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The attacks in Paris could lead to the third world war

On the night of November 13, Paris entered a nightmare; over 120 souls were mowed, on the altar of obscurantism and political bungling of western rulers, who for too long have been playing a part as opaque as scandalous, in a game of half-truth. Halve truths which in the long run are intelligent lies, designed to divert and mislead, a stratagem that makes them no less deadly. With this asymmetrical war that never ends, pilfering casualties from north to south from east to west, smoldering hatred, with evil spreading like wildfire, scattering fear and emotions in the global populace. Far from pouring into the apology of crime, the events of November 13 seem to be only a foretaste of what could really happen. The French November 13 is the new 11 September or Pearl Harbor; and there will be consequences. Humanity might face the worse in the coming hours, as all the ingredients for the conflagration of a global conflict are quite reunited.

On the purely military and strategic plan France the biggest gun dealer in the world after the USA, is under attack, and in a state of emergency. As a member of NATO the assistance mechanism of the other member states should be put in rail in the following hours, even if the threat or attack against France is not the act of a State, recognized by the United Nations, a coalition of NATO forces in the coming days should come together to fight the designated enemy, which according to the latest sources would come from the Arab world, with an Egyptian and a Syrian passport found as if by magic in the theater of horror. Also just like after September 11 one can expect in the coming days the landing of western Allied Forces in Syria, a Syria where the Russian army is in place, and in the latest news, while supporting the Assad regime, has so far had a substantial success in the battle against the terrorist forces of the Islamic State, which some blame, since the beginning of the escalation of violence, to be supported by the Western bloc.

Real or fictional, facts are no less real, since they are fighting against the same enemy, i.e. the Assad regime, the Western coalition is a factual ally of the Islamic State. This must be said to remove the ambiguity once and for all.

The war has been simmering for a good while now, between Russia and the West with the Ukrainian crisis and the deployment for years of NATO forces in the former satellite states of the USSR, in a flagrant violation of the post-Cold War agreement who planned to establish a demarcation line between the West and the East. The proxy war situation that has lasted too long should climb into a direct confrontation. Long before the attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris, several measures were being taken for a greater Western presence in Syria. A paradox when we rather know that the terrorist threat in Syria was recently folding, retreating, under the blows of the Russian army. Why decide now to strengthen the Western bloc to combat terrorism in Syria before the attacks of November 13 when this same terrorism was in trouble on the battle ground? A coincidence no or less trivial, the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle on Friday morning before the events the that occurred in the evening of the same day , had already been announced leaving for Syria by the spokesman of the French government Stéphane Le Foll, who advised French parliamentarians, that the aircraft carrier will leave the port of Toulon on November 18 to connect Syria on November 25, where the French operations against the Islamic state, while supporting an armed opposition against the Assad regime, would continue . A troubled political strategy, an imbroglio, a critical and questionable situation, because how can one arm of non-state warlike hordes, and simultaneously fight terrorism when we know that weapons provided to them are the same with which the terrorist acts are committed, as was the case in Libya with the expansion of terrorist nebulous Al Shebab in Mali and Boko Haram in the Lake Chad region (Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Niger). Did the gunsmith’s parallel networks of western espionage, supporting war in Syria, naively supplied weapons for the nightmare of November 13? Everything is plausible, with all the suspects dead, no one remains to speak. Also fighting a legally established regime by mercenaries the Western bloc has put itself in a situation of illegality with this grotesque interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. And worse by supporting entities with often dubious affinity, aren’t they the real sponsors of global terrorism in our time? Bin Laden worked well with the CIA against the Soviet Union in the 80s and the result is well known.

The Zeitgeist is undoubtedly in the messy politics and war by proxy. But things should clear up, as was the case with Afghanistan and its government that had nothing to do with the September 11 attacks in New York, as indeed the Taliban despite the fact real or fictional that they have given help by hosting Al Qaeda (bin Laden was actually in Pakistan) were not directly responsible for the September 11 attacks. But despite all the country was invaded and occupied for over 15 years with a human cost that we know, like Saddam Hussein's Iraq destroyed under false pretenses. Similarly Syria may know an even longer war, all for the benefit of Western military industry and geostrategic position in the region, with Israel the all-time ally of the United States, which sees with a very dim view, the very existence of countries like Iran, Lebanon and Syria, which are still not willing to do allegiance, as Saudi Arabia or Kuwait...

While Western public opinion are plunged in emotions, and will not have a clear mind to understand what is really going on, swapping their freedom against safety by fear of terrorism, the warmongering plan should go ahead without any parliamentary or popular opposition. In exceptional circumstances even unlimited emergency powers.

But the worst may happen, because there are indications that the positive development of the Russian and Syrian coalition in the ground that threatens to change the face of the balance of power in the region and in the world will be questioned. With the pretext of the Paris attacks, the subsequent presence of NATO forces in Syria will create trouble. If one eventually ignores terror groups, we are left with two homogeneous sides, which should fight with no mercy in open hand. NATO fighting openly the Assad regime for its interests of commercialism, and hegemony, and Russians defending Assad and its strategic interests, almost singlehandedly, with its Chinese ally who seems caught in securing and expanding its vital space with the Uighur issue, and the case of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. Russia will fight almost alone with a temporal help from Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah, against all pro US forces, which still have no supports the majority of the world populace, since people are coming more and more to believe that what theirs governments is telling them is not true. The terrorist Trojan horse is falling clearing the battle ground, to give way to final battle, and the coming hours will be decisive. Will we see as in Libya a NATO war against a populace that mostly seems to support the presence of its Russian ally in their soil as it was to the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi? Can the world afford the nth affront of a caste of manipulators who think that they can do whatever they want?

By Hubert Marlin


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