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Why some black personalities never seem to support the cause of their race?

The facts are far from a journalistic heresy, but a reality for those who follow continuously the global media scene, from the racist comments of Willy Sagnol coach of Girondins de Bordeaux in France, to the racist exhibition Exhibit B, going by the unfortunate events that shook the United States with several unjustified death of blacks, it seems that the daily of the western world is a racism that is like an ugly wound that refuses to heal. From childhood to the strength of the age, blacksouls are mowed by this ugly racism that time and time again wants to get more holy, washing its purulent shroud, in a media apparatus bound to its cause; which is always first to incriminate victims, before the law courts of the racist institution, strikes the final blow of the abomination by no guilty verdicts, that give free rein to all the racist outbursts of the future. It is hard to believe that police officers are innocent every time, the men in uniform in general are also human beings who can commit time to time crimes, like the rest of the ordinary people, right? In any case in the annals of the history of justice in the United States no one remembers ever seeing a trial where police officers were convicted and imprisoned for criminal abuses against the black population. This impunity logic defies all laws of probability and the phenomenon is so ingrained in manners that, whenever those who bother to keep a cool head trying to apprehend socking situations, do not speculate on the verdict of the courts. In those odious cases, odious dismissals in favor of the police are the perpetual income. Why the police always seem to get away? What hides this state of affairs? After all, the police officers are only human beings who occasionally can commit crimes like the rest of the general population, are the police officers so perfect in the exercise of their function, that they will never commit any error in their interaction with the black race? Is it possible that no criminal has therefore never been recruited into the ranks of the police? It’s hard to believe. Abuses by men in uniform are wrong, one does not need to be an expert in criminology to understand that the common black Americans have no other bookish specialty, that would make them perpetual targets , if not their ethnicity . However, it seems important to make a distinction between blacks because there are blacks and blacks. Also the blacks of the establishment always seem overwhelmingly silent, while some of them don’t bother to use morbid situations to their advantage, to make media marketing, while they are in line with the system of exclusion, or at worst they have the abject Courage, commenting situations where racism is obvious to the detriment of the race from which they come from.

To better understand this phenomenon we must return to the veiled logic of Western society, which is derived from the Eurasian stratification of society (see According to this stratification in force since millennia, but only known to some insiders in the know of the secrecy of certain things in life, the Western society is divided into 3 classes the first being the white class composed of the aristocracy, which later merged with the oligarchy. All those who have a certain financial aura, rulers of the world and celebrities are part of it. This is the class that must have light, knowledge; through learning, and intelligence. In some countries education is prohibitively expensive precisely to exclude the lower classes. The use of intelligence service information is part of its prerogatives. The White class gives the second class, called red class orders. The red class is responsible to spy on the black mass in favor of the white class, and shed blood when necessary to safe guard the interests of the system and of the higher class. The red class includes the police and the armed forces. It’s the secular arm of the white class.

The last class called black is the one which must remain in the darkness of ignorance and carelessness it's composed of the masses, the common people who generally work as slaves for the white class monitored by the red. Even when a member of this class has passed out of ignorance by learning a trade, it is imperative for him (her) to work for the white class , light or knowledge gained is not used for his /her own purpose but it’s usually a way to have a job. The Aryanism of Hitler is largely rooted in this logic. The swastika was imported from the east, and the NAZI white red and black flag is a perfect illustration, with the concentration camps which had factories where were working blacks and Jews. (Arbeit mach frei) The flag of the United States, in reality is white black and red, there are no stars in a blue sky but rather in a dark night. So psychically the stars in the black mass are there to sell dreams and mesmerize the mass, the rapid development of stardom in the United States is not done without the interest of the control of the masses. Later, the terms black race and white race came to spend the ideology, that the servile race should be the black race. As of today many researchers in the field of African anthropology now agrees on the fact that, the homo africanus became black only when he/she has been reduced to slavery. Africans have never called themselves Black; it is a term that was imposed on them and those who imposed this to them knew why. In this chapter it is also important to write to posterity that racism based on the hatred of others because of their appearance originates in material speculation, it was necessary that someone worked for the white class, and for the ideas of servility of the race called black to be accepted by the rest of the world populace including blacks themselves, these last had to be denigrated, it has to be instilled to them willy-nilly,that they were good for nothing if not hard work. Some will agree with us that once the hard work became paid and proof of social development in the recent era, blacks suddenly became lazy physically unable to work , for the supporters of their exclusion in social progress. This stratification in Eurasia was in force even in countries where black people did not exist. This fact, must be pointed out. While it is true that the difference can help the alienation of human relations, and the misunderstanding of each other naturally, there are nevertheless facts that have been deliberately placed by people with shadowy agenda, to leverage this incomprehension into racial hatred. One of the main unspoken goals of the abolition of slavery was in fact the opening of some secret societies governing the things of the world to blacks; it was not an abolition to make blacks free or to review the system of secret governance of world affairs. Now also in the modern era Africans and African descendants who reach a certain preeminence in the society are now part of the elite. The white class, in spite of their race of origin, whom the secular arm is the police and the army. In exercising its power the white class observes the ploy to divide and conquer. And what is the best social reality that can divide the heterogeneous population of a country like the US or France? Racism.

Racism is the miracle cure that allows the lower class to stay in enclosures designed by the class system inherited from the Eurasian system, which remains in force till today. The famous 1% of the world population alone that has more than 48 percent of global wealth. It’s a reality to be taken seriously, and in the famous 1% one can found black celebrities, presidents of African states, as well as black oligarchs, who have in common an armed personal guard, it seems childish at first sight, but it's a reality. The white elite is protected by the secular arm of the red gent bearing weapons, while the remaining of the populace called black or the mass is confined to almost slave labor. The gulf between the classes physically is outrageous, if the 1% of the world population composed by rich of this world represent about 70 million people, spread over the surface of the globe, the 85 richest people of the 1% alone have a wealth equivalent to the assets of 3 billion people living on the planet. An unfair situation that some find natural, of course everyone cannot be rich as commonly understood, yet the system is made precisely for this purpose. As such humanity tramples in ignorance whereas if the gray matter of the peoples of Africa and Southeast Asia was put to work by allowing them to have access to knowledge, humanity would have been able today to make interstellar travel. The technology is not for everyone as advocated by some. Ultimately in view of the foregoing, the reader has probably understood why black celebrities increasingly are taking position against their own “community” in the bloody and emotionally charged issues such as slavery, which for Charles Barkley, or Soulia Boy was something not necessarily bad. In fact they are not black but white because they belong to the elite, the white class, and of course when their secular arm the police commits crimes that allow them to divide the populace to remain in power indefinitely police agents cannot be worried because the police actually does the dirty work, a duty given to them by the oligarchy that owns almost half of the world's wealth. Whilst armies and terrorism are doing their share to pursue the same agenda.

In this paradigm it must be emphasized that the elite growing concern, is the intermediate class as the Bolshevik revolution that overthrew the Tsar in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century. The middle class is the class of those who are most educated with advanced trades. In countries like the United States, if the middle class is made mostly of white breed, these individuals are not necessarily allowed in the holy of holies, they are deemed too liberals by the white elite,and dangerous for the stability of the structure; also to keep them square, attacks target on black people are made to force them to choose the ruling elite camp because it makes them shimmer subtly, the choice they have to do. If they do not have the protection of red as the white elite class, then in case of retaliation or explosion of racial conflict they would be easy targets for the vendetta of black in spite of , the good faith of some which can be betrayed by their color, and assumptions. In general cases they say nothing regarding the injustice against blacks, bringing a tacit support to the shadowy agenda, as it seems to them the best rational choice. This is the case of those who truly understand what happens when the major categories of the white race most often overreact by applying the stereotype imposed to them by the white elite that has significant ways to manipulate minds. Many whites are accused of crimes they never committed but never make the effort to denounce individuals of their race who committed them, a tiny minority, however, was master of slavery as little formed the Nazi elite but by saying nothing they are guilty without doubt, some believing that the material benefit they have, would never have had it, without the oppression of the elite of their race, yet to exercise the human right that confers a job and a meal, one does not need to be a crime accessory. The result of the separation of whites and blacks from system that exploits them all shamelessly should also spell the end of the support of the African diaspora and African descendant to its so called black elite, who usually aim to keep theml asleep, since the majority is working in the entertainment industriy. These elites actually are no longer part of the "Black" "community overall, because now in regard to their material wealth , they belong to another caste called white. Confer the management of black people affairs, to this the gentrified elite is a fatal error. Their leadership will only lead them to make questionable choices. Martin Luther King at the end of his life claimed to blame itself for having led black Americans in a house on fire.

Today it seems clear that the option of positive segregation with the granting of independent states in North America combined with a voluntary return of some blacks in Africa was the best choice in comparison with an American ideal where blacks are still not free. Anyway the death knell is ringing, the old world with its tactics and secular arm are becoming increasingly unpopular and it should undoubtedly collapse when the police and the armed forces permanently lose confidence of the populace.

By Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

Journalist Writer

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