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Male Top Model - Sasha Shayme.

The fashion page of Flashmag this month has as guest a male supermodel. Sasha Shayme was born Georges Ahouanan he’s Italian of Ivorian origin, early in his life he will be attracted by the world of fashion, he will take training on modeling in a prestigious Italian school. A few years later he will join Paris the world stage of high fashion to become the muse of the fashion houses Ahou Attitude and Laura Sim's in the lines that follow he tells us a little more about his work and his person.

Flashmag: Hello Shasha, we are happy to have you as a guest of the fashion page this month, the time of this interview the gallery is yours. So tell us why you chose to do fashion?

Sasha Shayme: early on I bathed in the fashion already. My grandmother was a seamstress and when I was a kid, because I was always with her, she somehow passed this passion to me. And I also think that the love fabrics also prompted me to learn fashion.

Flashmag: What was the reaction of those around regarding this choice?

Sasha Shayme: my entourage accepted it without problem.

Flashmag: weren’t you a bit afraid to embark on this path, and more being a black male model in addition, they are legion examples of difficulties from

models of your ilk in the field?

Sasha Shayme: yes, indeed! There is always that person who will tell you that you'll never make it because you're black etc. ... but one must believe in itself and destiny.

Flashmag: Now how do you live your profession?

Sasha Shayme: I’m well, although it's often hard really, but I'm in very good company.

Flashmag: Male models that really get to the summits are very few in your opinion why it’s so selective?

Sasha Shayme: I would say it is mostly at the level of the size and nature, these are important qualities that make you a high personality.

Flashmag: You are related to Ahou attitude and Laura Sim's agencies how is it? are you satisfied with your current situation?

Sasha Shayme: it’s because of them that I am where I am today, so yes no problem.

Flashmag: I'm a little bit curious and the public with me how is an active day of a male model?

Sasha Shayme: well, in general it’s relaxed, we frequent many beauty shops, we take care of our bodies, we go shopping, we make sports, reads to better grow when we have some free time.

Flashmag: Money is the sinews of war in this job do earn descent means of living?

Sasha Shayme: there are several steps involved in this profession, but at the moment I do not complain even if it is sometimes a bit complicated.

Flashmag: You are still young enough do you have any goals you would like to achieve, if yes what?

Sasha Shayme: my dream is to be truly known internationally as the great top models who rocked my childhood

Flashmag: If you had to give advice to those who engage in this business what would you say?

Sasha Shayme: hum! to have the courage and strength to move forward, they must listen to their heart ...

Flashmag: The year has just started do you have some appointments where we could admire you on the runway?

Sasha Shayme: it will happen very soon it is only a matter of time with my agent we are working hard to get me on schedule.

Flashmag: In closing this interview do you have a special word to the public?

Sasha Shayme: thank you to everyone who is supporting me, I expect they will continue in this direction and I kiss you all, thank you

Flashmag: Sasha Shayme, Flashmag and its readership thank you for this interview.

Sasha Shayme: thank you.

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