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The thought of the month: partners in love are like shoes

Choosing your partner in life, is like choosing your shoes, once you know your size you know what shoes to choose ... but in general, you must try to see which ones are best suited for you, because beyond , size there is quality ... too narrow they will make your feet hurt, too big and they will give you the ridiculous look of a clown. By making the right choice you avoid to suffer and to be ridiculous. Solid they will stand the test of time, beautiful, light, and flexible they will take you away, discover a new world, where you will try to conquer in pe


manner , the elusive heart of beauty whims, under the fires of jealousy, where die and live again feelings. Pieces of broken hearts, are the puzzle pieces, that build the happiness of tomorrow, because the best way to learn to win, is by losing.

Hubert Marlin


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