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In the reverse logic of a dominant Commonwealth of the Independent States of Africa, here it’s how c

The General Assembly of the United Nations met in extraordinary session on the express request of the commonwealth of the independent states of Africa, headed by President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to build on the situation of concern that prevails now in the United States of America, a former British colony which is experiencing a surge of racial tensions, which have already claimed the lives of several members of the black minority of African descent.

The commonwealth of the independent states of Africa, with their spokesman criticized the accomplice attitude of the government elected in 2008 and reelected in 2012, which works closely with the racist forces, facilitating backward and antisocial policies while refusing for several years now to condemn the actions of the police forces who have since claimed the lives of hundreds of individuals.

Yet during his election campaigns that brought them to the presidency, the Democrat government led by Barack Obama had twice received the unconditional support of the black minority who believed in him, taking him as one of their own, given his mixed origins. Mr. Obama had however promised to make the fight against social injustices plaguing black America for over four centuries, as one of the focal points of his mandates.

After the events of last week where over 200 individuals from the black minority, who demonstrated their discontent after the death in captivity of one of their fellows, were arrested; the members of the Commonwealth of the independent states of Africa, urged, the US government to shed light on the affair which cost once again the life of a young black man, who died after an arbitrary police arrest. The preliminary investigation elements and witnesses confirm the facts that the named Freddie Gray which benefited some years ago, of a favorable ruling in the court after a police blunder against him, was arrested without lawful reason and assaulted while he was in custody allegedly in retaliation of the previous complaint that had allowed him to pocket no less than $ 70,000.

It is regrettable not without criticizing the bellicose and arrogant attitude, of a police force , white in majority, that knows itself untouchable in its interaction with the black American community, displaying contempt and disrespect for the human condition infinitely.

The members of the commonwealth of independent states of Africa have introduced a resolution during the special session of the United Nations. This resolution provides a measure of sanctions against the United States of America, namely the freezing of all their assets in the international development bank based in Shanghai, and a total ban on any export of shale gas to the remaining countries of the world community. And the adoption of a special motion, of persona non grata to the various members of the Hollywood artistic community, who since have adopted a complicit attitude towards the current crisis. From now they can no longer travel outside of the United States while their artistic works will be banned in the rest of the world. These measures are intended to force the US government to prosecute the perpetrators of assassinations of peoples from the black community and the immediate and unconditional release of all demonstrators who have expressed by various strikes, their dissatisfaction legitimately.

The commonwealth of the independent states of Africa, also expressed concern that the events degenerate into urban guerrilla warfare, because of draconian measures taken by the federal government and the municipality of Baltimore, with the adoption of martial law, which saw patrols of the armies deployed in residential neighborhoods posing reprehensible atrocities against local populations.

The spokesman of the Commonwealth of the independent states of Africa concluded his remarks by saying their solemn commitment to the ideals of freedom, justice and self-determination of peoples, while placing special emphasis on the secular history that binds the commonwealth of the independent states of Africa and the African American community in which they reaffirm their unwavering support in this latest trial against the forces of obscurantism.

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