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In a few months the corrupt dictatorship of Obama will be over

If one follows the logic of mainstream medias, this title would more concerns the affairs of a fourth world country, but rather it is the leader of the free world, which is indeed free of all constraints, allowing himself any liberties as he serves the selfish interests of what he represents. But far from dwelling on the semantic concept of the notion of freedom and dictatorship, it is important to go into the facts because the only respectable authority is the truth. Why Barack Obama would be a dictator, while he has spent a good part of his time to admonish dictators around the world to leave power fomenting here and there, religious, cultural, linguistic, colored, and paramilitary springs? And did not hesitate to arm the brigands against sovereign countries, just to change the situation of those in power in uncountable countries of the world.

Coming from Chicago the most corrupt city in the history of the United States, he has so far managed to post a clear round, this must be maybe because of the rules he had set out to meet his future ambition, or it’s liable to the influence of his powerful handlers who would have not hesitated to clear any obstacles in his path. By all means regarding the case Rod Blagojevich the elected democrat governor of the state of Illinois that took 14 years in prison following a conviction for corruption, including soliciting bribes for political appointments, it's hard to believe that Mr. Obama who was in the same boat as these politicians knew nothing. It was probably because he has to serve a larger purpose for the benefit of some forces lurking in the shadows, that he could not be stopped in a quarrel by a rotten politician.

Barack Obama until the first days in the White House seemed super clean. Some would say too clean to be honest. However, the alarm will come to ring very soon. While receiving the Nobel Prize in 2009, if many thought it was because of his commitment to peace as stated in his campaign speeches, today informed observers agree from well fed source, that some members of the Nobel committee who have entries in Washington felted circles knew what was the real agenda of the new US president. The award of the Nobel Prize was a way to force him to honor his campaign pledges that they found was in the antipode of the program for which some had helped elect him. His uneasiness, and embarrassment as he was to receive this award is very evocative.

the future will not contradict, Barack Obama is the president of the global war, he continued and opened several other trouble spots in the world than any other president, he brought back the American forces in Iraq a few months after he had them out, he continued the war in Afghanistan breaking the record of longevity of the conflict in Korea and Vietnam, he took down or tried to overthrow a large number of presidents in the world, often in a bloody manner, like the eviction of Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine, Laurent Gbagbo in ivory Coast, Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, Ben Ali in Tunisia and many others, supporting the war efforts of the terrorist organization in Syria, Yemen and by domino effect in remote part of the world such as Nigeria and Cameroon, where the weapons dropped by NATO in Libya to rebels fighting forces loyal to Gaddafi have finished in the hands of their cousins ​​Ansar Dine, El Shebab, AQIM and Boko Haram. he helped to maintain a questionable international politics of blood belt over much of the world. The last years of his term have sown death and destruction everywhere. The terrorist acts committed in the West (Boston or Paris) often helping bloody explosion of tension oversea.

The consequences of this international policy are in the chapter of questioning.

It's hard to believe that by engaging in some conflicts, Barack Obama did not know that would be the consequences. The destruction of Libya brought terrorism in Africa, and the destruction of Syria necessarily will bring terrorism in Europe these are truths that some refuse to see. The current migration crises are just a small preview of what would happen really if Syria were to sink completely. Does the United States in their quest for world government run by themselves, are in the process of destroying the world, to impose a chaos that will force the nations of the world to beg their order?

In any case this will not be the first time that, by a sneaky scam Americans would light the fire to extinguish it and reap it all.

It's no secret that during the Second World War the great American industrialists like Ford or General Motors supported the Nazi war effort, selling vehicles or helping to build airplanes. In the same chapter JP Morgan and Chase Manhattan banks have benefited from the Nazi gold. Gold melted from jewelries belonging to Jewish families passed to the gas chamber indeed ended up into US Treasury through these banks ... and as usual the blood of innocent American soldiers poured on theater of operation in Europe has been used to give a good conscience to some. Just like today no one can ignore that terrorism, an integral part of the 3rd World War (Global War of Terrorism) is conducted for the same reasons, namely the warrior capitalism.

The free trade economy is cyclical and can only reach bottlenecks and recessions naturally, which is why it needs wars every time to create opportunities and achieve full employment, to maximize the benefit of the multinationals. It's a textbook case, well known to all economists.

It also appears that the Obama plan and its handlers is very clear. You decide to share the wealth of your country with your people and you will taste the grapes of their anger, or you choose to share the wealth of your country with Western multinationals then you can live.

The Libyan case and his antipathy for the South American presidents Evo Morales and Correa is in no way due to their heads. The two presidents have been democratically elected, but they represent a system that does not let multinationals for which Mr. Obama works, benefit because of the genuine socialism they practice. Socialism in these countries is far from the French left now in power, who obeys orders of the US president without questions. The Syrian crisis, the embargo against Russia, the refusal to deliver the aircraft carrier to Russia under the Obama injunction are there to prove it.

Barack Obama got what he wanted with cynicism and does not hesitate to torture even those who are not a threat to the United States. The American ogre is insatiable. In the case of Cameroon, he managed to convince President Biya to open his country to a US base with the terrorist unrest that France and the United States helped create with the crisis in Libya. It’s easy to realize that the idea of ​​controlled chaos is in no way a conspiracy devised conspiracy theory believers, but the fact of the white-collar plotters.

The famous American democracy works in two speeds, the free world and its leaders are forcing third world governments to take executives acts to ratify neo colonial agreements like the EPA or marriage for all, but are extremely opposed to see some of these laws adopted by referendum by the people of the said countries. Populism is the enemy of capitalism They rely on a corrupt elite to advance their agenda. Knowingly understanding that it is almost impossible that African peoples who are getting better informed will not validate these scams.

In the US the Obama dictatorship is no less cynical. He has relieved of their duties several army generals who did not obey his muscular directives. It's like the historic confrontation between Hitler and General Canaris, where the protagonists are just waiting to find enough evidence to remove those who oppose their philosophy of life; and in this case good little scandals have often helped Mr Obama to get rid of bulky generals. From David McKiernan, to Petraeus, via MacCrystal ...

Mr Obama announced in March 2009, "we have a clear and focused goal. Disrupt, dismantle and defeat al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, " he ordered 21,000 troops to Kabul, the largest increase since the beginning of the war in 2001. He relieved of his functions Gen. David McKiernan. The latter was then the commander of US forces and NATO in Afghanistan, and replaced him by a man he did not know and had met only briefly. General Stanley McChrystal. This was the first time in 50 years that a top general had been relieved of his duties in wartime, since Harry Truman dismissed General Douglas MacArthur during the Korean War.

McChrystal himself will also be dismissed after one year only. He will be replaced by General Petraeus, who will be forced to resign as CIA director after a sex scandal.

General McChrystal dismissed the strategy against terrorism advocated by Vice President Joe Biden taxing it “shortsighted”. Saying it would lead to a state of "Chaos-istan." these remarks earned him a slap from President Obama, who called him to a terse private meeting aboard Air Force One.

The message to McChrystal seemed clear: Shut your mouth, and keep a low profile. This unfortunately was not going to stop there. A few months later he will be relieved of his duty after a salty interview to the Rolling Stone Magazine, in which he criticized sarcastically the American president and his vice president. Even the Minister of Defense Chuck Hagel will be sent away under Obama's diktat. He will be forced to resign in November 2014 for refusing the US intervention in Syria after gas sarin attacks which later proved to be the fact of the rebels under the heel of Barack Obama.

In the exercise of its functions in the US Mr. Obama states he has not taken more unilateral acts without consulting the Congress than George Bush. However, he hides the fact that he uses a different form of executive order, called Presidential or executive memorandum. Acts which have the force of law as executive orders. And the truth is that by combining the presidential memorandum and executive order, Obama is on track to be the US president that gave the largest number of executive order since Harry Truman. And these executive orders are among the most gruesome as the US presidents each week orders summary executions of people by drone in the 4 corners of the world from the White House.

Nobody questions the appropriateness of such measures which have since devastated thousands of families around the world from Somalia to Iraq via Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen. One of the most publicized case is that of the execution of the American terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki September 30, 2011 and his 17-year-old son, two weeks later when the kid who had no tie with terrorism was dinning with his family in Yemen.

The US President has shown his true face by now, with Guantanamo prison till open, a hell hole where there are still many prisoners who have never been judged nor convicted, but are still held down for years now, even if the idea of taking the law is another dictatorial aberration, does the American government has the right to kidnap foreign citizens in their country and carry them illegally in the United States for trial ?

Mr Obama has solved the problem of problematic detentions, drastically, by implementing summary executions by drones without trial. It is cleaner and people quickly forget, while the prisoners cost money for maintenance and mainly attracts media attention since they can talk.

At worst the fight against terrorism with the thousands of innocent dead creates more hatred and more terrorists, it is perhaps this vicious cycle that is the goal of US authorities and their backers of the weapons industry, to perpetuate the economy of war that brings in huge profit.

Obama and his administration also prove to be of great corrupters, they pay handsomely the Afghan, Pakistani, Yemeni and Somali authorities, so that they never complain before the United Nations, the thousands of deaths drones cause in their country.

The ambivalence of Mr. Obama on his intimate relations with Saudi Arabia, a country that has laconically abolished slavery in 1960, but still practice merrily this crime against humanity on the nationals of sub Saharan African countries is far from being an anomaly, but an ideal situation, because what looks alike gets along. One cannot be friends with the most autocratic dictatorship of the world, without being a dictator. When one gives injunctions on human rights and good governance to others just to pursue its hegemonic agenda the perfect crime is made, because the noble cause is a cover to the hiden goal.

From the artistic perspective it must be recognized that it is important for the United States to make noise with their huge entertaining propaganda apparatus to stifle the silence of the questioning of their conscience, in the bloody history of colonization of the new world, slave trade, the two world wars, and the bloody recents injustified wars, but justifiable in their shameless domination strategy.

During the recent years, in the United States mostly courtiers with allegiance to the President are in view. Countless artists have showcased before the king Obama, many have understood that the presidential lobbying can do and undo, careers. It’s bad to disagree with the White House, even worse when you are black. If the black American culture has lost two giants during his reign in the person of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, strong personalities who did not hesitate to say what they thought, with their disappearance boots licking and nepotism now define the Excellency. Some like Beyoncé who is wrongly or not accused to be his concubine still managed to perform into 2 Super Bowls in 3 years. even the king and queen of pop namely Michael Jackson and Madonna did not do better. Meanwhile it's all the black American cultural movement that is paralyzed by sectarianism and influence peddling that existed already but got worse with Mr. Obama. No one has forgotten the Ava Duvernay lobbying at the White House after the release of her film Selma, which despite its late release and little interest as to entries still managed to win some Oscars and nominations. However, some voices like those of Mr Sean Combs aka P Diddy promoter of a new television channel, asked clear explanations to the American president on the goals never achieved in the interests of the black community, who voted overwhelmingly for him. Even if lately the new allegations about the contribution of the same P Diddy on the murder of Tupac Shakur resurface as to silence his ambitions. President Barack Obama has always struck lethally all who try to oppose him in their weak point. It’s not the timely plunge of oil prices that can be appealing to Russia, or Venezuela

Anyway no matter what, Mr. Obama has not been the black president of the United States through his skin, but by his gloomy management. He managed to add more troubles to a situation that was already complicated. If the lives of Americans at home were stabilized after the dramatic crisis of 2008, the world meanwhile has become a more dangerous place to live after Obama legislature. With Experimental disease with bloody explosions that reverberates throughout the world, by now many have realized that chaos is not a conspiracy theory but a reality of daily life.

Hubert Marlin Jr. Elingui

journalist -writer

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