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Love safety 50% of women in relationship agree having a plan B

We live in an era where the world seems an insecure place, and this lack of security has been spreading in all part of the human life, all the way to the love life, that has always been considered a refuge, a rock against a violent world. Also, some have come up with the idea of "Partner insurance." Just like car insurance in the unfortunate event of an accident some men and women have decided to have partner insurance — a backup boyfriend, or girlfriend ready and waiting in case their current relationship was to end. The backup love is a scheme that is in been growing in the western world to alarming rate like new studies suggest. If a lot have been said on the maternal instinct of women, who sometimes drives them to feel the need to have a man in their life so they can have the joy to procreate , it’s nonetheless true that women have been more busy to find the right partner for themselves using several strategies in an epoch where social networks have opened a breach in the multiplicity of options offered to those who want to mate. And incidentally, this has brought more competition on women.

A woman who might have a feeling for her neighbor, coworker, classmate, or else compete directly with other women she does not even know, to gain the attention of any given man at all time, because of social networks.

Humans employ a wide array of mating strategies (Gangestad & Simpson, 2000). In their research focused on some of the mating strategies of heterosexual women, have shown that women will actually modify their behavior depending on what type of relationship they’re looking for (Cashdan, 1993). Those looking to settle down with Mr. Right will dress with more elegance and emphasize behaviors that indicate loyalty and an interest in fidelity. Those seeking mainly a Mr. Right Now will flaunt their sexuality a bit more.

Even among other women on the prowl, female mating strategies morph into something more competitive. Those who are generally more narcissistic in nature tend to display intrasexual competition more frequently than others. (Carter, Montanaro, Linney, & Campbell, 2015). An example of this might be one woman giving another a false compliment — telling a woman at the bar that she loves her shoes, when actually she thinks her sweetheart will find them hideous, and consequently disregard the person who wear them. This is one way to try and eliminate some competition for their desired mate. Meaning some women would willingly encourage others to look bad, just to eliminate them in the competing market of mating. It’s not a very kind approach, but it happens. Another perverse way women destroy others, is by discouraging some other with whom there are friends not to get into a relationship with a men they would like very much to have. many men know by experience that it’s always a failure in 99 percent of cases, to engage a relationship by talking for the first time to a woman while she’s accompanied by her crowd of female friends. the mating conquest is a perpetual war for some women and even when they overcome all the obstacles, to finally get a man they love it doesn’t stop there. Some who are very clever don’t just live the relationship and forget about the rest. In general, many are aware of the chance they have, and while they try to do the right thing to make it last, they don’t disregard the fact that no matter what they do, the relationship might come to an end. Thus, come the idea of a back up plan. The backup boyfriend or girlfriend idea had been studied by Dibble et al. (2015). They found that college women, on average, have 3.78 Mr. Plan B's. In fact, roughly two-thirds of all college students who are in a committed relationship openly admit to having at least one Mr./Ms. Plan B (Dibble et al., 2015). Concerning women, when there’s trouble in paradise, and eventually a break-up, they are left at the starting line again. However, to avoid playing the field and going through all the bases, again women have taken a shortcut to get back to the finish line with a Plan B man. "The saying that 'the grass isn't always greener somewhere else' clearly isn't deterring women of today. They understand that anything can happen and are ensuring they have a solid back-up plan, should things go sour with their current man.” A spokesman for told the Daily Mail, which requested their inquiry to run a survey on the idea of backup plan in idylls. To analyze women’s relationship contingency plans, the survey of 1,000 women made by, for the daily mail, found that nearly half of the respondents had a man on deck that they could call out to the plate. However, this man isn’t any rookie; he’s likely to be one, of the woman’s all-star friends, she’s had around for about seven years. More than four in 10 women admitted they had got to know this man while they were with their partner, while almost the same percent said he was “on the scene” long before the relationship. One in 10 women confessed their Plan B has professed their undying love to them, while two in 10 knew that their Plan B would “drop everything” for them. These first alternatives were on call for their lady friends for several reasons. A quarter of the ladies blatantly admitted they have strong feelings for their Plan B as they do for their current partner, while 15 percent admitted to have more feelings for the Plan B man, than for their significant other, Yahoo reported. “For our research to establish that 50 percent of women in relationships have a 'Plan B' is a worrying sign,” said the spokesman. “This news may cause a few men in relationships to think twice about not taking the rubbish out or choosing a night down the pub in favor of a cozy night in with their partners. This could spark fear in men across the UK and be great news for women, looking for that extra bit of love and care, so that their attentions aren't swayed.” For men if back up plans are a lesser preoccupation, it’s also because men believe in many cases that they can have a side chick or mistress that will eventually close some gaps in their ongoing relationship. When in general men want to keep their household safe, there are not shy to have moments of extra marital relationships, that most of the time don’t grow to a full-fledged relationship. While men most of the time, think less about replacing their wives and are less jealous about seeing their side chick getting another man, if they can keep the right to enjoy having sex with the latter, women on their side can be very concerned about seeing their back up plan man evolve in a relationship that can lead to marriage. In general if their back up man is their friend they will sometimes encourage them to get involved with a woman they know is less prettier richer or even of less virtue, to speculate on the fact that if their backup man does not meet happiness with any given woman, then they still have them as option if their own relationship was to come to end. Also, some women will not say anything if they know that the girlfriend or wife of their backup plan man is cheating on them, they will wait and use this fact as a weapon of conquest only when their own relationship has been destroyed.

Beside the back up man, there is another trends that is been very much in vigor in developing countries, and even in the western world with the sugar Daddy phenomena; where, single or married women will engage in relationship with several men for the simple fact that they have understood that a man is rarely perfect, and does not always come with the full package at once. Also, they know that, those who are rich may not be the best lover in bed, and those who are less affluent maybe prettier and so forth. Therefore, they try to create a panache to find a balance in their love and social lives.

Sources Nicole Wedberg's Master's thesis, successfully defended in the Psychology Department at the State University of New York at New Paltz in 2016.

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