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What will be the consequences of the conflict between Boko Haram in countries of the Lake Chad Basin


For many months now there is not a week that goes by without bloodshed into the Lake Chad Basin, a region of the southern hemisphere, which the main neighboring countries are Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger. Since immemorial time the Lake Chad Basin, has always been a privileged area of exchange, an intersection a transit zone trade between sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Orient. These last 25 years the discovery and prime exploitation of new economic resources (agricultural, mining, industrial) gave new importance to this space, marked by great population mobility and the development of inter-communal conflict. The main conflict that threatens to sink a region whose future is promising, regarding its population density of about 40 million people, and its rich mineral resources, which most remaining untapped is the Boko Haram terrorist network, which over time has turned out to be a truly international geostrategic tool, in the pay of protagonists not always clearly defined, no rebel war does not have an agenda, and to work towards achieving these agendas they need resources and sponsors who are the real instigators because in fact they often define the line of action to take.

If in the 70 and 80 the conflict between Chad and Libya, on the strip of Aouzou has left its mark in the high traffic of firearms in this region, with the well-known phenomenon of highway robbers, the planned fall by Western governments of Muammar Gaddafi regime in Libya, opened a Pandora's box, which brought a more than notorious instability in the region. The Jihadists hordes soaked in Takfirism have found a haven to prosper indefinitely while crooked geo strategists have made it a godsend to furbish the weapons of their shady agenda.

Takfirism is the plague of human development, a kind of bloody anarchy (kharidjisme) which claims to be the secular arm of an outdated religious order; it is now the prerogative of several neo-fundamentalist movements. They develop a rhetoric based on the return to the original purity of Islam. The Takfiri accusing other Muslims of being kafir infidels. Takfirism was popularized in the Western media by investigative journalist Peter Taylor BBC in a documentary called The New Al Qaeda. Takfirists war fighters practice what characterize them: Desecration of graves, destruction of mausoleums, and places of worship; Atrocities, sometimes filmed, used to intimidate and terrorize populations). However, far from an apology to the sacrosanct sanctity of religion Takfirism is intimately linked to baphometism, of Hassan ibn Sabbah this mystical and criminal movement of the 11th century that once influenced the modern Templars and Freemasonry, the secret alliance to western secret services and nebulae is strictly related to this.

Nowadays it is legitimate to ask whether the fall of Gaddafi had not been anticipated precisely to create chaos in the region, Libya in this case would have been a Trojan, which would have been used to mask the broadest designs. If Libya's oil wealth proposed to work on developing the sub-region with ambitious projects such as greening the Sahara, using millions of cubic meters of water buried in the desert groundwater aquifers. And better when we know that fresh water is becoming clear gold, an exponential value of freshwater strictly related to the fact that all the plies waters of the northern hemisphere are polluted with arsenic because of the industrial activity, There are reasons to ask right questions, as only adequate questioning can lead to the truth.

And the first of the right questions to ask is why Boko Haram has taken root?

To understand this we must know that the various governments that have followed since the period of independence of the sixties have always been the policy of neo colonial force lurking in the shadows. It is no secret that over the last 50 years all the leaders from sub-Saharan Africa, with the exception of Zimbabwe were to be anointed by the West, which has always kept the upper hand in the choice of African leaders, their duration in power and their political orientation. As corruption and all state wanderings were always encouraged by the Western powers precisely to create a fertile environment to underdevelopment and socio-political instability, guaranteeing darkness of the peoples and real leverage of eviction against government’s leaders forcing them to follow the guidelines given to them by the neo-colonial powers. An unpopular leader who owes his seat to the influence of neo colonial strengths is the ideal puppet in this paradigm. This system allows two pivots in a first step, to keep down the ignorant masses of the said countries by perpetuating underdevelopment because a mass under-educated and under informed cannot allow the emergence of consciousness that is a nursery for leaders, while on the other side of the starving masses, when the moment comes can be easily manipulated to commit atrocities against their own people, if the mass famine also help to maintain western power regents, one must not forget that the West tries to retain control on both ends by shimmering to the people submitted its richness and illusory freedom if they only obeyed their instructions from the perspective of a political power under its control. Also the corrupt leaders are just rotten fruit that can only fall under the wind of dummy freedoms dictated by the West. With this ploy worthy of the best American behaviorism schools, the West is capable to have control on both, leaders of African countries and the African people.

At the end of truncated independence in Africa no real liberal and progressive society has ever been encouraged by the West assassinations of various African leaders, democrats in the soul, defendants of freedom and socio-economic development of their people is a real story. How Africans cannot understand once and for all that those who murdered the Democrats as Patrice Lumumba, or Oum Nyobe can never in any case bring them the true democracy, but chaos that would guarantee their business . Why in Mali while the transparency and democracy seemed to have took root with Amani Toumani Toure, who was about to step down very democratically a reliable state institution process was murdered with coups and terrorism in the background.

The terrorist events in the Lake Chad Basin area is a classic case, once threatened in its hegemony with the awareness of the new generation and opening whims of Africa to the East, the West has understood the need to activate the system of controlled chaos, wreak chaos and keep control of the resources it needs at any price. As it maintained misery for decades with its IMF and its structural adjustment programs, which perpetuated slavery and debt, while destroying the terms of the north-south trade and encouraging corruption and dictatorships, that led to near the destruction of the socio-economic fabric, which in turn allowed the terrorist network, its international political favorite tools, to prosper in disadvantaged areas, while the megalomaniac leaders they helped to maintain in power are now on the alert, since almost all are now seated on ejection seats. According to the prince Machiavellian doctrine they are always ready to sacrifice the head of the governor Dracon to keep the best role and continue their policy of deception.

If the people in Cameroon seems more interested in the destruction of the common enemy, terrorism imported from the large neighbor who in the past has proved cumbersome with border disputes, they refuses in most cases to speak about succession at the head of the country before the victory against the enemy is total, in Nigeria is not the case, the elections this year despite the fact that they were postponed should punish Godluck Jonathan, who yet naively during his tenure has done the business of the West.

This postponement, a direct result of the actions of terrorists, is making the business of those who lurking in the shadow hope a division of Nigeria into micro states. For the election of a northern personality as it seems to be on the horizon would help seal an alliance that would destroy the terrorist network, its rationale and some of its support in the elite of the North, which has very resented the Southern electoral holdup up, that has twice successively placed one of their own to the highest office as de facto in Nigeria rotating chairmanship is a rule, one shot in the north, the next one in the south. This failure to respect the unwritten law would have angered the northern elites who secretly were the first bankers of the terrorist network. The postponement of elections in Nigeria provides a breath of fresh air to terrorists, those who support them, and the regime which seems to have become unpopular in Nigeria but remain supported by some Western governments.

In Chad, including the capital Ndjamena which is only at 50 km from the center of tension, things seem more packed as Boko Haram has never attacked Chad before the entrance of this country in the new coalition, despite the fact that it is a country where Islam and Christianity are widely practiced, this state of grace on Chad is probably because of its good agreement with the neo colonial powers like France which has a military base in this country for over 30 years now, while the exploitation of Chadian oil is the prerogative of the same forces. The return of the Chadian army in the war probably sounds an indirect entry of France into the conflict, for what purpose?

It’s clear that when peace in this part of the world will come, someone will have to pay for the bloodshed, France through Chad is now paying a heavy price, Chadians should renegotiate probably the cost of the passage of their oil in Cameroonian soil, rates a certain French press call exorbitant, on the other hand Cameroon has become the real target of this war (the country has always been rebellious against the west, rebellion of Betis against Germans in the 19th century, independence war against France in the 1950s’-1970s’ and is full of important resource, it is the economic heart of Central Africa with outlets to the sea) would lose another source of potential revenue beside of the shedding of customs revenue from the Lake Chad basin region, which has left a hole of several billion FCFA in the budget base, while the war effort meanwhile could become a weight that would become increasingly burdensome for the government, even if the people seems to have find a way to test this by sympathizing and proposing even materially to support their army. While very clever the Cameroonian government is exploiting the gloom of relations between the West, Russia and China, to get the support needed to carry this fight. The two eastern giants are taking at the same time an optional support of sub-Saharan Africa in the context of a global conflict that would oppose them against the NATO

Moreover when Chadians opt for caution in trying to please both the colonial powers and the neighboring countries, they know that by supporting a brother country they obtain simultaneously a claim on the future, if their stability was to be threatened by the Tuareg rebellion in the north, a rebellion that is maintained by the same forces which with this scheme put pressure on the Chadian leader. If one day the situation was to deteriorate it is clear that Cameroon as it was the case during the conflict in the Aouzou strip, will lend a hand and this time perhaps by adding troops on grounds.

As for Boko Haram the famous Trojan horse, its days are numbered the terrorist network in its modus operandi has lost its political legitimacy by massacring the populations who it says it wants to subservient to the caliphate. Boko Haram sacrificed on the altar of his fall, the main element of a State; the population, how can you expect to lead a people that no longer exist because murdered or forced into exile.

The United States by putting a price on the head of its leader Abubakar Shekau know that his role is over. Abubakar Shekau that looks more like a Hollywood product than anything else. With the advance of technology in the artistic make-up, we know very well that it is possible that the immortal Shekau is a mask worn by many peoples, that's why sure of their trick, some Western powers have always refused to believe in news giving for dead the leader of the terrorist network. One can easily understand why he died more than once, since probably many bearers of this mask were killed forcing the pimps to create another each time in replacement.

France and the United States for their part, have definitely lost face in this conflict with positions that prove their sneaky participation in the destabilization of the Lake Chad Basin region. US President Barack Obama has found it appropriate to recall some time ago to Americans that ten centuries ago Christians during the Crusades had also committed similar atrocities like those committed by ISIL or Boko Haram, a very usual rhetoric often made by followers of Islamic fundamentalism. Words that shock when uttered by the proclaimed leader of the free world, between the 11th century and 21st century there is still a chasm a thousand years during which humanity should have learned from his past mistakes. Unless the agenda of a certain America is to return a part of the world to the chaos of the Middle Ages.

Besides the return of the activation of Franco-American diplomatic networks, who absolutely want this time to into the war against the nebula they had created in the early 2000 is nothing but a trick. while inviting the Chief of Staff of Africans army, February 10, 2015 in Dakar, the United States, with AFRICOM, just want to save face and control a situation that is no longer within their range of influence, it is absurd that they have made the world believe that a group of robbers as Boko Haram could defy sovereign states with well-structured polices and armies for so long, without benefit of logistics and support from foreign powers to Africa. Many have forgotten that ECOMOG (Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group), the military force of ECOWAS ( West African States Development Community), mostly made up of Nigerian military had played an important role (institution of cease-fire) in civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone in past years. Fearing that Nigeria could use ECOMOG to supplant the influence of the western powers in the sub-region, President George Bush, founded the ACRI (Africa Crisis Response Initiative) in 2004. With the help of the CIA, the ACRI recruited young Islamists that were trained along the border with Cameroon, in collection of Intelligence, weaponry and survival techniques. Those young people were never enlisted in the armies of some countries, but they were rather organized in hordes of brigands, who found puppet legitimacy by assuming fundamentalist ideas to better conceal their sponsors who had entrusted to them the mission to destabilize the sub region. (Boko Haram was founded in 2002)

It is undeniable that this conflict will definitely change the way of doing things among countries in the sub-region and the West, if France and the United States are in crisis, the worst is for France, which has a currency under control, through the European Union which is the antechamber of the United States. While the United States are freer with their currencies they control and create based on the wind with their printing money. It is undeniable that none of these "great powers" cannot close its deficit without stealing or appropriating wealth by force. The non-respect of the terms of trade while dealing with other nations will never alone solve their deficit problem, just like no fair competition in trade has ever been responsible of their insolent fortune in the past in the past. Even the liquidation of Libyans assets of several trillion dollars was not enough to resolve the debt problems of these countries. Their situation remains critical. Cornered by China and Russia they are on the verge of agony, an agony of those countries whose citizens do not seem to see, since their mind is obsessed with the horrors of Islamism raging across the planet.

And if the non-delivery of mistrals Russia was a scam because of the deliquescent situation in France? The French defense minister pointed out in December 2014 "We could never deliver. It is necessary that the Russians become aware of this situation." And he added: "I have nothing to comment further, Russian officials know very well what it is." A phrase that says more about what is really going on. The West needs butter and butter money to recover but is using the worst way to achieve its goal. The wise man said when God wants to lose someone the first thing that is taken away is the reason.

By Hubert Marlin Jr. Elingui

Journalist Writer

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