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The US military in Cameroon: death by underdevelopment, death by war, or both

Politics and death trade are getting along very well in the North South axis. Politics is not a game; or rather it is not a child's game but a war game with a shame that is only the preserve of naughty characters who live from it. As of today the term politics is directly liable in popular belief as something dangerous rightfully. Far from dwelling on the game of words, to do in the register of politicking, a maxim dear to some elite. The allegory of danger, death and deceit, is related to the simple fact that a certain caste of evil people has arrogated the right to do politics, which however originally has nothing wrong because in facts, politics means, a way, a suitable method, which allows interacting with others, in a skillful, judicious, diplomat and calculated way. When generally, politic may also be the course of action that one takes in dealing with a certain issue in order to achieve a certain goal. Meanwhile it should be noted in the actual paradigm that the judicious concept is right only when it generates profits of some. Serve the laudable ideals has become enslave, and dive into the servitude of the masses under educated and acculturated , who do not usually understand the origins and purpose of the moral and material misery in which they bend. The dominant ideology when it comes down to politics has become essentially rooted in the logic of the Count Machiavelli which advocates the conquest and preservation of political power using all the subterfuges unmentionable and unimaginable, because usually more is unthinkable more it works. The biggest lie is the best truth. In this Machiavellian logic the masses are in general doomed to a Dantesque (hellish) future. Poverty is generally the best ally of this bad gent encountered in the arteries of political jousting.

The news came as a cleaver, an ultimate humiliation to people who believed to be out of the woods and who thought for some time now to have identified its natural enemy trying year after year to join forces. The events in the life of a man, like in the life of a nation give it character, dividing to undermine, or make it stronger by uniting. The entrance to the US military in Cameroon to officially fight Boko Haram terrorist network will divide and weaken Cameroon or make it stronger by uniting more than before Cameroonians for the same cause? The Cameroonians are usually a proud people who like to fight like lions when facing critical situations rather than weep and beg for help from foreign countries. the years of economic crisis that were imposed by the system of international finance in plunging the country into untold misery did not prevent this people to fight and to find ways and means of survival, while the trend of authorities has always been to satisfy this international system of predation by imposing structural sacrifices to the people, as the infamous structural adjustment programs, or shameful programs such as HIPC heavily indebted poor countries, which emasculated sovereignty of states, forcing the populace to admit the fact that because of their poverty they should lay low, and accept the dictates of the West in the destruction of their economic fabric and the imposition of servility with treaties like EPAs. Economic partnership agreements, which are more like the uneven treaty of Tonkin, where African countries are simply placed in a blatant disadvantage situation. If both European and African markets would be open to free trade as the texts say, in reality the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries cannot export their products to Europe because their product does not comply with related standards for consumption on European soil, starved of the technology formatting products destined for consumption, while the lack of subventions from their government of the same African farmers because of structural adjustment programs, place the latter in an unfair competitive position against their European counterpart.

A situation of moral and material misery has settled in the continent of Africa and Cameroon in particular, a misery that serves as a lever of manipulation of the masses. the great profiteers of this deplorable situation , are both local authorities and the Western masters who can continue to count on extroversion of mentality and economy to patronize local raw materials, while those in power in regard to the misery of the people distributes or better corrupt time to time some elites selected from the mass with political positions in the government that remains the largest source of employment, supported in this by the underdevelopment maintained by the West that neutralizes free business and consequently the means of obtaining daily bread. There is no good, not to support the authorities in place; this can cost one the means of survival. In the end it is not without pride that the President of the Republic of Cameroon exclaims to have already ruled the country for over 30 years, a longevity he should owe not to the strength of his character or sense of sharing fairly the wealth of the country, but to his Machiavellian policy. His best ally has always been the misery of the people. More than 50 years after independence, votes are won in Cameroon by feeding hungry bellies on Election Day.

The natural union between the US authorities and the Cameroonian authorities is based on the fact that they are the same. They use the same method. The United States, too, and this has a wider fan of his Machiavellian doctrine, because the United States has the world leadership because they know how to create chaos in countries of others. The first two world wars have dedicated the United States of America as a unipolar power despite the interlude of the Cold War, and it is hard to believe that, given all the benefits that the United States has reaped from these wars, it was only facts of coincidence, when one knows the role that stock markets and banks play in conflicts it’s normal to remain skeptical, the United States with Wall Street and banking conglomerates has been for a century the place of choice where the future of the world is negotiated . Follower of the economy of war and demographic Malthusianism, the United States are not shy when it comes to use radical methods to maintain their economic and technological advance over other nations. According to the US war doctrine, War is good it creates opportunities, hinders the development of foreign nations which are all potential enemies and above all creates chaos and reduces the number of citizens in countries at war.

By the early 70s the US have relied on control of the world population, stating clearly that it would become very difficult for the US to keep the grip on the world's resources, whether populations of some continents as Africa and Asia continued to grow causing a challenge to the exploitation by the US of resources beneath their feet. Also August 10, 1970, President Richard Nixon confided to the NSC (National Security Council) the responsibility to prepare a report on the world population. The US president was concerned that the population growth in the Third World becomes a threat to the interests of the United States. On 10 December 1974, the NSC published the results of this study in a 250-page report entitled "National Security Memorandum South 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security and Overseas Interests". The study in question had been prepared by the National Security Council committee overseen by Henry Kissinger, then Secretary of State and Chairman of the NSC. The report concluded that it was necessary at all costs curb the outbreak of the populations of countries rich in mineral resources, for the increasing number of these populations would prevent them to exploit sustainably the wealth of these countries. And ironically the pretext of protecting these populations has so far opened the museum of horror in Libya and in many other countries such as Syria and Iraq with the consequences that we know with terrorist agents defying the authority of the state. Therefore until 2015 despite different administrations that have followed the ideology remained the same.

In 1996 with the creation of ACRI, the US knew pertinently the growing importance of sub-Saharan Africa's mining and energy resource; many previous studies have predicted that in the 2010s at least 25% of oil consumed by the United States would come from the Gulf of Guinea. Also the balance of 2013 proves that, more than 25 percent of the oil consumed by the United States came from the Gulf of Guinea, a part of the globe that strangely since the 2000s will know serious trouble, the war in Congo Brazzaville a large oil producer, instability in the Central African republic a crucible of mining wealth such as gold and diamonds, perpetual instability in Congo Democratic a geological scandal by its minerals wealth, and to top it all, the fall of Libya under the NATO bombs and the execution of Muammar Gaddafi the bagman of the economic progress of Africa, would make it even more poor and dangerous. By arming Islamist militias baptized hypocritically "moderate", the United States and its Western allies knew very well what would be the consequences. It would be very dumb to believe that when dropping the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, they did not know that Africa would be deprived of the Libyan money needed for its takeoff, and that terrorism would move in. Also it can be assumed with certainty, that chaos was the objective. If Libyan oil production has not changed despite the war the country meanwhile is desolate, trillions of dollars in Libyan sovereign funds have been evaporated since between Paris, London and Washington.

Generally in the logic of safeguarding their interests The US know how to create problems only to propose solutions, which only serve to strengthen their hegemonic position. For a while now the Americans know how important is the Gulf of Guinea who once procured a large number of slaves to build their country (over 90% of African Americans are originally from the Gulf of Guinea). Also the operationalization of AFRICOM and the African Contingency Operations Training ACOTA and Assistance (Acota) [Support and training for African emergency operations], created by the Bush administration in 2002 replaced the African Crisis Response Initiative (ACRI), created by the Clinton administration in 1996. (ACRI a disreputable organization for the blood it helped to shed in the Horn of Africa turning Somalia to a failed State), obeys the imperative to protect the quarter of the oil consumption of the United States, from the Gulf of Guinea. The other 75 percent are coming from areas where the US already has military bases. Oil is a highly strategic issue which entrusts to the US dollar its reason to exist. Black gold is the great washing of the greenback printed by the Federal Reserve that would have no value without the unwritten law to prohibit any petroleum exchange in the world in a currency other than the US dollar.

The conquest of influence areas is done with the help of various training programs for African troops locally and in the US, of African military elite. In this way the United States will guarantee two important things. Under the pretext of training they have access in real time to first choice information on defense capabilities of troops of sovereign countries when forming elites of foreign armies, the US will expect to keep some influence on the court of events in African states, in case of coup usually those able to take power are US products that can only continue to perpetuate the influence of their masters of yesterday. The shadiest side of this view is the unconventional option. While officially the American army cooperates with the Republican armed forces of a country, the US intelligence services do not hesitate to work with underground opposition forces of all governments of the countries with which they have diplomatic relations. This presence in both sides allows American to have absolute control over events and to manipulate and blackmail, a shadowed escalation.

The United States recently entered in Cameroon to stay indefinitely after the US government suffered major setbacks in the East with the entry of Russia in the war in Syria, they have opted to refocus on the Gulf of Guinea, the quarter of its supplies of oil resource that come from this part of the world is at the center of its main concerns. Even if they have to create a controlled chaos to continue to have a reason to stay to attend to the preservation of its interests they will not hesitate. Also the Boko Haram nebula that became known since 2008 has used the Arab American Criminal conglomerate, for its founding and training, has become even more virulent with the destruction of Libya, the destruction that was made training and arming terrorist’s factions. These same factions which now sow terror in the Lake Chad Basin area are only an emanation of US intelligence services. It is absurd that the same Americans deny their direct involvement in the spread of terrorism in this region of the world by having the audacity to come and play the gendarmes, the pyromaniac fireman expression is not a title that US usurp; it’s a daily life reality.

With over 138 bases in 138 different countries the united States are making an undeclared war to the world. And it is the blood of the innocents who flow only to satisfy the selfish desires of the American ogre. The issue of June 2014 of the American Journal of Public Health (Free PDF here); notes, over 90% of all deaths in wars are civilians and about 10 civilians die for every fighter killed in battle: David Swanson notes commenting on these facts. “the greatest pretext of recourse to war is that it must be used to prevent something worse, called genocide Unfortunately militarism generates genocides rather than prevent them” Also according to the data listed up in 2001 The United States launched 201 of the 248 armed conflicts since the end of World War II, and since then, other major conflicts have added Syria Iraq Yemen Ukraine and Libya which opened the Pandora's box Boko Haram in lac Chad basin, and Al Shabab in Mali.

Under the pretext of changing a regime to protect a population from one man in power, the US does not take offense to create carnage in the populations they claim to defend; however, it was the case in Iraq and now Libya Syria. Some would ask the question of why create chaos and make a country ungovernable, arguing that it would benefit no one? In contrast, with 25 percent of the oil consumed by the US now coming from the Gulf of Guinea, it was imperative for Americans to find a way to compress the purchase cost of the goods, and to barter between oil and weapons with rebel factions, like during the old days of slave trade, and it is much more profitable to buy oil to states that are more appropriate and more demanding organization beside having a legal existence and international conventions protecting them somehow from the excess of zeal of the US, although in this case the big multinationals still use corruption of local officials to maximize their profit. As a direct result the oil money of underdeveloped countries is used only by the corrupt elite while the bulk of the production should help develop the country. An example illustrating this state of affairs is the corruption scandal of the American multinational Halliburton in Nigeria and the Ogoni people misery whose lands are exploited and polluted by oil production. For the same purpose the warlords do not have a population of millions of people to take care of with the oil revenue if not themselves and their clan. Also the failed states are a significant windfall. With the fall of Somalia since 1991, 12 percent of oil consumed in the world and one third of European consumption passes through the Gulf of Aden without paying anything to whoever, and worse European fishing trawlers illegally roam these waters rich in fishery resources since, starving even more local residents by a wild-fishing. Since the Somali state does not exist, there is nobody to impose taxes on the various activities occurring in Somali territorial waters. Nature abhors imbalance, the piracy of the local population has become the only way to make pay something occasionally to those who exploit the area.

In Libya and Iraq terrorist hordes now control the oil market that despite the war did not stop flowing in, to supply the West. It’s the same situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo where in spite of war and instability that has already claimed the lives of more than 6 million people since the fall of Marechal Mobutu in the 90s; the mining reserves continue to be operated smoothly by western companies in areas ravaged by war. There is no sovereign s and well-structured State that can impose quotas on the exploitation of mineral resources on its soil and even nationalize resources companies operating for optimal profit. This is the reason why, chaos can only help the non-payment of allowances and especially an almost perpetual exploitation of mineral resources by foreign companies. In view of what lays above, why the Cameroonian authorities fully aware of the previous US gambit, since wherever the US military goes human lives pass away and chaos ensues, why agree to have US troops on Cameroonian soil, especially when one takes into account the fact that the Cameroonian president with the security crisis Boko Haram and its refusal to have non-African troops fighting the nebula somewhat became a symbol of resistance to neocolonialism, and had since gained popularity in public opinion both in the diaspora and locally? What is the element that typed the balance? Why the Cameroonian president took the risk of being ridiculed and loses the esteem of his fellow citizens? The net response will be hard to find but one can look towards the inner cell. With children Students in the United States is it possible the presidential family is being blackmailed? And worse is it possible a quiet coup took place in Cameroon? given that, since its rapprochement with China, Cameroon suffered a lot from the clandestine activities of US intelligence services like the installation of optical fibers in strategic points of the Cameroonian territory clandestinely by a US company former power supplier in the country, proximity of the US Embassy with the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon is not more reassuring is it possible an underground connecting the US Embassy and the Presidency has been build? A method well known to the CIA in Berlin in the Cold War and recently discovered in Syria. Furthermore with Cameroon Praetorian Guard essentially composed of Israeli agents who trains and supervises it, while Israel is the top US ally, is it possible that the Mossad played a leading role to bend the spine of the Cameroonian president? In any case when the US president makes the announcement of sending US troops to Cameroon, 90 US GI’s were already in the country for what purpose? Although officially they were participating in the training of Cameroonians troops, nobody before had alluded to their presence in the theater of war nor yet their logistical assistance to the latest news was still expected despite the brutal refusal of president Barak Obama to the Nigerian president in Washington a few weeks ago? And never in the past had the Cameroonian president requested the dispatch of foreign troops on its soil as stipulated in the statement from the White House, what really happened?

Is it possible the Cameroonian president has find a way to have the support of the US military, including in the fight against his political enemies that could become terrorist entities by extension? At the cost of which compromise? In any case the future will tell. However, it’s important to emphasized that the US is been trying at all cost to put down in their knees foreign countries, to stand alone, the idea of ​​a world government headed by the United States cannot suffer from congestion of viable States in the same vein at this stage the difficulties of the countries of the European Union would not be trivial. As Hitler said at the end of the war and undoubtedly knowing the time was up, he recognized that he will be liable as well for the origin of the 3rd world war predicting that the American victory, will enslave the world to the great American power and that the world would eventually rebel everywhere to fight their common enemy who for too long with its Zionist would have imposed to them a flagrant diktat and interference in their internal affairs. In any case if one cannot change the world, it is imperative for the world to rid of the wicked flakes that prevent humanity to evolve, the gray matter of generations of people from the third world countries, who have been for too long destroyed on the altar their hegemony would probably have helped since humanity to make interstellar travel.

By Hubert Marlin

Journalist - writer

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