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Afro-European, Afro Caribbean African Americans it is time to choose between Africa and the West

This thought that has crossed time remains valid. No one can serve two masters. For either he will hate one and love the other; or he will be faithful to one and despise the other. This maxim defined by St Matthew is a true allegory of the treacherous ambivalence, a sham whish through centuries has been mastered, by those who are eager to expend in the foul art of compromise, trying to trick other to believe that one can love two concepts that are fundamentally opposed and which since have been fighting with no mercy; even if the concept of fighting in this case is rather the kind attack, resistance, because there is one side that attacks since centuries while the other side simply resist to attacks, with the time going by this struggle has become increasingly sophisticated. In this insidious war, afro Westerners, remain a key element; because highly publicized by media coverage, they have been turned into the vehicle par excellence of a certain ideology that seeks to love the executioner of yesterday and specially to assimilate into his thought pattern.

Stockholm syndrome is the miracle panacea that would absolve criminals of the crimes committed. In this war of hegemony raging since the first occupations of ancient Egypt by the Eurasian Hyksos, all stratagems are used. Accusations of Africans in the implementation of slave trade, with the aim of absolving those who really benefited from this vile trade are often mentioned, and worse it does not skimp on religious rhetoric sometimes claiming that the black man and his continent are cursed. The huge media apparatus of the West for ages continues to move in journals about misery of Africa, to affirm the supremacy of a certain race over the other and also to help the lucky afro westerners to understand, what they escaped. And how slavery and the civilizing mission has made them citizens of wealthy countries, blessed by God. The African is objectified in the Western media. Pictures of Africans, who are Victims of violent events, litter the Western medias, trivializing the lives of human beings. Some will state dead peoples cannot claim the right not to be filmed. Paradoxically has there been a single picture of a dead body of the events of 11 September 2001 in the United States in the media or more recently the attacks in Paris? In any case the ambivalence of the positions of each other and the definition of who are Africans should be lifted once and for all, and misunderstandings dismantled, so that at the end everyone should make a clear choice and face the consequences. Also it is important to review the concepts, of the supposed betrayal of Africa and Africans during slavery, the concept of Africanism, the concept of Creole and the concept of blending and multi culturalism, to clear out this ambiguous dichotomy that is slyly maintained to perpetuate a divisive system that allows an elite to rule. Increasingly in general circulation media, black personalities in the West are rejecting their African roots, refusing for instance the African American concept while claiming the right to complete assimilation , by strongly stating that they’re American, French, Canadian, English, Dutch and more. It would be a brave attitude to congratulate because one must have the patter to affirm its convictions, unfortunately behind this circus there is manipulative will of the majority of those to whom it pleases from time to time, to complain about racism when it is a means of pressure which allows them to be granted certain facilities in the Western world, while denying their origins is used to mark their attachment to the master, which is at war against a people they originate from. like it or not, no one can choose its parents. these followers of the filthy speculation on race, are sure to bring added value to their capital of shame, since the Western society tends to reward with subsidies, trophies and others, traitors to the black race. Africans are all these people who in one way or another have an African lineage, be ashamed of being African is a hegemonic heresy. White Caucasian as they are naming themselves are not ashamed of their origins that they trace directly to the man of Neanderthal, a humanoid that was not a commendable being, because of its violence and notorious cannibalism, while the African the original modern man who does not come from genetic metamorphosis should be rather proud to have brought civilization to the world because while the Neanderthal was still in its cave , the African had already succeeded to master its environment and even navigate to remote area of the earth as the Andaman Islands in Asia or Europe, where he crossed the Neanderthal whom he helped to become the modern white man of today. But the racist campaign has made the black man a monkey that time to time is getting some bananas thrown at, forgetting that their cousin the Neanderthal was not so human. Another statement that is not lacking in meaning but is used for deceitful purposes is the supposed betrayal of Africans, their collusion in trade of shame, a thorny issue that often remain without clear answers, since each other are refusing to discuss openly. Africans and their descends are shy to hurt their sensitivities. Yet if all blacks are Africans, the descendants of slaves and Africans born, then both group can claim to be victims and traitors at the same time. How many grieved the loss of their loved ones gone overseas, and how many longed to see again their native land and their loved ones they were taken away from?

While other were suffering all kind mistreatment in the Americas those left behind weren’t having the good life, suffering slavery in their own land all the way till colonization, and actual neo colonization. The horror of king Leopold plantation in Congo and the near total genocide of the Herero people in Namibia are there to remind those who have any doubt of the horror of the western ruling power in Africa. Meanwhile it’s important to note that if Afro westerners, are recognizing themselves as Westerners as well, then they are also enslavers somewhere at least in their genes that they often unfortunately acquired violently. Anyways as of today one can find victims and traitors, both in the afro westerner’s diaspora and in Africa.

In the same vein, it must be stated once and for all, that the same force that committed the crimes of abduction of torture and forced labor, is the same force that has kept in slavery for centuries blacks in the Americas. if black peoples in Africa could not prevent the trade of their brothers and sisters, these same brothers and sisters taken to the Americas despite their large number compared to white masters, also were never able to free themselves from slavery for centuries, since this same force was wreaking havoc both in the Americas and in Africa. Denying the guilt of this force and be content to accuse the victims who were stressed and forced to contribute to the trade of hatred is to play the game of the oppressor. The human being in extreme conditions can have a reprehensible behavior, that must be understood, even if for a certain category of people, one must not deny that the opportunity often makes the thief. but again, it is those who created conditions helping this collusion who are guilty. The answer to the question Qui bono? who profited from the crime must lead to the culprit.

In the other hand, the common history of black people is littered with examples of rebellion in the colonies of slaves and examples of Africans that have said no to this trade of shame. It's time to salute the memory of these brave men and women who fought for the freedom of black people, as Nanny, the African princess from the Akan ethnic group of West Africa, who became a slave simply to go deliver her people in the Americas, creating the Maroon nation of Jamaica, which was decisive in the independence of that country. The Maroon term that is applied to the majority of slaves who freed themselves from slavery and organized themselves into independent states (Haiti, Quilombos), refers to the brown color which is related to skin color, even if the Spaniards who struggled in 1552 with a rebellion of slaves led by a newly arrived African slave named Bayano as Nanny, gave these rebels squads the name of cimarron, the term refers more to a wild animal, while in the Amerindian language Taino, cimarron means the flight of an arrow.

Unfortunately history can be capricious with its tendency to repeat itself; Also it should be noted that some rebel slaves of several Maroons nations will sign treaties with white farmers, accepting the compromise to return to their white slave masters newest escapee, this cooperation which can be interpreted as an act of treason, however, only served to better divide the black community of the Americas, and sometime later these Maroon nations were attacked and destroyed by whites who once again felt free not to repect a nonagression agreement .

Although until the 2000s in the 21st century small groups of Maroons were still living in the bush in Latin American, from the late 19th century to the early 20th century Western assimilative Mission took another dimension. After a long war with the Maroons rebels who infested all the colonies of the Americas, a War, during which Argentine Maroons were totally decimated, in the neighboring Brazil things will not be easy because of the large number of Maroons and their fighting skills (capoeira). After a treaty the Quilombos of Bahia which was the biggest of the region, will lay down the weapons to join the federation of Brazil. The Maroons rebellions that remain poorly documented are one of the direct causes of the abolition of slavery. The situation had become unbearable, profit was becoming scarce for the white masters, with plantations attacked every time, and crops destroyed, and maritime piracy making even greater havoc, it was necessary to find a solution, thus the slave states became with a twist of history, multiracial Nations, where blacks nevertheless remain sub citizens.

Instead of saluting the heroism of these peoples, some afro westerner delight in their attitude, and even in their words, for those who are brave in their deceit, to thank the white master to have enslaved yesterday, their African ancestors, so that today they can enjoy being citizens of great nations like France the United States or Canada. It's so posh to be American or French than Cameroonian or Congolese, someone will assert.

Africanity of Afro Westerners and African should not be a doubt, if some may deny their roots, they cannot at the same time deny that in front, they are treated the same way, regardless of their place of birth. while in the 60s they were fighting for independence in Africa, in the United States they were fighting for civil rights and in the West Indies they were fighting to improve working conditions and land autonomy, the response of the dominant power in all these parts of the world will be ditto. Assimilation and freedom under conditions. A response that will lead to the status quo of neo slavery and neo colonialism. Africa's slums are the equivalent to the ghettos of Brooklyn or Sarcelles, and while the white South African, has all the facilities for social inclusion when he travels in the West, the African or the Afro Westerner in those countries remains confined to the rear of the society in a kind of social Darwinism, with the exclusion of the right to social progress at all levels. The social pressures on the global black populace are an important vector in the implosion of the global black community. It is so difficult for blacks to succeed socially that many choose the path of treason. In Africa some can remain president as long as they want, as long as they serve the interests of the West against their people. In the West the most rich and famous blacks are those that do not serve the interests of their communities, selling derogatory stereotypes about race or publicly taking positions at odds with the interests of their race. In the debate of Africanity here and there many reject the idea of ​​being strictly African, they refuse to ignore their Creole heritage, which is only the result of their Africanity, one should be proud to be Creole because Creole is the Africanity who refused to assimilate to the west, giving itself a way to survive by ingenuity. Like the Garifuna of Honduras and Belize, which is spoken accordingly in the feminine and masculine form, men and women using different expressions to talk about the same thing. If in countries like Canada and the United States, outside of New Orleans where once they spoke Creole, no language has been created by the slaves, one can clearly understand that the North American methods of slavery were among the most draconian, or at best the black population was more resilient, because of several factors related to the composition of the population and the harsh climate. In Jamaica and in all British and Dutch West indies it’s still spoken here and there, a language which is a compendium of African, colon, and Native American languages. The exception of Gullah in south Carolina and Georgia in United States is strictly linked to the selective slavery, the Gullah were enslaved mostly because they were skilled farmers specialized in the cultivation of rice, and the fact of keeping them together without disperse allowed their African language to survive and take a local color, borrowing English words while remaining rooted in the Krio language of Sierra Leone. Miscegenation is an essential part of those who evoke the ambivalence of the afro westerner person. Because some are mixed they can legitimately claim a binary culturalism, however the current racialist society was quick to remind those directly or indirectly, that their darker color makes them black, although light skinned Africans exist without miscegenation. anyway mixed peoples are free to choose the camp where they feel comfortable, even if the choices of some and others again are vitiated by social pressures. Many refute their African roots because they are simply ashamed, and prefer to go under the white umbrella which gives them more material comfort. In the other hand while joining the darker side, unfortunately many try to establish a racialist scale that would make them super black, because of their drop of white blood. Colorism, social affluence linked to epidermal fairness is that other racism that dare not speak its name. Similarly, those mixed who decide not to declare themselves black, are often motivated by a claim of non-assimilation at the bottom of the ladder, because in general they imply that they have the right to be treated with some respect because of their status in the white racialist scale, where whites are over, followed by other light skinned races and mixed peoples, while blacks are at the bottom of the ladder. Therefore, it would make sense that the latter assume, and stop remembering their black roots only when they are victims of racism, they cannot feed and feed themselves of the caste system, and hope that those who suffer more from this system will support them, so that they can have a better life from a system that has turned them to the wretched of the earth.

The rejection of Africa by the afro Westerner, will also sound the end of multiculturalism in the West. Now if African Americans claim to be only Americans, they also accept at the same time the rejection of their Afro cultural identity. In the same vein they lose all the culture that has made them beings who reached the peaks of the world culture. Jazz and blues were born in New Orleans by Creole artists whom many were from St Domingue that became Haiti, and cultural movements like the Negro spiritual that comes from the deep south of the United States would never has seen the light without the African soul and consciousness of its precursors, same thing for the outgrowths like R&B and Hip hop, which are an oral determination which one can find the origins in the ancient griot tradition of Africa.

Anyway like it or not, the assimilation tendency of all cultural trends in the West to the ideal of white super culture is something that is lived now, and blacks of the west should no longer claim anything as blacks, since they are now part of a uniform body, and strive to do what the others do better than them, because they can no longer impose their originality by molding into a mold that is not done to their measurement. At best they can succeed in becoming a pale copy of the original, a scheme that has already programmed their cultural death. their disappearance from cultural stage is a tendency that will continue. Also when becoming exclusively French, Canadian, American, or English… afro westerners must also admit that they are no more entitled to any compensation for the clouded past of their country because when it’s stated that Americans have exterminated Native Americans, French committed crimes in the colonies, Portuguese were active in the slave trade, as French, American, Canadian English or Portuguese, they must feel equally guilty since in one way or another they are profiting from these spoils of war that made the West what it is, and the current history also shows that many afro Westerners do not hesitate to participate in the predation against Africa. this shows that in practice some have long since crossed the Rubicon, they simply don’t have the courage to admit it, hoping probably to use the black card time to time to maximize their profits even more.

By Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

Journalist - writer


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