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Wazal a Promising concept


Flashmag starts his year of fashion in Paris to meet with a young designer, promising talent Joseph Marie Nga Ayissi, was born in 1984. A French citizen of Cameroonian origin he is a fashion designer of urban fashion. In 2005 he created "WAZAL" his own clothing line; the following year he launched his first models pieces to be worn by French celebrities such as SINGUILA, Alpeco, ROMARIC Koffi and Lalcko, or the American top model WAYNE BECKFORD. Joseph Marie Nga Ayissi is the guest of our fashion page this month in the lines that follow it tells us more about his person.

Flashmag: Hi, happy to have you as a guest in our trendy page. To begin a ritual question what brings you to fashion? Why did you choose to pursue a career in that domain?

Joseph Marie Nga Ayissi: First thank you for giving me the opportunity to appear on your magazine I am honored, and I want to wish you all my best wishes for the New Year.

To return to the question, I must say that my father was a designer logically I fell into the world of fashion from a very young age, when I started it was a passion but more I spent time working on it, more the certainty that I was going to do my job arose, despite all the difficulties one can met in the profession, the passion to create arts, to launch new challenges never leaves us, real enthusiast that I am, I hung I continue .

Flashmag: The world of fashion is considered quite square, even elitist, how have you managed to overcome some obstacles that can face a young designer from Africa like you?

Joseph Marie Nga Ayissi: My first creations reflect my personality I can adapt to any environment and dress all kinds of people, whatever their origins, about facing adversity or difficulties whatsoever in the life of every day or professionally I am a person who agrees to question itself, I’m always seeking perfection and when I encounter an obstacle I always face it, I’m an anti-conformist.


Flashmag: you completed your training of stylist in the Vanessa Ruiz school in Paris before attending this school did you already have a background, an experience in the field of haute couture ?

Joseph Marie Ayissi Nga: quite being self-taught I was already working on haute couture models , although I started in the genre Street wear, Vanessa Ruiz school has simply allowed me to push my skills to a level higher and gain new experience.

Flashmag: you majored in the craft of tuxedo why did you choose to focus on male clothes during your training?

Joseph Marie Ayissi Nga: The collection “braguette tété “ is a collection that occupies me since 2013, what you need to know is that I normally work on one collection per year, but with the present collection only a limited number of pieces came out of the workshop I would also like to clarify that I am not only in men's fashion I’ve worked also on female models because I have a specific women's clothing line that is developing, it’s simply that right now I am more focused on men's fashion.

Flashmag: women big aficionados of fashion are not your main topic of interest so that you thought it was more important for you to dress men first?

Joseph Marie Ayissi Nga: as I said above though, I have a clothing line for women "Wazalionne" simply with the time I had more opportunities to work on men collections but nothing stops me in the near future to produce a collection that is 100% female, anyways it’s in project .


Flashmag: barely 30 years old, you took the bull by the horns creating your own brand why have you decided to take the plunge?

Joseph Marie Ayissi Nga: I often from a very young age worked with my hands I made my first weapons in mechanics, and loving the technique and the touch, I think a manual trade corresponded me more than any other field, the decision to launch my brand is a childhood dream to have something that belongs to me and another way to pay tribute to my dad.

Flashmag: Why did you choose the word Wazal as name brand? Also you seem to have built your vision and style on concepts like WazalRock, Braguette Tété, and Africafutur, what it means for those who does not understand these neologisms?

Joseph Marie Ayissi Nga: be aware that all my collections have a history, the brand itself takes its name of origin from a famous park in Cameroon "the Waza Park" Waza that mean the jungle by adding the "L" it becomes Wazal and as for L it comes from the lion. Wazal rock is a collection mixed with lamb leather milano and flithy. And as for Africafutur it’s simply mixing the wax with filthy and milano, a way to showcase a modern African fashion.

Flashmag: it is not very easy for one to make his way in the world of Parisian fashion especially with the exorbitant costs of fashion shows, how do you manage to exist in this universe that is not easy especially for a beginner?

Joseph Marie Ayissi Nga: the most important in this environment even when you start is to have your own network, your base points, and a soul and to know how to diversify. I'm still convinced that Wazal has its place in the fashion world we are working, trying also to introduce the brand abroad Paris in my humble opinion will always be the platform to start, but to become famous one must expand its horizons happiness is not just here but elsewhere too.

Flashmag: How were you received in the worlds of fashion did some elders as Imane gave you their opinion about your style?

Joseph Marie Ayissi Nga: Imane advised me to go to school, that creativity was not enough on the other hand my collections received a generally favorable reception, and it encourages me to always work harder.


Flashmag: If the Parisian public recently discovered your collection 2014-2015 a collection largely rooted in the urban fashion style inspired by sports, what can we expect of the new collection of Wazal?

Joseph Marie Ayissi Nga: for now we are about to promote the collection Wazal Tété but one thing is certain for the next collection it will creativity continuity and a hint of madness.

Flashmag: With you are very active on the online sale is this better than having a shop on the Paris place?

Joseph Marie Nga Ayissi: the idea of having a shop on the Paris market have crossed my mind often the project is in progress I would just say to follow ...

Flashmag: At the conclusion of this interview do you have a word to the public?

Joseph Marie Ayissi Nga: I would first like to thank the public who have supported me in buying or wearing my collections through the years we are still full of surprises to serve you stay with us you will not be disappointed.

Flashmag: Joseph Marie Ayissi Nga Flashmag and readership say thank you for this interview.


Interview by Hubert Marlin Jr.

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