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The unspoken of the "Panama papers."

The scandal has hints of a crime novel; it's like reading Tom Clancy or Gérard de Villiers an author who was often accused rightly or wrongly of being in cahoots with the Central intelligence agency for always giving the spooks agency the best role. If it is commendable to seek the truth for the benefit of the wider public, in the strict sense of the information while allowing the public to do of it what it wants. Information becomes misinformation when it tends knowingly to guide public opinion to think a certain way and act as planned, and increasingly the Panama Papers have this connotation in the public opinion, and in the press which think outside of tracks imposed using a sneaky way by a certain established order which unfortunately seem to once again pulls the strings of this "scandal" which is nothing special, except that it stink more and more like the sulfur of a special operation that could explode finally in the hands of its sponsors, because it’s an information campaign with homing device . And to understand this without making gratuitous assertions, one must sought the money trail. Psychological warfare of this era is a well established fact, those working to win minds desire to manipulate the body.

For who works the international consortium of investigative journalists and why? Is it possible that the noble ideals of this organization help to smear some, and bleach others?

In any case since 2013, the consortium seems to choose to fight socialism (not the one of the French left), and neo communism of China. It seems that it has the same enemies with capitalism yet it says it combat abuse, while finding a pirouette for not paying tax, help to maximize profit which is the basis of capitalism. The truth has to serve justice if one cannot be impartial when shedding light in some reprehensible behavior it’s better to abstain, the rule of two weights, two measures is the epitome of the injustice of the Western world.

In 2014 it’s a total destabilization of the Chinese Communist Party which was orchestrated by the western news agencies implying that more than 20,000 Chinese were involved in offshore companies based in tax havens. Especially red princes, family members of leaders of the Chinese Communist Party. The Consortium of investigative journalists would have investigated nearly 2.5 million financial records for two years. The documents came from two companies based in the British Virgin Islands.

In 2016 with the 11 million files, of the Panama papers, the same trends are observed. While Declaring that they will not publish the whole list, because it’s too long to publish and could take no less than 30 years to be completely done, and above all it would affect the lives of “innocent” peoples who found refuge in tax heavens. A blatant lie if they were able to sort thru 2.5 million files in 2 years how many years it would take to sort thru 11 million papers?

Anyway it seems the consortium has already chosen in this campaign the same customers the same usual suspects, Russia, China, and the lifeblood of European nationalism which is a sworn enemy of American capitalism, because nationalism means nationalized enterprises, which is a very bad deal for Americans oligarch, owners of multinationals corporations who finance handsomely the International Consortium of investigative journalists. The consortium and its acolytes has already delivered the verdict all the names making the headline of news in this scandal are guilty and the other they do not want to expose are innocents. Who are the various beneficiaries of this scandal?

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is more like radio freedom, which was created for the propaganda of the west in the former socialist republics of Eastern Europe during the Cold War. It employs journalists bended to a certain ideal and represents the media directorate of the infamous international community of the organization of the North Atlantic Treaty. The consortium is actually a counterweight to WikiLeaks, a kind of WikiLeaks under US government control and its oligarchy that holds the real authority on the political power of elected officials, who are merely puppets.

The International Consortium of Investigative journalists despite the seriousness that it wants to build is not free and a press that is not necessarily free work on the guidelines of those who finance it. Based in Washington DC, the Consortium established in 1997 is sponsored by the US state department through charitable organizations. Mark Toner spokesman for the state department said on April 7 that the state department had funded the surveys via the USAID. NGOs have become US intelligence services, capable of doing the work that spooks cannot do by posting a philanthropist face. And of course behind the Ford foundation, the Carnegie foundation the Rockefeller foundation and the Open Society of George Soros, more than a hundred American fortune actually support financially the consortium by capital grants each year, it’s not surprising that all those American fortunes that were built with the subtlest methods of tax fraud, are not quoted in this great unpacking. The reason is simple; they are indeed the big bosses of the consortium related to the public integrity group that top it up. For the non-exhaustive list of American oligarchs who finance the consortium click the following link:

Logically how can one expect to see the name of a top donor of the consortium like George Soros cited in a case of tax evasion by the same consortium he finances, every single business man initiated to the craft of the trade, knows that tax laws are made to be broken or bypassed without exception, because it is the law of profit which is the main rule.

The scandal has made some political victims already, including the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iceland Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson after revelations showing that he opened an offshore company with the help of the Cabinet Mossack Fonseca, a company that for the record was never active. The Icelandic Prime Minister was mostly guilty for forgetting to mention that fact as he took power. Tuesday, April 5 late in the afternoon, he announced his resignation mostly to keep a clean sheet in the probity of his country gained with his help and that of his predecessor in energetic measures taken to counter the crisis of 2008. But it is clear that he’s tasting the sour wine of revenge, of the bankster and the oligarchy, he had the nerve to stand off against them to clean up the country's economy by nationalizing banks and key sectors of the economy during the stock market crisis of 2008, while refusing to comply with Anglo-American and European Union financial injunctions. A fact that helped to put his country on the list of terrorist entities beside Al Qaeda by Great Britain prime minister at the time Gordon Brown.

The other big customer of this new misinformation campaign is China which has since become the world's largest economy and Putin the public enemy of the United States, nobody, could have hoped for better.

The dream to get rid once and for all, of the central power in China by demonizing the influential members of the Chinese Communist party when they cannot buy them as Bo Xilai (one of the most influential members of the Chinese Communist party who was flirting too much with the West was sentenced to life for corruption) they try hard to destroy them. It’s the art of war some will state. Vladimir Putin, even if he is not directly concerned by this scandal he is making the headline of the Western press, since one of his childhood friends a renowned cellist, would be involved in an offshore company in Panama, which despite the bad reputation it has, is no less legit, every country has its taxation legislation which is seen as a fraud in the Western system, may be perfectly legal in other countries. To illustrate this, Panama and Luxembourg lead this kind of activity lawfully. Behind this scandal one can also see the neo globalists, who seem to want to format everybody to their ideals.

Many want to know why there are no Americans in the list? the reason is simple it is the US who decided this campaign to settle accounts with their natural enemies, so when starting a war, they had to tighten ranks at home and strengthen local opinion in their sham, without prejudicing George Soros favorite candidate Hilary Clinton and her husband former president, who has been often quoted in financial scandals.

It is impossible to admit that from 1977 to 2016 no us citizen has dealt with Mossack and Fonseca, while Bernie Sanders candidate for the White House, stated in 2011 before the US parliament giving the indication that the free trade agreement with the Panama would help a more serious tax evasion in a country with a deficit of 14 trillion dollars, according to analyses of tax specialists, the United states annually loses about $ 150 billion because of Americans tax evasion in tax havens, and Delaware the only American state with flexible taxation is no less subject to federal regulation, so if the wealthy Americans do not use Panama their former colony where do they hide their assets illicitly?

When some name like Michel Platini the suspended UEFA secretary general booed by scandals, are added it’s simply to make the water muddier, even if the French man played a key role to award the World Cup to Russia in 2018 and Qatar 2022, world cups America wanted badly to organize since the profit this competition generates are huge. Platini was among those who mastered the snub suffered by the United States during their campaign lead by Bill Clinton to host this competition. While some African leaders are cited , it is as usual just to slap them on the fingers to make them more obedient because the main unlawful profit from the economy of these countries is made by the West which shamelessly practice a policy of trade imbalance, that helps to buy cheaply African raw materials, while the purchase of manufactured product is out of reach of these African countries because of the weakness of their currency imposed by the West . The CFA is in fact the French franc devalued, for this purpose and the Euro has not changed the situation but otherwise aggravated the devaluation and dependency , a policy that brings widespread under development . The involvement in this scandal of James Cameron British Prime Minister can not be a surprise if one understands the logic, he is a pawn that threatens the empire. his conservative nationalism is harmful to the ideal of the oligarchy . his desire to take out Great Britain from the European Union that remains the biggest asset of the subjugation policy of Europe by the United States, is not well seen by certains forces.

By Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

Journalist writer

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