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The African immigration drama is related to the hidden history of the wickedness of the West in Afri

There is not a month going by, without peoples commenting on the dead in the Mediterranean Sea, on the racist abuses in the West on black people, and worse on slavery suffered by Sub-Saharan African in countries of the Persian Gulf. In view of the reading of these events it is important to emphasize that there is somewhere a non-awareness of the African masses that has lasted too long. The West and their Arab accomplices are those who once plunged the continent into chaos, scouring entire villages in the trade of hatred, that has been called slavery, but which actually capital crime for profit. The years of colonization have not been glorious for Africa with the horrors of King Leopold plantations in Congo where the settlers were not shy to cut off hands of children for not having shown enough zeal in the harvest of rubber. Same for the French colonial missions in West and Central Africa, where women and children were placed in solitary confinement. Kidnapped to force men to work inhumanly to satisfy the greed of Western masters

While Germany was experiencing concentration camps in southern Africa on the Herero people, who were decimated in a final solution of large scale, the French themselves had an unhealthy pleasure in blasting with explosives unfortunate African natives to impose fear and respect. Nothing was more terrifying than placing sticks of dynamite around the neck of indigenous and blow them up, to show the power of the white man fire. In 1905 in Ubangi the current Central African Republic, women and children were abducted and herded into hostage camps, until the husband or father has collected enough rubber ... rubber production still not evolving according to the greed of settlers, the blockade will be maintained and almost all women and children hostages will ultimately die in captivity. And this was nothing compared to the infamy of the Chanoine and Voulet mission on their way to the conquest of Chad, they will sow death and destruction in their path killing, slaughtering, women and children with no mercy. At Birni N'Konni a village of more than 10 000 in the present Niger after the village chief's refusal to help them, in their quest for food and livestock Chanoine and Voulet ordered a large-scale murder. They will kill everyone, burning infants in stove in front of their parents, before executing summarily all the inhabitants of the village, cutting off heads and hanging them on stakes like vile Trophies. The macabre expedition will continue until the current Chad where they will not hesitate to kill again and again. Chanoine and Voulet alone would not have killed fewer than 20 000 people between January and July 1899. A range of heads of those executed during the colonial wars are still visible today in some European museums.

Some would say these are the methods of the past, but is there a change in the meantime, when the past is so pervasive in our present that it defines what will be our future?

After the independences of the 60s there was a willingness of African leaders to turn the page to normalize relations between Africa and the West, has often they applied the African maxim the greatness of a soul is strictly proportional to the degree of fault forgiven. However next to these noble ideals, which unfortunately are also a connotation to the assimilation of Christian dogma inculcated to the first elites of the continent by the same forces that had not bothered to apply themselves, these blessed these doctrines. There was no less a guilty will to pardon the murderers, and put their people in amnesia to benefit their political power and colonial interests of the West, which made them regents since the famed independences were truncated.

In this abject historical falsification task, whose purpose was to perpetuate Western hegemony on Africans, whole sections of the history were censored by African governments, which received school programs from colonial powers. Over time the West was idealized, and the culture of incivility that once brought countless deaths legitimized.

Same for countries with large Muslim populations, abuses by Arab enslavers against the African people have been erased from the memory of the people, the brutal wars of Islam proselytizing in black Africa were legitimized by the silence. While many African accuse the West of having enriched on their backs, they are not very aware of the origin of the fortune of the Arabs, in the sense that the current oil windfall of these countries led some to believe that Arabs have always been wealthy. Countries of the Persian Gulf before oil wealth were not rich because of the sale of carpets, far from it. The great wealth of the Arab countries before the oil came from Africa, Arabs had their share of profit in the slave trade, while enjoying the wealth from other African riches, diamond and gold mines exploitation, industrial production of essences and spices have always flourished in Africa. (Mali was for centuries the largest producer in the World of salt and gold) these currency exchange allowed them to trade with the most remote parts of Europe and the Orient. Greedy traders in the slave trade and others luxuries, and formidable in high banditry, the Arabs, with their Western counterpart forcibly took over the riches of the world, in defiance of the condition of other humans, and this trend continues today with the oil era.

The current opulence of the West and the Arab countries, and the surrounding poverty in the tropics, has overshadowed the Africans to identify those responsible for their defeat. Obsessed by the propaganda of the Western media and the failure of those who govern the flow of history and information in real time, African youth are flowing towards the arms of the enemies of their ancestors, yet if they only knew they would have done everything to build a better future in their country first. It is also important to note the collusion of some Africans living in the West, because they resigned in a deceitful manner to give a true testimony of what life in the countries where they often suffer the ordeal, tortured between racist contempt and misunderstanding, that results in social integration difficulties, which relegates them to the bottom of society. Africans living in the West often prefer to maintain the illusion of paradise in the western world to get flattered by the ignorant they left back home. Many Africans, would-be immigrants, do not know that the West is not an El Dorado especially when one is black. Ignorant of the realities of life in these countries, many are eager to downright ruin themselves to end up in slavery. The oppressor has successfully completed a master stroke by managing to convince the oppressed to sell himself into slavery; even if one can directly accuse the rampant poverty in the tropics. A misery, which is precisely maintained by a Western predatory system that further reduces the opportunities of nationals of the southern countries.

For some Western politicians, the West should not receive all the misery of the world, of course it would be legitimate to proclaim that, they also have their problems, but especially the problems they have created to themselves. When one knows the role the West has played and continues to play in the institutionalization of poverty and desolation in the countries of the southern hemisphere, it is only logical that the survival instinct of the people robbed by unjust wars, continued deterioration in the terms of trade, extroversion of their economies, and mentalities by Western propaganda, lead them to more affluent countries. Neither barriers nor the most secure systems, will resolve the problem of African immigration, but rather international social justice. And better despite the disasters of the Mediterranean, African immigration is less important than any other in Western countries and worse in reality it brings in hard currencies to the same West, but cynically Western politicians have thought to make the African immigrant the goat emissary of their failure ... Moreover, When the West will cease its predation on third world economies, then the citizens of these countries will not find the need to look elsewhere, this is a truth that the West refuses since to admit.

Hubert Marlin Jr. Elingui

journalist Writer

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