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Imane Ayissi Presents "Beussanda" summer collection 2016

One can never be tired of revel in the artistic creation of this high fashion enthusiast named Imane Ayissi. "Beussanda" summer collection 2016 is a good mix of African culture, meeting the West and the contemporary era. The collection Beussanda moves without complex in the upper echelons of world fashion with a sort of rustic elegance that never lose the observer warned, by guiding viewers through the maze of African culture with a touch of modernism and urbanity . July 9 the large audience at la maison des metallos (House of Steelworkers) located 94 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud in the heart of Paris was full of praise to express their feelings about the fashion show rich color and style which they had just witnessed . Beussanda summer collection 2016 was on the podium in the framework of the week of Parisian haute couture. Beussanda in the vernacular Ewondo an ethnic group of south of Cameroon to which originates Imane means loincloths, when one knows what represents the loincloth in African clothing culture, nobody could have hoped for less . See for yourself !

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