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The Younger they start sexual activity, the lesser love they can give

In June 2003 the Heritage Foundation published a study entitled The adverse effects of early sexual activity and multiple sexual partners among women. According to the study, girls who begin voluntary sexual activity by 13 or 14 have, on average, more than 13 sexual partners outside marriage during their lives. In contrast, women who begin a consensual sexual activity at age 20, have on average three sexual partners in their lifetime. Far from playing with numbers, it’s rather the consequences of this state of things that are obvious. Women who begin sexual activity at an early age also have an annual turnover of sexual partners greater. One must understand by that, the number of buddies changed annually. This situation of promiscuity that is acquired in the first years of adolescence, interferes enormously in the relations between women and the society, with negative consequences on idyllic relationship and motherhood.

Balanced hormonal fluctuations are important for physical and mental health of women as well as for their homogenous development in society, however, the sexual disorder outside sexually transmitted diseases, creates a significant upheaval in hormonal flows.

It has long been proven that women produce oxytocin a hormone that is responsible for cardinal feelings when it comes to love and to life in society, as this hormone influences the confidence, the commitment that a woman feels towards someone and the maternal instinct. Women produce this hormone in important circumstances of their sexual and maternal life. During sex they produce much of it in vaginal secretions that are a stimulus for their orgasm. During childbirth they also produce it in abundance this can help them to connect even better to their child.

It is important to stress that the significant amount of sexual intercourses of a woman scarcer these hormones, exposing them to partial frigidity, lack of attachment, and followed relationship, that can lead to marriage, and of course the loss of maternal instinct.

Partial frigidity unfortunately does not always reduce the desire to look for new partners, since psychologically talking, a woman who has had many partners always seeks to find the absolute sensation, and is eager to change all the time lovers to find the right partner, so she can feel again some of the best sensations that she has had in the past, while comparing partners. She will also seek the ultimate feeling to reach a new dimension; much like an addict who have tried less hard drugs, remains in the frantic pursuit of the strongest drugs to achieve an elusive nirvana. This opens the way for new sexual experiences that can be dangerous to their lives as erotic asphyxiation, sadomasochism or gang bang.

As for the men, one could say that the gods were unfair because they gave male humans the ability to produce hormones that cause envy, desire and violent instantaneous satisfaction during sex, without giving them the ability to attach themselves much to their lovers. Men are cruelly missing Oxytocin the hormone of sentimental attachment. love in men is more in the subconscious. Apart from carnal desires men will be attracted to women on whom they will find things that were instilled on them from their early age, or to the ones who give them the highest sexual and emotional satisfaction. Alas men are more likely versed into hedonism.

Men produce, dopamine and prolactin, which combine to give, sex addiction and very short orgasms. When dopamine gives cravings, intense sexual urges, prolactin brutally cut this intensity after the male orgasms, giving the sudden urge to sleep.

Similarly, to women, men who have too much sex, will lose sex hormones as well. The direct consequence on men, is sexual fatigue, a form of sexual impotence, that entails the use of sexual stimulants like Viagra and others, even at a young age to regain sexual vigor. sexual fatigue and frigidity of men, also open the door to new sexual experiences sometimes extreme, like bestiality and homosexuality because like wandering women, they will also always look for the ultra-sexual sensation that they will strive to find each time, trying something new.

Anyway, in both cases promiscuity puts love in danger, emphasizing love of sex, against love between partners. If according to the ancient Egyptian multitude of partners facilitated the dispersion of sexual energy that could be fatal in life after death, with the ka (soul) which had to find its alter ego in the afterlife, the telegonia meanwhile, is the belief of the 19th century that stated that a woman, impregnated or deflowered by her first man, produces children in his likeness whatever the progenitor, has since given satisfactory results in the laboratory. This is certainly evidence that the ancients were right somehow. In addition, some scientists today believe that sex can influence the structure of your DNA by adding traces of partners that you have known. A situation observed in the corollary, lovers who have lived long together, seem to look alike at old age. It is well known that during sexual exchanges the heat and secretions exchanged are an open door to the hardware and subconscious part of individuals

The modern society may be doing very poorly, because of sexual debauchery which eventually creates social tensions, the perpetual naysayers now finding normal to fight lethally to meet their most abject egos.

Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

Journaliste - Ecrivain

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