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Why are they feeling so bad about rebuff of others when they know that nobody likes traitors?


A few weeks ago the Sterling case raged on the Internet , a trivial story because in fact racism in the U.S. is the normal state of affairs, a bread that is served daily by everybody, blacks, whites, Hispanic and Asian . Everyone goes by with its little hatred. The United States is the country of sectarianism by excellence, as one will say. Peoples stare each other as lapdog . Some do not like whites they feel dismissive and arrogant , others do not like the Jews arguing that they are stingy and dishonest , some find that Asians are hypocrites, while they think that Hispanic are fiercely communitarian. Blacks meanwhile, merely are contented to be categorized by different racial groups, as whores , criminals, people with false belief, unworthy of any confidence . They help in addition, to perpetuate this negative image, by the behavior of the most prominent personalities of the entertainment apparatus. Self-racism they are inflicting to themselves is akin to suicidal prisoners suffering from Stockholm syndrome . In other words they prefer to kill themselves to please their torturer. While neo slavery is the dish they serve from New York to Los Angeles without interruption end. Why then are they moved, when somebody choose to tell them what the vast majority of the non-black population, think of them? Even if in the present case Mr. Sterling was stating his opinion in a private conversation. A jealous man with a narrow mind, built in a racist environment can be dangerous. He’s perhaps an outspoken racist, but it's just the norm in the American establishment; and all the black celebrities are well aware of that, they pretend to be moved in front of the public opinion, yet they already know what the rules of the game are. No doubt after selling their body and soul for the acceptance of the white establishment, this apparent rejection of Mr. Sterling is a serious disappointment for all those blacks who thought they were arrived . The community of black celebrities voiced their opinion by the most authoritative entity, namely the same sitting in the white house. They rose in unison angered not by racism, because it’s a scourge with which they know how to flirt with, but by the blatant rebuff, by an influential member of the white establishment. A capital sin that they cannot tolerate, them, the ones who made so many compromises to be there. The assassination by a white rapist of a black boy of 9, who had boldly dared to defend his sister aged 12, who was being raped by an urchin, just days after did not see anyone or the mass media flinching, much less the whiny black American elite; yet it is an ignoble situation, a clear case of racism. However they know to shut up because their personal interests and prestige are not undermined by this dismal news story. They just know how to play the infamous game, by refusing to speak up or to take position and thus show, the tacit alliance they have with the white establishment. So Donald Sterling in private would have betrayed, or set up to betray the secret alliance between the black celebrities and the white racist establishment. An eerie alliance, where they always support each other regardless of race. The rules of the game black and white as a checkerboard , are very much square, and also well-known by the new commissioner of the NBA, whom, it must be emphasized belongs to the same racist seraglio ; since he was cast himself in the same racialist society. The NBA Commissioner swung hard at Mr. Sterling with a punishment of banishment for life, strong in words but empty real effects. Because it means nothing in facts. What this leads to the real ? The billionaire of 81 cannot continue to hold the reins of the Los Angeles Clippers ? No. He remains indeed the owner. He can no longer attend NBA games of his team? It is not clear because nothing has been said in this sense, and it is unclear how one could deny him access to matches of his own team and even if that was the case , some franchise owners rarely attends games of their teams and yet remain very influential in the management of their business. Also it would be simply anti-constitutional, ban an individual access to a public place while he used his right to free expression, free expression made privately, and published fraudulently. In addition the 2.5 million dollar fine , is clogged bread for an octogenarian billionaire who offered an apartment worth $ 1.8 million to his young conquest , no less . Observers warned, in a sordid matter like a telephone conversation of an American billionaire who addresses his thing, his whim of senile oligarch should not move history, even if the emotion is strong to a poorly educated people.

Moreover proponents of the plot thesis, (no pejorative coloring because this word exists because this phenomenon is real) believe that his banishment merely intervened because the most important thing was to save the racist system that controls public life in the U.S.. The shadowy research of sensationalism is something in use in the U.S. media , a real device for lifting and lowering celebrities. In this case one can ask the question who benefits from the crime, qui bono ? The girlfriend of the billionaire, Miss Stiviano aged 31 was a model, a top model very little known by the way. However, since this story was brought to the mainstream media, overnight she has become a celebrity , probably because of the game of sordid alliance in vigor in Hollywood. It begs the question why has she recorded this conversation, to sell it later to TMZ; a tabloids website? Donald Sterling, who at age 81 continues to hold the reins of the most prominent franchise currently in Los Angeles would have made ​​any enemies? Envious wolves who would like poking his cheese , as in the famous fable of de la Fontaine , where the crow opening its wide beak to speak, let out its prey, to the delight of the wolf ? His bewilderment of language indeed, he could regret it, by losing his company, that could end up being bought at a bargain price , the declining popularity assisting the rating downgrade of the company. Beyond this outburst , we must read between the lines to understand the hidden face of the American establishment . Sterling speaking in private, just lifted the veil on the methods and system rules that govern American life. And even his girlfriend knows these rules, since she has used them so often. Her, a woman of mixed ethnicity (black and Mexican ) , knows very well that it is due to racism that she was offered the chance of a career in the snobbish world of fashion. Ask the few lucky dark skinned black girls, how it’s life in the runway. She knows, It is by the color of her skin that she was able to access the jet set and get hold of a billionaire. She asserts herself in the same telephone conversation that , taking pictures with the former NBA star Shawn Kemp, who is mixed like herself , was something her "sugar daddy", would not find bothersome. Racism which she seems to be complaining about today, to make a career in the world of celebrities, is a device often well used in their world of sharks where all means are good as long as they are effective. African Americans have become masters in the art of using racism as a tool for social ascension; they do not hesitate to use it to disqualify some of their congeners, with darker skin, or ideas less bended to neo slavery. It’s on the grounds of colorism and of the thought of submission or freedom, that is recruited traitors that the racist establishment, reward with emoluments which often take the form of advertising contracts and others. Treason is the capital sin ( hear it sin that provides capital, hard currency) of these Negroes followers of Judah, who know how to handle with dexterity, compromise for the commission. They do not hesitate to betray the masters of yesterday, to offer the highest bidder.

In a recentinterview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Mr. Sterling admitted to having been manipulated in this story and he goes on to say the Jews when they succeed in life help their community and support each other’s, one cannot say the same of Afro American Celebrities who are the selfish of the worst type. He added Magic Johnson despite all the respect he has for him is not the best example for youths. Refusing to continue to discuss this point, it is clear that Mr. Sterling, who have been for so long around the famous African Americans knows things about them that we do not know.

Especiallymany do not understand the subtlety of the purpose of Mr. Sterling, without hating the entire black race, he seems to have very little respect for black American celebrities, but as usual some have done everything to hide their bad behavior in the multitude of the Black Forest. And the rest of the black populace that supports its gravediggers, because of the epidermal similarity, has been once again fooled. Miss Stiviano career is done. Received by the greatest television stage, she is promised to a bright future on the steps of the famous infamous , for one must tell the truth, she is a luxury whore. It is hard to believe she would have been enamored of an octogenarian oligarch just for his beautiful eyes . The latest in a final round of trap and trick, she confessed to Barbara Walters, one of the grand dames of journalism in the United States, that her “sugar daddy” is not a racist. In fact we can say she has already had what she wanted, and that now she should not burn bridges. You never know Donald Sterling is Jewish, and his siblings are super powerful in the field of stardom, in the United States. She may need them one day in her new career of famous woman, and of course it is time for her to slow down. As for black Americans who complain about the disenchantment of the white establishment , it is time they challenge themselves. Those who suffer injustices are not always necessarily noble souls. The injustice suffered ennobles only if you face it with dignity. Do they have enough love for themselves, to blameothersasnotto give any to them? To live for the acceptance of others, is self-denial. A refusal to exist by themselves, but through others.

By Hubert Marlin Jr Journalist Flashmag !

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