logic the creation of the first man and woman without navels from the dirt exist in the oral tradition of several African nations. What is absolutely certain is that everyone has known God and tells it, in its own manner, but unfortunately many modern theologians are still eager to think that these legends were rather influenced by Christianity and Islam in more recent times.

Hubert Marlin

journalist Writer

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