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Why France is hateful and hated

It would take volumes of thesis to clarify this issue, however the attacks of November 13th in Paris came to show thoughtful observers, how stormy relationships between France and the rest of the world can be, and how the country and its citizens had less or no emotional and compassionate favors from others. It is in adversity that one recognizes his friends and it is also in the same misfortune that materializes by the hand of the enemy that one knows that he’s hated. The land of human rights, freedom, equality and fraternity, however, should have been the earthly paradise which humanity aspires; but instead of that, we are witnessing a sort of resentment towards what is French. No offense to the bon vivant who appreciate French cuisine, and other bacchanalia addresses, it seems that the message of the great ideals of sweet France are only a screen to excuse the bold lies, and forcibly the blurred trust, like the lost and disappointed love, can create the most tenacious enmities, nobody likes to be betrayed, much less be mocked in its self-love by the arrogance of others.

How many horrible crimes were committed by the countries which first enacted a declaration of human right and of the citizen, in 1789?

During the tumultuous history of France, it seems that the term human was a luxury reserved for a certain category of individuals. The former French colonies in Africa, Asia, and America, will not argue about this state of affairs. These countries which for centuries have suffered and continue to suffer for some, the agony of a system of contempt and shameless exploitation, all in the name of noble terms like civilization, which in the Western paradigm is nothing but incivility towards the lives and cultures of others. Things have gotten so bad that at one point, one could not accept the idea of embracing what is French without denying itself. This internal struggle can be in the long run frustrating, especially once some really want to assimilate into the colon deal, and they realize that in fact they have come to be subservient to a system that turns them to sub human, second-class citizens. Despite the ideals of liberty equality and fraternity, in France if you have the wrong origin, you'll never be French. The preponderance of the National Front in the political life of this country is a clear indication.

If according to Alexis de Tocqueville "France has formed over all particular nationalities, a common intellectual homeland, which men of all nations could become citizens," the reality is more complex. For example in the case of Africans the academic pedigree is never a guarantee for upward mobility, in many respects in France, the African night vigil is often more affluent in academic scrolls than the manager (a French citizen of African origin killed during the attack was a night vigil with an engineering degree in computer science). If compared with its North American counterparts, access to university is possible even for the less fortunate, the price is ridiculously affordable, far from the 60 000 euro on average for undergraduate studies in US universities, the Access to employment meanwhile is sectarian. Equality and fraternity evaporating as trickle at this level. There is even a circular of the French government which now prohibits nationals of former French colonies countries to seek work in France after their studies to confirm this thesis. If today in other countries terrorists are most of the time foreign mercenaries, in France to date all terrorists are French nationals, and they are the expression of a social slump that no one can deny. The society of Exclusion has turned them to outcasts, who violently claim their existence.

The various wars of liberation of France in 1918 and even in 1945 have also brought their share of frustration. How many fought for France in sweat and blood just to be run down coldly by the same France? Ghosts of Thiaroye camp massacre have still not found peace, as the injustices suffered by their offspring are more garish.

One cannot speak ill of France, it has contributed to human civilization, a civilization devoid of civility that has never had respect for the lives of others, in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. The policy of terror with horrible abuses against sovereign peoples litters the history of relations between France and its colonies. Today some believe it’s better to keep quiet, because of family or friends who live there and enjoy certain facilities, such as the high standard of life and the benefits of social security. But, at the expense of which ignominy? When one knows that these are the lucky ones who escaped the misery of the tropics. Misery maintained and perpetuated by the predatory system of the same France. Thousands of migrant deaths in the Mediterranean sea every year are there to remind those who seem to forget...

Should one be proud to be French and be part of the people who found a sick pleasure to blast by dynamite unfortunate African natives to impose fear and respect, or didn’t hesitate to use coercive methods such as the use concentration camps to force the natives to work as a slave in Oubangui, the current Central African Republic? In this country in 1905 women and children were removed and herded into camps hostage until the husband or father would collect enough rubber ... unfortunately the rubber production was still not evolving enough to satisfy the greed of colons , the blockade will be maintained and almost all women and children hostages will ultimately die in captivity. And this was nothing before the infamy of Chanoine and Voulet, mission en route to the conquest of Chad, sowed death and destruction in its path killing at every wind, slaughtering women and children. At Birni N'Konni in the current Niger they wiped clean the village of its inhabitants, after the refusal of the village chief of over 10,000 souls, to provide them with food and livestock, . Chanoine and Voulet in retribution ordered a large-scale killing. Killing everyone burning infants to stove in front of their parents, before executing summarily all the inhabitants of the village, cutting off heads and hanging them on stakes like vile Trophies. The macabre expedition will continue until the current Chad where it won’t be shy to kill again and again. Chanoine and Voulet alone have killed as many as 20,000 people between January and July 1899. In Cameroon from 1956 to 1972, the French army will deliver a bloody battle against Cameroonians independence activists; using once again concentration camps and the bombing of populations with Napalm. More than half a million Cameroonians will die in this war that remains hidden. As of today one can admire the awful splendor of the French colonial army in Parisian museums like the man museum or the natural history, where cut off heads of historic figures who resisted to French invasion are on display. Here and there one can see Africans chiefs, Algerians or Pacific islanders as Ataï, the Grand Chief Kanak, who fought the French colonists in the late 19siecle.

Some will say these are the methods of the past, but has there been a change in the meantime; when the past is so pervasive in our present that it defines what will be our future? Some will argue that this is ancient history and indeed every nation has had its criminals, but the reality is that all these abuses were committed in the name of a country, this plunder which over time has become sophisticated continue to grant material benefits and privileges to France and its citizens, the case of the century being the hostage of the currency of sovereign francophone African countries by the Bank of France. French former President Jacques Chirac himself declared before an audience of journalists, "much of the money you have in your purses comes from Africa" ​​at the same time admitting that France had direct responsibility for the catastrophic situation in which struggle the black continent, and it was time to try to make some kind of reparation. But instead of that, successive governments have continued the same policy of spoliation adding to this condescension and disdain, using false pretenses such as democracy and freedom of libertine behaviors.

Alexis de Tocqueville said “freedom cannot be established without morality, and morality in turn cannot exist without faith”. Where is the morality of freedom, when some want to lecture mature souls, by imposing an erroneous conception of life, with the aim of exploiting them and relegate them to the background of human development, all without consideration of local realities? And worse when the same use criminal methods to achieve ulterior objectives, such as the destruction of Libya, whose main aim was to curb the development of Africa and bring it to heel by sponsoring terrorist groups to do the dirty job.

In the relations between France and Africa there is a terrible racism, civilized race has had no restraint since André Gobineau and his theories on the inequality of Races, and the savagely racist lucubration of philosophers of the Enlightenment like Voltaire who implemented the slavery ideology in the world making mutatis mutandis of the Enlightenment century in Europe, the century of obscurantism in Africa. This ideology has survived and has been modernized because nowadays all the French elite is racist left to right, politicians and influential members of civil society find that the practice of racism is a posh fashionable sport. The French racism is like a leprosy whose pestilence gaping wounds is sickening, and the Afro westerners who support and cooperate to this system of exclusion since they have found in it the means to survive by becoming vultures who earn their pittance of this dunghill, add only more to the fratricidal hatred in the global black diaspora, some feeling betrayed by others.

The ideological snobbery is palpable in Western policy throughout the world, in the chimerical messianic pursuit and socio-cultural domination of others, France and West lose their heads, adopting questionable policies on the substance and form in an ambivalent imbroglio that borders on delusion. In Syria they want to remove a president that they find not enough democratic, while at the same time they are kind to autocratic monarchies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which have no respect for human rights. They want to fight Islamism but they are ready to destroy one of the few secular countries of the east with freedom of belief, using islamists.

The attacks of November 13th, saw the solidarity of others with the French victims, several minds claimed that these victims were not necessarily in tune with the different policies of the French government. At the same time these events have shown the whole world that there is a resentment of some peoples towards France. It's true some will say, the disenchantment of underdeveloped tribes do not count, since other civilized nations have always been like France if not worse, in this case the great ally, the United States has destroyed whole races, reducing others in slavery and razing entire cities with nuclear weapons, but remains at least the most revered nation of the free civilized world. In any case the least bad guys have always a consistent respect for the wickedest guys of the gang, hoping to do as well as them one day.

In 2015 France became the largest merchant of death machineries in the world after the United States, and it is the war and insecurity, which provide opportunities to the industry of war.

This breakthrough in the arms trade does not always please its American allies, that have always regarded France as a serious contender for hegemony, and French American relations are not so good as they claim, and worsened with the refusal the Chirac administration to follow the United States in the Nth middle East War in 2003 against Iraq. The American establishment was greatly angered by this "no" which asserted the sovereignty of a country they believed subject to their order. However France is hated by the US for all the wrong reasons if French and English are different language, colonial and racist ideology remains the same in both countries. They have always worked together even in shady business, while France helped the US to get rid of the English colonists, the United States were not embarrassed to destroy Haiti on the express request of France in Retaliation for the affront of 1802, by 1805 the largest economy of the West indies was placed under embargo and what followed is well known. But as of today, the United States in its imperialistic mission has decided to turn its allies into vassals, using the most despicable methods to reach that goal. Not content to influence French policy funding campaign of pro American candidates (Sarkozy direct connections with the CIA, and Hollande member of the Young Socialist leader, Socialist Youth formed to further the American ideology) Americans are not ashamed to do "French bashing" their favorite sport, that consist of cruelly mocking France and French peoples at every opportunity that presents itself. Also it is common knowledge among the average American who is foolish enough to believe it, that despite the grandeur of French haute couture, French people in general have a holy horror to shower, the maxim "French people never shower” is well known in the popular beliefs in America. It's true the official speech after the attacks of November 13th is the compassion but secretly across the Atlantic there is a lot of Americans who rejoice hoping that Paris will be one day like Kabul a haven of disorder and insecurity, so New York will therefor remain the lone tourist destination of choice despite the French liberty statue that stands there.

The contempt and condescension does not bother the respect for the dead. In the Western world the dead of others do not have the same value or esteem. This unacknowledged contempt, is in fact the result of the fact that the dead of terrorism in Africa and in the Middle East, are the direct victims of their policy of predation and deceit, why will they talk? To accuse themselves, and alert the public opinion, about the deeds and misdeeds of the ruling elite? The media they control are a major asset of their political diversion, and while imposing more compassion for their dead by their media, they want to hide their cowardice under the blood of the victims. The Western Medias have the largest audience and by assimilation to their ideal, the rest of the world populace should follow them. Also many simply forget that while some in Africa do not have the means to self-determination and to establish their own media outlets it is precisely because their means and all their resources are blood-sucked by the same colonial powers which for ages make it rain or shine. Same for the catastrophic situation of the countries where France is bitterly hated, leaders are mere vassals who apply to the people from whom they come, the program of sustainability of the structures of colonial profit and contempt towards the natives, by erecting moral and material misery as standard.

Things would be easier if the rulers had their political views and Western peoples theirs, but alas Western populations are formatted by their ruling elite that instills to them cynicism and contempt for others. While more and more voices are raised, the large majority of these populations remains follower of the ideology of domination and condescension towards others, the world is divided between those who have and those who do not; many hopes one day to climb the ladder of society by adopting this abject attitude that seems to have become the royal road of social progress in the West. With this mentality that continues to be emulated, world peace will never come from the west, because in imposing unjust situations the outcome can only be wars of domination sparking rebellious reactions. Terrorists for some will always be vigilante for others. The war will end only when victory on the ground will be on the side of justice. Victors' justice of today is the war of tomorrow.

By Hubert Marlin


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