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MvetKora Sally and Djeli offer the public a unique musical experience

Mvetkora is a very original musical experience a unique assortment of Mvet of Central Africa and Kora of West Africa in contemporary aesthetics. Fang and Mandingo countries mold in an alchemy nearly perfect, under the mastery of Sally Nyolo from Cameroon and Djeli Moussa Diawara from Guinea, is a grandiloquent output in this essay.

Djeli Moussa Diawara was born into a griot family, his father was a balafon player and his mother a singer. He is the brother of Mory Kanté, the legendary late musician who produced Yekéyeké a disc that reached multiple platinum, listened to the 4 corners of the world. Djeli Moussa released his first album in 1982, an album titled Yasimika, he will then make a journey that will take him into the artistic focal points of the Western world's first England and London, where he played with Ali Farka Touré then he moved in Paris, France where he Produced Flamenkora in 1998. Then it will be the United States where he worked with Bob Brozman releasing in 2000 Ocean Blues musical walk from Africa to Hawaii. Then it will be the creation of Kora Jazz Trio band with which he will produce 3 albums

Singer and talented musician Djeli Moussa Diawara created a kora of 32 strings surpassing the 21 traditional strings, touching on a galaxy of genres such as traditional Mandingo, Salsa, Flamenco, and Blues or Jazz. He has worked with many international artists including Ali Farka Toure, Carlos Santana, Manu Dibango, Janice deRosa, Stephan Eicher, Cheick Tidiane Seck and of course Sally Nyolo with whom he has just produced the MvetKora album released September 5th 2016 ...

Sally Nyolo one of the most celebrated artist of her generation began her professional career in 1982, first as a vocalist working with many French and African artists, and composing music for radio programs and films.

In 1993 Nyolo joined the Belgian group of a cappella music Zap Mama for their world tour. With Zap Mama, she recorded the album "Sabsylma" and produced two recordings of her live concerts in Japan, and Montreux.

In 1996, the first installment of Sally Nyolo "Tribu" was produced by Lusafrica. The album, awarded by Radio France International in 1997, became a success worldwide, selling over 300,000 copies.

Sally will stay on the focus releasing several other albums "Multiculti" (1998), "Beti" (2000), "Zaione" (2002) - "Studio Cameroon", published in 2006 by World Music Network. An album recorded in a studio she built in her native country to help local artists, in 2011 it will be "Nuit a Fébé and in 2014 Tiger Run. Sally has several awards and has collaborated with many renowned international artists she sings in English, French, Arabic, Spanish, and Eton Manguissa her original vernacular language.

Sally this year is again under the spotlight with a Duo-rich in sonority and color with MvetKora an opus that must be listened at all costs, original music crafted with brio is not seen, very often in this stage, the two artists are playing traditional instruments of deepest Africa. The traditional guitar Mvet of the Fang Beti land and the Kora the atypical traditional instrument of West African griots. Inked in tradition and open to the world Sally Nyolo and Djeli Moussa have adapted their instruments with skill requirements of the time, like the style of the album of 12 tracks, which is a treat, updating the African music at its best.

The Album MvetKora is available on all platforms, digital and hardcover.

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