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Black skins besieged

The mild Floridian winter is far from misleading us into the intricacies of passing time without warning. The daily realities force us to the questioning of self, and on the world in which we live. Also this month bounden duty falls to us to flash the light beams of our editorial, on the purpose of the social disorder of color. Some say the dilemma of racial issue is no longer current, modestly trying to hide a fact that continuously regulate the fears of each other, while we still live in a world where materialistic ideology which seems to have become the matrix of human relationships, gives more importance to the solid matter. What says solid matter, means appearance. The realities could not be more tangible, as without doubt, more than ever, the beauty forcibly remains in the eye of the beholder. In this view; what happen when the beholder is under the influence of a formatting that tends to dictate its preferences even without the latter noticing?

Proponents of black skin feel increasingly beleaguered, despised by some banned in some circles by others. The situation is quite worrying, especially since the silent black mass no longer know where to turn. Silenced by the establishment of the Western media which seems to have a storefront, only alternative media remained to echo the hoarse voices that languish in the abyssal depths of the consciousness of an entire community, that is ailing in the silence. Enduring, and at the same time contributing to its decline. The black of the West are endangered species. A disappearance, they contribute cheerfully, often without knowing what are the consequences of their behavior.

The consecration by the Western media of the white woman or mixed ethnicity sounded the death knell of the shy ideal of black beauty (black is beautiful), to the point where some black women bitterly regret being born black. They are so bent on copying the nature of others, managing to tarnish their brand image, becoming a pale copy of the whites or mestizo (mixed) women. They pauperize themselves enriching an aesthetic and cosmetic industry based on racism, spending insolent fortunes.

The problem with black people in general is that they are not only in conflict, but in a permanent state of siege; and the worst is that they don’t even realize.

They only think about today, while others think of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yet it is clear that when we forget where we were yesterday, we do not know with certitude where we are today. And if you do not know where you come from, you will never know how far you have come, what are the obstacles you met, how long you still have to go, and what pitfalls should be avoided to reach a given point. In this paradigm blacks become a short-lived species. Living the present moment which usually dies with them and their conscience. As for example when a black person succeed to distinguish itself, climbing to the summits of the social scale, usually the best thing to do for him (her) is to seek the white anointing. They believe that by marrying a white partner, they reach the holy grail that would take them to the pantheon of Western civilization. A genocidal civilization, that tends to destroy or assimilate others. Examples are legions from the Moors in Europe to the Native Indians, the lack of civility to the lives of others, of the so-called Western civilization riffed with terror, imposing death and servility.

While Westerners, who have always planned their different political domination over time, encourage blacks to exogamous marriage (interracial) they are well aware that, the black essence will dilute sooner or later in the whiteness. Miscegenation is the first step of the genocide of black skins. In two generations a black line can bleach irreversibly. A child born of mixed marriages who marries the so-called white race, gives birth to white children, and if the white descendants do not tell you they have a great parent black it is almost impossible to know it, visually.

Whilst avoiding anti-white racism, it is imperative nevertheless to understand that one cannot be accused of racism when defending itself against racism. No one must be labelled monster of hatred when defending against the hatred of others, but alas the agents of hate in a manipulative trickery like to use this scheme to discredit the bearers of the truth. Even by killing the messenger the message remains intractable. The terrorist to some, will always be a freedom fighter for others. All is in the purpose of the fight, which is noble or ignoble, everyone knows his (her) choice.

When black followers of exogamous marriage, celebrate their white descendants, they are mourning their race of origin mutatis mutandis (at the same time).

Why only blacks are proud to have offspring that looks like others and not themselves?

Money is the sinews of the war waged by supporters of white supremacy towards black, a term some would laugh about, but which the reality is not so laughable when one take the trouble to inquire on the subject of white supremacy, which has a notorious influence on the global art scene.

The colossal fortunes of some black celebrities who 90% percent are married to white or mixed partners are also playing an important role in this awful conflict. So when some like Michael Jackson pushed to the paroxysm their endorsement of the white cause by becoming the spear head of the whitening of the black population, first by rejecting his original color by artificial stripping, and by arranging to have white children, it was a master stroke of Social Darwinism.

The black American virtuoso successfully transferred and drastically, his cultural and material heritage to the white race without firing a shot. This colossal fortune now will serve only to strengthen the power of a white establishment. He struck the memories of the black populace of the world, as many will remember for a long time that, for him to succeed, he has to turn white. And the vast media coverage of certain black celebrities most often proves that, they are serving an ideal that is against the socio-cultural well-being of their original race. Samora Machel (Mozambique independence leader) told his people: "the day you will see the Western media celebrate me, know that I have betrayed you."

Brilliant artist Michael Jackson was probably the biggest agent of assimilation to the white ideal, that ever came to exist. Saying that he was suffering from a degenerative disease, is an excuse that falls too point to be true, especially when one knows that the rules of the American show business are cut to measure the skin of the plenipotentiaries. In the black community, more you look white, more are your chances of success, it is an undeniable fact, that the fair skinned, always has the fairest treatment. Thus it’s imposed as models to real blacks, "blacks" that are not really black, and this state of affairs can only create a social discomfort which can only disturb the quest for identity of the black populace of the West . And worst celebrities from mixed ethnicity background do not hesitate to pay in the anathema against blacks. Why a “black” artistic personality as Alicia Keys will call a monkey, a reporter of African origin? If she didn’t effectively knew she belonged to another race, not the black?

With the intensification of exclusionary tactics of social Darwinism, that erects as code of conduct, written or unwritten rules that facilitate a genocidal impoverishment of the black population, by preventing access to social progress, the worst is feared.

In capitalist countries without being able to purchase one dies. Africa and blacks in general are not poor, they were simply impoverished by a carefully hatched system built by the West for centuries, implemented till today.

Images have considerable power, in any case in the media, the trend on the genocide of the black skin is certain. The landscape of the Western mainstream Medias is increasingly a long river of terrifying whiteness, despite the ethnic multiplicity of these countries due to their heavy past in slavery and colonialism. As the United States, multiracial country by excellence, if more than 95% of Afro- Americans are dark skinned, 99% percent of those called “blacks”, on the media scene are light skinned. People from mixed ethnicity are from the black race, a falsity that makes the cases of the followers of genetic engineering, and demographic Malthusianism.

Miscegenation is the miracle cure that is sure to allow some, to exterminate sustainably the black skin.

In the other hand, today blacks who are displaying a suicidal behavior must ask themselves the question. Why black people, who once lived in Europe disappeared? Leaving traces in cities such as London, Rome, or Paris, this latter which in fact was an important place of worship of Isis. Paris, means the fence of Isis the syllable “par" which means in Ancient Egyptian city or enclosure while the syllable "Is" refers to Isis, Parisis being the original name of the city of love, the cult of Isis, which itself was based on the spread of love to fight obscurantism ...

Black people who once populated Europe brought with them their beliefs, these migrants who came from sub-Saharan Africa thousands of years ago, have also left traces in the genetic code of Europeans. Scientifically speaking why should blacks ashamed, to be the prototype of the modern human being?

No conclusive evidence to this day binds human beings from Africa to the theory of evolution. It is time to remove this ambiguity once and for all and to stop throwing bananas to blacks. The African is by no means a descendant of monkey or homos erectus and habilis. Meanwhile all populations, with white skin are descendants of homo neanderthalis, a hominid that actually existed, while the African modern man was already on earth on its current form, over 200 thousand years ago. Both crossed path, while the modern man from Africa was spreading around the world. The Homo neanderthalis became Homo sapiens sapiens, only after mixing with modern humans from Africa, and mutating. Asian, Indian and Caucasian white, who are all laced with DNA traces of modern humans from Africa, all descend from the Neanderthal hominid. A specie now extinct, but whom the genes continue to live in the bodies of people with white skin, because of the miscegenation that happened tens of thousands of years before.

The Neanderthal man was a hominid who gained notoriety with his violence, his lack of refinement and cannibalism, which greatly contributed to its extinction. The civilization of violence of some people is well and truly related to their genetic ancestry.

The evolution of the world by the mixing of genres, is a devolution to a unipolar world, because in fact the inter racial breeding is a cover name for the white ideal. The words of Jacques Godbout have all their meaning when he said that, evolution is the rule of the stronger, although the more violent is not necessarily the strongest, this shift to a white ideal will lead to a collective suicide, a genocide of humanity, since the bleaching of the global population will result at the end to a regression of humanity to the Neanderthal. If the black race which suffers so much battering would go out it would be the end of humanity, if the genes of modern humans eventually finish to be diluted to become exclusively recessive, even artificially destroyed by means of genetic engineering (now some can choose the sex of their children and the color of their eyes or their hair) the Neanderthal man will reborn, for a return to the cave of those who could not really be proud to be called human beings once again.

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By Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

Journalist Writer

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