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The Kennedy Assassination

Lot have been said about it, and obviously this week no major medias, has taken a second to talk about this historic fact, that has shaken the memory of generations. It's true the mood of the populace worldwide is in the mistrust towards their governments, so it's normal for these medias not to open this pandora box right now . It's not time to give more convincing arguments, to those who really think that conspiracy theories are real, not a fantasy of immature minds . If the conclusions on this nth inquiry, are getting closer to the truth, they also raise crucial questions. Was it possible to shot accidentaly Kennedy without aiming at the target? and why the secret service covered up the whole inquiry, just to save one of theirs? Thuth is in both ways, Lee Harvey Osvald, or the secret service agent who inflicted the deadly blow, we still have murder accessories but not the real culprits.


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