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Why Africans who immigrated to the United States do not get along with Black Americans?

The color is a screen that hides the reality of execrable relations between Africans and African Americans, in a world where the human condition of the race called black race continues to be vilified by a state racism, that apparently has camouflaged to go in depth, wrecking serious havoc in the silence, one would expect a growing awareness of the global black populace, in the necessity to be united in regards to the reality of their common destiny, however, one can quick note that the common fate does not necessarily implies living together in harmony .

In general, the African who has emigrated to the United States feels he’s lucky because somewhere in his mind he knows he is going to a country where the change of scenery when it comes to race will not be brutal, since 1 American over 7 is black, but often severe disillusionment happens when he finds that no one is stranger to him than the people with whom he still shares the same color.

Ahmad from his native Africa had the sad experience when attending as a freshman an American university in the northeastern United States, despite all the supposed progress and the alleged North tolerance compared to the south, less than a hundred kilometer of a cosmopolitan city like New York, Ahmad was very often object to serious insults and despicable treatments that had nothing to do with hazing made to new students, more than once he was violently assaulted and called African monkey by his white comrades. hoping to have at least some moral support from the few blacks who were in the university, trying to approach them, he received a more severe rejection, with no regards. Some sharply stated they had nothing to do with a negro in the native retarded state.

If the case of Ahmad seems extreme, it’s relevant when one takes the time to explore the way of thinking raging in the black diaspora in the world, and in this case the United States, where Westernized blacks believe generally that they are superior to those from Africa. Some may complain about tribalism that Africans themselves practice, but this is very far from the extremes of racism that can undergo Africans in the United States. Despite the fact that African emigrants in the United States are among the best of the continent in term of social and intellectual achievement since not everybody is lucky enough to travel to America, the rule of double jeopardy is sometimes applied to them, with dread. Disowned by white and reviled by black Westerner, they learn in general to fend for themselves. In areas with high concentrations of African and black American population as Washington DC or Maryland sometimes the two communities who nevertheless suffer together the torments of the US State racism, still have enough energy to hate each other copiously.

While asking both group why there is a lack of love between the communities, that are nevertheless similar in appearance, it usually appears for Africans that the belief of belonging to the same race and the same community that is not often shared by their black American cousins, is a pill hard to swallow especially in a hostile country, and coming from a continent which has always instilled in them the strength of togetherness, spiteful and repeated negative experience lived individually affected forever their relationship with African Americans. Similarly, other Africans feel they do not identify with the black Americans because of capitalism that has objectified them, weakened them excessively, stupefied and made violent. Urban violence does not encourage those who travelled to America to get a better life to mingle with African Americans.

In the black American side in general some have the courage to admit that they feel more American than African, and do not feel like bonded to African or even the continent in general they have never visited for the most of if not the luckiest ones who in the military or government have no remorse to fight unfair wars that affect negatively lives of millions in Africa. this slight response from black Americans even if it seems logical hides badly the Americanist mold in which they are melted and their aspirations.

It is difficult to believe that in a country and a racialist society like the United States, black Americans can forget where they come from and who they are; whereas everywhere every day, acts of terror on their community seem to remind them who they are.

What is true for African Americans, is also often for Afro European who generally reject Africa and Africans since in their psyche Africa and the Africans, mainly are what one cannot expect to be, in the context of the assimilation to the Western ideal. The psychological root that causes the disaffection of individuals toward others are either linked to the fact that some remind others what they are sorely lacking, either because some are considered to be the opposite of what some are, and tertiary phobia to become what is considered the opposite of what one wants.

The coward in general hate the brave and the good guy the bad guy; while in a materialistic world all that implies misery will be hated and vilified by those aspiring to material wealth, the African becomes reviled by Afro Westerners since according to the Western propaganda that is emulated in the black diaspora of the west, he is the metaphor of misery, and worse his cultural traditionalism and his darker color in general, make him a scapegoat for all that is bad in blacks. While the mixed beauty is celebrated on every podium, because nowadays when talking of black beauty in the West, the black jet African has become the allegory of anti-beauty without the hearsay, ebony beauty is shelved because it reminds too much the wild Africa that cannot not be permitted except when they intend to make an exotic circus.

The African is ostracized by the Black American who without admitting it , fear to be contaminated by both the misery and diseases that pilfer in the tropics.

Rejection of Africa by African Americans is taking alarming proportions because if before they had the Black Panthers who advocated the union of blacks around the world, today manipulative and assimilationist forces are now the most influential, at the top of these, there are those who are now called African Americans Israelites, this ideology is supported by occult religious sects often generously funded by Zionist networks that have stores in all major cities of the United -United. According to their philosophy black Americans who were sold into slavery by Africans they identify as Hamitic a cursed people, are the chosen people and they would not be from Africa but Asia, the theory goes further underlining happily that it is a specific ethnic group that was forced to slavery because of its direct link with God.

In the second row of these sects and movement of thought refuting Africa and Africans, black American Muslims who claim to come from the Middle East, Muhammad Ali himself in the 60 claimed to be a Black Asian , in regards no doubts to the doctrine of Fard Muhammad who founded the Nation of Islam and instilled in his followers that black Americans sprang from Mecca. Third the no less influential group of Black americans who claim to be Native Americans, allegedly they are indigenous reduced to slavery by the European settlers and refute any idea of Africa as a land of origin.

Inevitably when black Americans state to be the chosen ones and more, at the same time their African cousins are nicknamed as their congenital enemy one can expect only the worst , especially since according to the secret discourse of these sects any African who emigrate to the United States does not deserve to succeed in life because he is not from the anointed people like black Americans. Some Africans unfamiliar with the ravages of this ideology that reign in the most unexpected environments are often surprised to be confronted to setbacks in the US when they want to build a semblance of social and economic progress with their black American cousins who are probably aware that they must help the Hamitic curse upon the descendants of Ham, while they feel no connection at all to Africa. In the two other cases

Nature abhors imbalance most African's success stories in the United States often have as key player whites who sometimes have the courage to explore Africans, approaching them. A revealing aspect of the complexity of the relationship between Africans and black Americans is in spousal relationships. Africans when they do not marry inside their community of immigrants marry generally whites and rarely black Americans though they were one of the most likely choice prior to marry.

Violence breeds violence some psychologists believe that blacks are wolves to blacks because of the violence they receive, since one can give only what he has, because it’s what he has received, it is a critical way of thinking because once again it depict the black as a naive being taking everything that is given to him, since he has nothing and he is nothing, besides being object, a belated person who has not reached the age of discernment, who always confuses victims and torturer. Worse it’s not because one has been victim of thieves that he becomes a thief, even if the racism of a certain class of black towards others is rather a way of seeking recognition of their assimilation against other blacks in the Western racialist chessboard.

By Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

journalist writer

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