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Who has the power, Secret societies or African leaders?

April 27, 1961 US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy during an unprecedented speech made to reporters, lifted the veil on the influence of the occult in politics by admitting that: - "around the world there is a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations"

The leader of the so called free world of the time, showed to the world that the apparent political power was far from the real political power, and urged journalists to tell the truth to the world. A truth that would help the people to understand what was going on in the corridors of power.

The Kennedy decried more than 50 years ago has not changed. In contrary it has sophisticated, becoming even more pernicious extending to the recoils of the world.

In Africa this logic is well settled even if some still want the world to believe that Africa is doing bad because of Africans themselves, who are incapable of governing. While some argue that Africa is not poor but badly governed, it is interesting to take a look at the exercise of power in Africa. Who are the African leaders? How are they elected and what doctrine they generally follow while exercising their mandate?

it is important to ask the right questions to get the right answers. Why almost all over the continent populations face similar scourges? Is it possible a concerted force has decided to put the continent in this situation? Is it possible African leaders are serving this force, working thus against their people?

The majority of African presidents are pure products of the colonial school, most of them attended schools in Western academic institutions, and were often among the most intelligent students. Once returning home they inevitably govern their country applying the methods they learned in this Western academic institutions, and if they are unable to rule properly then the West through them is incapable, unless their methods and results that occur are precisely expressly sought from the start.

Regarding the accession to power, it is not a secret that an unmentionable number of African presidents and influential dignitaries of regimes, are members of secret lodges based in the West. Membership in these secret lodges or private clubs necessarily influences the way things are managed in Africa. When it’s well known, that cronyism, and nepotism were grafted in an environment that was already very eclectic because of the ethnic diversity of the continent.

Scourges such as tribalism worsened and systematized because of the policy of elected officials who were indoctrinated in the arcana of Western secret societies where the rule of the promotion of the Frater first are required. Therefore, necessarily consciously they reproduced the same concept in the management of the affairs of the city in Africa. In the same sense it is not a secret that sectarian networks often appoint members of their secret societies in positions of power. Secret Societies would be useless if they did not have some influence in the lives of those who decide to join, because of their ramifications in the corridors of political power.

In the sectarian paradigm, it's easy to see who has the power. Elected officials, taking offices by co-option of secret societies that facilitate their emergence since they know, they will serve their interests, or secret societies, which are able to make and unmake kings through their hermetic networks?

Historically the origin of power has always determined the authority of the person who exercises power, whether in democratic regime where it’s stated that one is elected by the people to exercise public service by defending the people interests, and it’s to the people alone, that one obeys and reports to, all things being equal, it is easy to understand that those who take over office with the help of sectarian networks can only be loyal to the secret societies that have raised them to the heads of states, not to the people who once again is blurred by the mock election.

Things would be different if the influence of Western secret societies was positive, as always the egregore of a political system lies in the philosophy behind it, and the philosophy is reflected by the way ideas are converted into action.

If for example the apparent ideals, of freedom fraternity and equality were the axioms that materialize in the reality of the life of every man whatever its origin one would gladly understand that sectarian groups who claim these ideals as their guiding philosophy, would act for the good of humanity as a whole, being keeper of the conscience of the people as it was formerly the case in Pharaonic Egypt where clergy defined the ideology that allowed the state apparatus to perpetuate smoothly.

Unfortunately, despite the philanthropic face, behind screens, the reality is more appalling, if these groups believe that it is the world that is corrupt and that their purpose is to fight back to get a little more humanity in a violent and materialistic world, it is undeniable that in fact the doctrine of evil is rather popularized by some secret societies. some will state they have to do wrong for the greater good, but to whom it really benefits?

When in some African countries as a citizen to have access to any service to access any function, you must belong to an esoteric circle that has storefront, which implies in general to be a member of a western secret society which will influence by its network your good or bad fortune, it is reasonable to ask whether the famous right of peoples to self-determination claimed loudly is an illusion. In any case it is clear that Western sectarian networks, have returned to Africa a colonial dependency of the most pernicious. Blind obedience to the venerable white master frieze slavery in many cases.

It is important here to evoke the initiatory journey of African leaders in these orders, because there is what is called the configurative transfiguration that allows the latter to become creatures of the masters of these orders that are not known to have worked for the wellbeing of the black race; many having been openly racist as Albert Pike 33rd degree freemason and founder of the Ku Klux Klan or the Jewish Binai Brit which worked hand in hand with the Ku Klux Klan and is very close to many African praetorian guards one can understand why the African peoples suffer. Those who govern are the direct emanation of Albert Pike and other fascist Zionists. These leaders also pledge allegiance to these wicked figures agreeing to embody them and take their sins and virtues altogether during the masonic oath. At the time they are taking the oath publically to defend their countries they have already pledged to serve those opposed to their people interest. Imagine Albert Pike founder of the Ku Klux Klan president of an African country, what can you expect him to do for black people?

On the other hand, we must understand that globalism is a reality that has been defined in these Western secret societies, who falsely are using African symbolism of ancient Egypt. What happens in Africa today is part of a large carefully designed plan from the European Middle Ages to the colonial expansion of Europe during the Enlightenment century.

Thinkers like the German Georg Hegel (1770 - 1831) are in the basis, of what is called today the delaying tactics of the new world order, which actually is not new because it is based on the takeover of the wealth of the world by a privileged caste that during the former regime was the clergy aristocracy and bourgeoisie and now has turned into oligarchy.

In the big chess board where the Hegelian dialectic is applied with lethal efficiency, first a problem is created, and then the reaction to the problem is controlled, and finally the solution to the problem is brought.

In the case of Africa, the catastrophic situation in which the continent is was deliberately created by sectarian agents, who first invaded and plundered the continent reduced the people to slavery and colonization, then they gave these peoples truncated independence, they have built a system of dependence and underdevelopment, and now they control the reaction of the African masses facing the actual problematic situation their African agents in place have helped to create.

Also they brought democracy, the right of humanitarian intervention, and the duty of military intervention which is newer, in addition with terrorism the Trojan horse which contributes to the reaction control, making a major point to blame their crimes on the failure of their regents on management policy, these agents when the time comes are simply dispensable tools. In fact, some of these rulers have often known from the start what role they had to play and have often agreed to play the game by personal ambition and greed, while most often they discover this treachery in the worst way later, some issue may arise went they still want to force their master to need them. In fact, the current period with the democratic currents imposed by Western dictatorship is the reaction control phase a phase that must always launder the real sponsors of economic political and social stagnation, this phase sets the sacrifice of Draco governors like in the famous work the Prince of Machiavelli, of Nicola Machiavelli. Meanwhile Some clever politicians on the continent have nevertheless managed to survive as long as possible, making concessions, and making use of nuanced threats over their master’s interests.

The third stage is about the contribution to solutions which pass necessarily by a world government which will replace the regents whose mission was primarily to be incompetent, and the incompetence of these regents in general is paid beyond one can imagine, because before the system chops off their heads, they are allowed to ride in carriages of gold, this is their share of contract they employ themselves to fulfill. The abuse of social goods and corruption are mandatory in this perspective; the success of the scheme depend on. They have to give a reason for their masters to make them fall in due course.

Beyond appellations Free masonry, rose cross, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and others, the entity that holds true authority does not skimp on the means to achieve its objectives of snarky which is to put under the same umbrella different parts of the world including the two largest organizations by region. The interstate unions and central banks, should be governed by the supreme bodies of global governance and global finance, a role that will be played at the end of the oligarchic construction by the United Nations and the World Bank. Which are all creations of Western oligarchs.

It is important to note here that the term synarchy was first mentioned by the French occultist Joseph Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre (1842-1909) who defined it as a form of government that differentiates the authority from power. Also those who have power do not have the authority which it is held by an invisible entity that dictates to those in power how to lead countries. In the case of Africa, it is more visible with the colonial history and neocolonial policy which hitherto has facilitated the emergence of leaderships that were in perfect harmony with the designs of Western powers who have as well at the head of their government puppets that are also working under the influence of these occult forces.

Also increasingly citizens of the west whose consciousness has often been maintained and entertained by the various organs of manipulation of the oligarchy, has begun to ask questions concerning the management of their respective countries.

In Africa as in the West is it really possible to get rid of the influence of the occult on politics?

Easy question to understand and easy question to answer. Pessimists think that nothing, if not an economic social and politic earthquake, see an ecological cataclysm, can help change the situation. However, as the machine seems perfect at the same time it has in itself the elements of its downfall that eventually will end up imploding the whole structure, the fact that people are increasingly voicing their discontentment, the gain in momentum of the anti-oligarchy feeling everywhere is a visible reality through internet.

In the same way that there was a revolution to separate the church from the state there would be a revolution to separate political power from the grip of secret societies that have a significant advantage because their secrecy protects them from the eye of the layman who cannot fight what he cannot see even if he can feel it. In any case another ideology must be formed to replace the one currently prevailing, nature abhors vacuum. One can simply hope that this ideology will not be tainted with the defects of the current situation. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. As secret societies which we deplore the evils today were the basis of the French and American Revolution. It seems more and more clear that they simply returned to their advantage all the misdeed criticized to the old aristocrat regime, their noble ideals display, helped them to recover the chair of the king, and since they did worse than the king under the cloak of secrecy.

By Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

Journalist writer.

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