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Interview with MC Coco

Hi Flashmag and its readership are happy to have you as the guest of the month the time of this interview our gallery is yours.

Flashmag: So tell us what's your background before music?

Mc Coco: Before music I was a good smart little girl. I was going to school and every evening, I was helping my mother with household chores. It is very young that I started to write my own songs. Music has always been my first choice.

Flashmag: talking about music, precisely what gets you there and why did you choose to do in the rap genre?

Mc Coco: It's like talking to others ... to say things, to claim ... to denounce, to pass the messages ... to say what I think ... my desire to change things ... to gather, inform ... and also to sing and dance ... make others laugh, which took me to make music and especially to choose the rap for it is the kind that fits me. The style I like.

Flashmag: the path to the rap scene how it was?

Mc Coco: In Cameroon, Douala where I lived, I was already host in clubs, radios, parties, celebrations etc. I recorded several disks layout in Douala. And then I met a friend who lived in London and who was interested in my talent ... it is also from this meeting that I witnessed the birth of hope. She helped me by making me come to Europe in 2006 and in 2011, she helped me to record my first album in Paris, entitled Represente and distributed by JPS ... it did not work well because of reasons I keep to myself ... it made me disgusted and discouraged. But I stayed confident and positive. Then in 2012 the Inter LGBT through the president of the Association ARDHIS invited me to do the show at a major conference / concert organized by the Inter LGBT and Sidaction. The public was huge, in the grandiose hall of les Folies Bergeres, the presence of members of the French Government, the general managers of renowned associations were in the room, all that gave me a crazy happiness and also honors. Just to shine on stage. I still cannot believe when I 'think about it. After this concert in 2012 Jann Halexander cracked on my talent. And two years later he contacted me and asked for collaboration together on the project. And here's the result. Within a few months of working together with Jann, a very good artist and good friend all goes well, very well, the results prove it. I accompanied Jann during his concert in Paris in February, the room was full too. The release of Déracinés (Uprooted) and Pars et gogo have boosted me and restored my hunger, the desire again and again ...

Flashmag: Some anecdotes to tell us?

Mc Coco: Of course. Every time I think about this I die laughing. I was on vacation in Geneva one day. In my Arrival in Geneva train station in Switzerland, the customs controller spot me right out of the train (through the surveillance camera) he found me suspicious because I had a hood, sunglasses and looked very tired. While crossing the corridor leading to the exit, he calls me, I take off my glasses .

The customs "Hello sir, put yourself aside. For single identity check and baggage. "

I say, "Hello sir, I am a woman ..."

• oops sorry, I'm sorry ma'am. "While looking at me amazed from head to toe, he searched me and my luggage. Of course, nothing suspicious neither on me nor in my suitcase. So I pick up my stuff to get out of the station. The customs still find a reason to hold me again, "Madam, this is your suitcase? Are you sure? "Me:" But of course, sir, why? "

• Bah ... excuse me ma'am, but given the content of the bag, the clothes, the guy’s shoes ... I wonder if you have not confused suitcase, ma'am.

• But it’s just as I’m dressed here sir?

• (he throws a glance at my stuff again and ruminates softly '' wow '') Sorry ma'am, I understand better. Have a good stay in Geneva. Bye Madam.

I turned my back smiling while imagining what he had supposedly understood. I was not even angry of the time lost at this stupid control , but I was rather laughing out of there ... and that was it. First he suspects me because I had a hood and sunglasses, he call me sir and as if that's not enough, he doesn’t believe that my suitcase is mine ...

Flashmag: At what point did you feel that was your path?

Mc Coco: My mom had told me that I will be a star, I was going to succeed, she told me to write and say what I think. She said ' I believe in you because I believe in what you are doing and I trust you. Coco continues to write and share with others. '' There I had the catch, the envy, I knew this was my path.

Flashmag: You have chosen a genre that is very popular in the English language using French do you intent outweigh or simply target a specific audience like others before you have done ?

Mc Coco: I do not target a particular audience. I sing for everyone. Even for the deaf and dumb. I share my emotions with everyone. I have no counterweight to do either. I rap in French because that is the language I master the most. I feel more at ease in French.

Flashmag: You released a cd of 3 songs, how it behaves on the market?

Mc Coco: For this CD, it’s the label that cares, frankly, I do know have a perfect picture. I have no idea, no figures but I know that all is well. I trust.

Flashmag: In one of your recent video you seem to assume your sexual orientation why?

Mc Coco: You discover that I am homosexual throughout the clip 'Pars & gogo' which came out last June because you did not know me before. I have always assumed my sexual orientation, Since my teens. I am and I will remain. My family, my friends, my colleagues already knew and now through 'Pars and gogo' the whole world knows. No more question to ask. This comforts me also to grow. We are all the same ... hetero, homo ...

Flashmag: Don’t you felt that this might shock some especially given the fact that you come from a country where homosexuality remains taboo?

Mc Coco: Listen ... I live my life and I am delighted. I love myself too and even beyond. It is essential. And as for my country. It’s not because of homosexuals that Cameroonians live in shit, poverty. It’s not because of the homosexuals that young people do not have jobs. HOMOSEXUALITY, is not a problem but Homophobia is ONE.

Flashmag: Good I am also among those who think that homosexuality in Africa has never been a big problem although the average African has not always been very talkative on it, it's just its recuperation for political purposes these days that makes problem, giving it a publicity not necessarily needed. In your artistic composition what inspires you most?

Mc Coco ... The values ​​of equality, humanity ... the joy of life.

Flashmag: getting into the musical adventure do you have any specific goals?

Mc Coco: I like what I've become and I will fight again and again to go much further, make myself heard. Be noticed. Produce good albums, do concerts. And above all always invest in humanitarian . I plan to open a large social action center that will support mothers and children in precarious situation in my home country, Cameroon.

Flashmag: Before closing this interview do you have a particular word towards the public also what is your agenda and on what support is available your single?

Mc Coco: I plan to release a new album soon. And this year I have two concerts in view at Paris. Either way you will be informed by following me on my Facebook page, MC COCO or on my Fan Page MC COCO ... on my official website is and my titles are freely available on and . To my audience, I would say: to know each other , to love, keep self-control. Stay positive, be confident, make good choices, have goals to achieve. Being creative. These are values ​​to which I aspire. This is my strength ... my success...

Flashmag: Mc Coco Flashmag and readership say thank you for this interview

Video Pars & Gogo MC Coco Feat Jann Halexander

Interview by Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

Journalist - writer

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