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Africa must rebuild its perverted and stolen faith and freedom, for its total development.

The so-called contemporary history of Africa, remains with zone of shadows that refuse to clear despite the light speed with which information circulates today. While there’s more to say about the concepts of information and misinformation that since intermingle and indulge at the same time, into a fight without mercy, the border between good and evil has become very cloudy today, with the sophistication of evil which does not skimp on ways to seem more real than reality, by wearing clean clothes, on its filthy body, while good and truth are increasingly harassed, soiled and relegated to Greek calends to make them seem fake and bad. The new era has poured in information ranks, a host of peoples whose intentions are legitimate in general, as we find ourselves in a situation such as the profession of journalism has become an outlet for all those who think to express their feelings, content or discontent, the craft could only be doing better and would never suffer from the great relay of new sources of information produced by the global populace using methods of our era, meanwhile at this time it seems to be a tautology to say that the abundance can seriously damage the quality.

In the current context of all-out information, even the most intelligent beings can get lost. Information is a lethal weapon that has always changed the power relations between men, no civilization has ever asserted itself without recourse to information, and what means information, intends war of thought through the use of figurative language. Without dwelling unnecessarily on the informative concept that follows a natural logic, it’s predominant in this editorial to refocus the debate on the concept of re-foundation of the motivations of Africa while facing its new challenges, without ignoring the use of informative platforms, which have always existed in one way or another. These tools of our era, are far from belonging to a certain class of individuals, since knowledge is universal.

Also it is important to ask the question of why so far Africans have not understood that, instead of making history as some urge them to do, they are already the prominent part of the history of the world, since it’s through Africans that began the fantastic adventure of modern man on the globe. This role is been denied for ages to Africans as it please some to relegate them to the lowest status, perceived by the souls of ill will as virgin peoples to whom everything has to be taught . Yet in reality there was at some point in world and humanity history, a period in which the amnesia was deliberately implanted in the minds of Africans, by uncivil European civilization that had recourse to the violence of slavery, colonization, and the brainwashing of religion to achieve this goals.

The Moorish Europe was the culmination of knowledge which departed first from Africa, to the East through the Hellenic peninsula. This bubble of knowledge and beliefs would leave indelible marks in the Western and oriental world, and will encourage the Western mind, to go seek its source, but not to conquer new horizons, and untouched virgin lands, like seemed to proclaim the early European explorers who from the 10th century, with reconnaissance ships began to visit Africa, on a scouting mission that was based on maps of the Persian and Moorish scholars of the first millennium. No attack, no plan hatched, cannot have the chance to thrive without the prior mastery of the field with information. To say that it was only a capricious accident of history a coincidence without a secular hatched plan, that brought Africa to its knees facing plunder for centuries is to build into childish naivety.

The beginning of the Christian era and the end of the Roman Empire marked the starting point of the vampirism period suffered by the African continent by euro centric forces. With the adoption by the Council of Nicaea of biblical writings, which are a digest of African stories and philosophy, since Jesus Christ himself who stayed in Egypt in the pious city of Memphis, would have been greatly inspired. Also in the Memphite theology, philosophy later copied in ancient Greece and in Christianity, it is clearly stipulated that: “ it is by the verb that divinity gave birth to the god Ra (the sun god) "the principle of creation by the word is repeated in all the other monotheistic religions, that followed the Memphite theology, which goes back more than 4000 BCE. Hinduism with Krishna that refers to a divine being with a black skin is just the reincarnation of Vishnu, God incarnated in man, as in Christianity. Besides the biblical story takes place in Africa, because what is now called Israel and Palestine are not located on another continent but in Africa, the recent division between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula was only for political purposes. So naturally the biblical story is African, as the epics of Islam which it inspired tightly.

However in African popular imagery after the amnesia suffered by centuries of slavery and colonial rule, Africans finally became amnesiac, so it was easy to implant in their subconscious, the ideas that Africa is a “small continent” that is different from the middle east, thus creating two different lands. Today this ambivalence continues Egypt, Libya, or Tunisia (Carthage land of great African explorers like Hannon who traveled the world 5 century BC) and Algeria, are often called countries of the Middle East yet they belong to Africa. Notwithstanding the ethnic coloration that inherited this part of Africa because of the migration of peoples who came from Eurasia in the last two millennia of the Christian era.

In view of what lay up front, the question one can easily ask is if Christianity and Islam are of African essence why they seem to have caused so much damage in the social progress of the overall black populace? The answer lies in the perversion of the African faith.

Original, African faith has been consumed by the Eurasian organism, which regurgitated a product improper for consumption to Africans, who have drunk at the source of this vomit at their risk and peril. This immuno-deficient syndrome of faith was that bad Christianity and this gregarious Islam offered in consumption to Africans, as a virus that has mingled with the African consciousness to destroy it from within.

What to do in such a situation? How to get out of this mess of faith, which seems to doom to public obloquy generations of Africans from all backgrounds?

Far from advocating a return to the source without landmarks it is important to emphasize that the African (including the Afro descendant who is African) today, if given the time to do a personal search of his identity has important tools at hands. If the old African oral translation seems to shrink to a trickle, it is important for Africans to save urgently what can be saved, to do a comparative study of their religious identity by confronting the traditional knowledge remained in Africa and their expatriated knowledge that suffered perversion and ownership by the Eurasian forces. A knowledge they can easily find in the Bible the Qur'an and treaties of philosophy in ancient Greece, since the reading of hieroglyphics and ancient documents as the Stele of Shabaka, the Nubian king who ruled both Egypt (upper & lower)ordered the registration to posterity of the Memphite philosophy on granite, remains inaccessible to ordinary Africans. The Stele of Shabaka and many other relics is been the property for several centuries now of the British Museum.

If religion as designed by modernity tends to lock mankind in a rigorist conception, what about freedoms and democracy that the West once again tends to want to impose on Africans, who long before them already knew what it meant, because democracy is the Bible and the Koran of our era, a scheme that is helping neo slavery forces in their intend to come back strong in the control of the lives of Africans.

Yet Africa has seen centuries before slavery and colonization a system of governance of people and goods more substantial. Also for example the charter of kuru Gan Fuga (in 1236) of the Mandinka people of the Mali Empire in the 13th century was already giving the vote to women as their ability to exercise an executive function in the management of city affairs In Article 16 the Charter states: "Women, in addition to their daily business, should be associated with all our governments." In the opposite way the right to vote and election to the civil service will be awarded to Western women more than 7 centuries later in the 30s’ of the 20th century. In the meantime, how come the African has become that child, the western father has to teach everything?

Paternalism and the commodification of the African, inherited from slavery and colonization are major assets in the scheme of perpetual exploitation, and unfortunately some colleagues who since the 60s have been rainmakers in news regarding Africa, have chosen to mingle with this agenda, in expanding these ideals of infantilization, of African peoples. If one of the most widely read magazine in the continent, based France proudly for over 50 years carries proudly the name “ Jeune Afrique “ (young Africa) it’s without one of these retrograde forces, which despite their sophistication, nevertheless serve the ideal of an African immature. If for example for the Afro American, their history begins with slavery, its abolition, and the movement of civil rights, for African in Africa, when the memory of slavery is knowingly killed, history counted by the winner emphasize on colonization and truncated independence , a chronology of events that expressly support the making of this ideal, which makes the African an immature being who exists only because defined by this forces who from eons hold him under their yoke. In an invisible mantra, the Westerner yells to the African, “ God created the white man in his image, and the white man created the black man in the image he wanted, for his hegemonic purpose. because what Africans are today, in many cases, it has been decided by someone one else, that is why as of now, it is imperative for Africans worldwide to break this cycle to become themselves they must reconquer their real identity to find their true freedom.

By Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

Journalist -Ecrivain

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