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After a century of modern wars, the United States apply the Native American genocide worldwide.

When talking about the United States the majority of the world populace simply spits out the clichés induced in its subconscious by a century of assiduous propaganda, extremely serious acts posed by the country are relegated to the background for the most trivial things. The gigantic entertainment machines the country built is not a triviality, it is undoubtedly the noise that since has tried with some success, to veil the deafening silence of the recognition of the facts of a genocidal nation, so much so that it has even replaced the consciousness of some. Some remember mostly feats of American athletes, and artists than the bloody history of the country that continues to be written daily with the different wars that has been mowing for a century now millions of lives in the world. Since 1914 all the wars in which the United States participated were also sponsored by the American finance. no wonder America has always come richer and stronger after every major conflicts and it would be irrational to think that these facts are random chance.

Many are wrong to make a distinction between the American entertainment world and the warmongering policy of the country, yet one and the other are the arms of the same body. While bombarding civilian populations worldwide, for spurious reasons of freedom and democracy, at the same time the entertainment tool is used to cover the noise of the bombing, and entertain the consciousness of the victims who willingly would dance on American Pop tunes to forget their dead relatives as a result of the same country policy. The day the citizens of the world will stop to listen to American music and watch Hollywood movies they will hear the truth, and will be able to see the ugly face of America. The imposition of democracy by force is dictatorship.

Many believe that acts of hatred and injustice are some isolated cases of police misconduct or of some crooked politicians, yet it is just that a breath of wind truth from time to time blow on the veil of propaganda, and allows some to see the abject faces of the monster lurking in the shadows.

Very few storefront journalists unfortunately do not always understand or are paid not to understands the real objectives of the US policy. In general, the consequences of a certain policy have always been used to justify other consequences without addressing the root of the problem, yet a wrong that some try to solve by creating another wrong does not do justice, but help to the escalation of hatred, unless precisely the hatred of others is the desired objective, to further the warmongering agenda.

It is legitimate today for those who want to make the effort to think, to ask the question, what Americans want? what is their agenda? Only right questions give edifying answers.

In this respect it is not illegitimate for the rest of the citizens of the world to state that the United States is at war against them.

A no less significant classification in the American administrative terminology attributes to citizens of foreign countries the term "aliens citizens", which gives the impression to non-Americans living in the territory that they are weird tribes coming from a world often wild to has to be conquered, the imperialist mission under cover of civilizing mission is not a new fact, that is why, paradoxically, the country that has trouble admitting that some of its citizens because of their color does not always have the to a fair treatment , is busy enough to give lessons of justice and freedom to the world unless of course that country believes that as blacks are second-class citizen, other countries are subordinate states that do not have the right to be sovereign nations. Under false concepts of freedom of democracy and good governance Americans are working to cover up their deceptive facies before the false pretention of bonhomie of their country.

Beyond the literary fantasies that sometimes are swept away with one hand, for those who think that the greatness of the United States would make jealous and embittered minds, the numbers for their part seem not wrong.

The United States are engaged in a global war against the peoples of the world. This statement seems grotesque but a closer inspection shows that it is a relentless truth.

By 2001 about 248 conflicts were experienced by 153 countries around the world, since the Second World War the United States alone had taken part in 201 of them. And better based on the principle of double standard of power, which was first put on foot by the British who thought that to give themselves a chance of success in military battles, the British army had to have an armed force twice as large as its main rivals by putting a consequent military budget. Therefor the United States based in this logic, alone with more than $ 700 billion spent in 2015 more than all the countries in the world combined. When its main rivals China $ 200 billion and Russia $ 67 billion cumulatively spent around $ 267 billion, the United States and its allies as France $ 47 billion of spending, the UK 50 billion , Germany 37 billion, Australia 23 billion, Israel $ 20 billion, Italy $21 billion, Spain $10 billion, Canada $ 20 billion and 87 billion for Saudi Arabia, have invested an estimate of 1.015 trillion dollars in warfare throughout the world, a colossal amount of money spent to pilfer death around the world. If one adds to that NATO and other satellite countries of the Western bloc, like South Korea, Japan or Poland, it is over 1,500 billion dollars available to the US and its allies to enslave the world. The calculator freeze if one takes into account the operating budget of US troops and aid in weaponry that Washington grants to its less fortunate allies. Huge sums that make 4 times the military budgets of Russia and China. If these figures are official, they do not take into account of course secret military operations of Uncle Sam and its allies that are real enablers of its hegemony.

Of the 204 countries of the world the United States alone, have more than 1,000 military bases around the world, and the result is that the world is a war zone for the US Army, when one knows that the instability in foreign lands is secretly supported by the same people who claim to bring peace and freedom, in a pattern worthy of the biggest schools of lies and deception, the truth is out.

In principle one creates a war of economic profit and servility against a country, and to have control of the consequences the same entity creates a rebellion that will oppose the unfair war while giving it an antisocial character, like barbarity and terrorism, to stir public opinion and give itself an option to intervention. The rebellion created occupies the ground, baring the way to a possible bona fide rebellion of victims oppressed, by the earlier unfair situation and rebels of good faith entering the rebellion do not know they are working for those who created the situation of injustice, at the end the rebellion or the terrorist group becomes a Trojan that can be used in international politics, to weaken the third world governments which do not follow the imperialist directives, and as well as in internal policies of Western countries by controlling the population through fear of terror attacks making democracy inoperable by emergency laws. With current technology it is possible to know who are the terrorists and where they are and put them out of harm's way, if they have survived so far it’s because they serve the agenda of those who have the means to wipe them out.

No nation in the history of mankind has never held so much of the world with its army, which is why it is legitimate to ask the question, why there is no peace while there is only one dominant force, that in principle can ignore the financial interest which are evoked whenever a conflict begins. The control and destruction of resources of other countries is just to slow down their development so that they remain enslaved. The United States can create money without limit, and impose it everywhere with oil trade, and worse the US control with the World Bank and the United Nations, economies, and international policy of the said countries. So why keep fighting countries that are not a direct threat to the United States?

the reality of American belligerence is related to its genocidal history, the American nation was founded on the genocide of Native Americans, and Africans slaves and world hegemony and absolute control will be done with the genocide of the peoples of the world, and enslavement of vassal nations, this is the price that has to be paid for the coming of new world order controlled by the United States. All countries that support the United States in their war campaigns are accomplices of the genocide of humanity, and of course these nations without knowing are playing the role of slavery enforcers of yesteryears. world leaders under the boots of Americans have become mere employees in the trade of death. The Americans think big, their gigantism allows them to think logically, that they can impose at large-scale the system of genocide and servility they have imposed on Native Indians and Africans, to make the world theirs.

It is unacceptable to believe that Americans every time they committed themselves to sow the ideals of freedom and democracy have failed drowning of whole swath of peoples in rivers of blood, if the objective was not endless wars, which eventually will decimate the populations of the world. Western leaders have stated several time that the wars on terror will be long, why a war against a few thousand bearded men who get weapons from the same West after selling stolen oil from sovereign nations to the same western countries can be so long overrunning States with consequent resources and manpower without overt support of well placed entity informing and funding them?

In 3 centuries the United States have reduced to its simplest form the Native American population which was several million higher than the population of white settlers, with diseases, gunfights, and embargo on resources needed to sustain life, with the occupation of fertile lands and the decimation of buffaloes. How many centuries it will take to decimate mankind and make the world their property when one knows it's still the same strategy that is used, lethal military conflicts, poverty maintained by the structures of underdevelopment as the IMF, diseases that are increasingly created in laboratories, and eugenics that claims to control the growth of the world population.

There are reasons to believe that the long-awaited new world order is the absolute control of the world by what was once called the new world which is today at the pic of the technology of mankind control.

The global population control is not a fiction but a reality, and when one wants to know why Americans spies are reading private emails and listening with their supercomputers and satellites hundreds of millions of people around the world every day many believe that it is to fetch out terrorists and that the data are only used if they are interesting from the security point of view. The reality is icier, the United States are involved in a tracked, map of the world population, with the super computers of the NSA it’s now possible to find a voiceprint of individuals, all smartphones sold worldwide are transferring data to the US government. At the same time the database of biometric identification imposed on the world is accessible by the United States, research engines, social networks with billions of subscribers, shopping in supermarkets or online, applications where you are asked each time to give a little more confidential information complete the pieces of this scary puzzle. All collected data contribute to the composition of psychological, ideological, and physical profile of individuals, which is why it is increasingly legion to see young graduates speaking out in social networks on their opposition to Uncle Sam get a hard time to find employment, especially if they are applying for jobs in companies that are controlled by the Atlanticist axis. When searching on their background these large multinationals have the means to highlight the profile of applicants previously created by the entities serving the new world order while entering the global database controlled by the United States. In larger Western democracies freedom of expression became the biggest sin for those who want a highly paid job.

The future looks gloomy for humanity, a century of war has allowed the US to be very rich and to militarily occupy the 4 corners of the planet, what to do to overcome this situation?

The good news is that there are still countries that are legally sovereign, and there are still individuals who are materially independent, the main thing is to make the necessary changes in the ruling classes of countries collaborating in the genocide. And for those in the global populace who would be banished from the new world order for rebellion there is still time to change pole of attraction, by not trying to work for Western multinationals but by creating free jobs on the basis their skills, some countries are still allowing some to have a good education at reasonable costs. Meanwhile a strike of fate, of the Natural Law which proves that every time a nation has reached a level of global military power it was dismantled for the survival of humanity, as ancient Rome, Macedonia of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan of Mongolia, Napoleonic France and Nazi Germany. If in the previous case the end came after the downfall of the man embodying the system, in the case of the United States it’s a systemic structure that has to be disbanded. There is still time to prevail against authoritarianism that is taking a sharp turn today to give peoples the means to be free tomorrow. If nothing is done the children born today will be slaves tomorrow and the worst is that they may not even notice it.

By Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr

Journalist Writer.

(picture Vasily Vereshchagin The apotheosis of war 1871)

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