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The New video clip of Sally Nyolo is out

Sally Nyolo just released the video for the song Kilimanjaro the main title from her new album Tiger Run

The new clip of Sally Nyolo is the symbiosis of pictorial and musical language, the clip was recorded in Paris during the month of April 2015. The video was directed by Guillaume L’Hôte, with at the photography and light, Pierre Demoy, whilst Philippe Sneider helped mount the whole thing. In the video you can admire the presence of actors Otis Ngoi, Christophe Mareschal, Pauline Busselier, and Adil Zenkouar.

"Kilimanjaro" is a song from the album Tiger Run which was released August 2014, the clip put on stage Sally Nyolo who for the occasion has allied herself with a guest of talent , the Jamaican vocalist Jennifer Barrett.

On this new album Sally is joined by a host of musicians including Ivorian jazz-fusion drummer Paco Séry and bass guitarist Papus Diabaté (son of the famous Malian guitarist Zani Diabaté). Soprano Nathalie Leonoff is heard on ‘Le Faiseur De Pluie Par Tous Les Temps’, achieving Sally’s long held dream of working with an opera singer. Bantu bluesman Jo N’Gala adds percussion on ‘Tiger Run’ and ‘Elle Regarde Passer’, While Jay Lou Ava brings the upbeat sound of his guitar play on “Kilimandjaro”

accompanied by a second guitar player Lina Show. In the same run, the drummer Kersten Guinzberg adds tone to the tempo. "Kilimanjaro" has seen Sally Nyolo plays the "Mvet" the cords intrument by excellence of Beti people, she has the pleasure to modernize in her taste.

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