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The new version of Ebola was manipulated to make the virus more virulent

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It was believed that almost all was said already about Ebola, but some unsaid points which remain in the shadow are chilling. As to better understand what is happening today it is important to know that the world is at war and the Ebola virus is only the biological propensity of the global war waged by the United States around the world.

By the early 70s the United States has relied on controlling world population, stating clearly that it would become very difficult for the United States to keep a stranglehold on the world's resources if the populations of some continents like Africa and Asia continued to grow causing them to challenge the exploitation of resource beneath their feet; also "August 10, 1970, President Richard Nixon confided to the NSC (National Security Council) the responsibility to prepare a report on the world population. The American president was concerned that the population growth in the Third World becomes a threat to the interests of the United States. On 10 December 1974 the NSC published the results of this study in a 250-page report entitled "National Security Memorandum South 200: Implications of Worldwide population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests. The study was prepared by a committee of the NSC supervised by Henry Kissinger then Secretary of State and Chairman of the NSC.

From 1976, the foreign policy of the United States will take a decisive turn towards the Malthusian population motivated by the depopulation of the most mineral-rich areas for exploitation without the resistance of indigenous people, so it is no coincidence if the first outbreak of hemorrhagic fever, had to hit the geological scandal that is the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) in 1976, the same year. The implementation of the program of desertification of indigenous from potential “land mine” will take a drastic turn. Till today perpetual conflicts in the great Lakes region, in over 10 years has killed more than 6 million peoples already.

It’s also important to note that with the Yellowstone that may blowout soon or later, and erase North America from the earth surface, it’s an emergency for Americans to find new lands by hook or by crook. (Read here)

Eugenic ideal is not new. In the design to keep the local hegemony of a certain class and race the United States in the late 19th century and until 1974, will practice sterilization in masses of disadvantaged individuals, specially black and Native Americans. To modernize practices of sterilization without consent of those concerned, the focus will be put on a more flexible tactics and no less lethal in the control of the disadvantaged population of the West and the Third World. Millions of dollars will be committed by the United States in the opening of family planning center. In the United States. These centers have since become landmarks abortion of black female. In total since 1973 about 13 million African American fetuses passed from life to death; every day about 1,876 African American fetuses are terminated (, while the rest of the world, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is heavily involved in large control campaigns population by contraception. It is important to highlight the arrogance of this paradigm which implies that the right to life is a privilege that comes with a certain class of individuals of a certain race or of a certain nationality, the rest of the humanity mutatis mutandis becoming mere stooges, whom some should erase from earth for a better luxury.

From Malthusian demographic, to genetic engineering, there’s only one step to be taken by those who blithely hope one day to defy God and nature; one being the secular arm of the other. In the 80s the military implications of genetic engineering become clearer, with endless possibilities such as micro-organisms, which can be made ​​resistant to antibiotics and vaccines, becoming more lethal. Easier to manipulate, they become more difficult to detect and more stable in an outdoor environment with new technologies.

The introduction of GMOs (genetically modified organism) will also help to control the population; in this view, USAMRIID and Monsanto, which exists since 1901 will be directly involved in creating the seeds of genetically modified grains, capable of sterilizing the males by altering the structure of their sperm, after continued consumption.

Furthermore it is equally important to note that the microorganism (virus) responsible for the hemorrhagic fever today has always existed in nature before being genetically altered to make it acquire, its potential of infamous murderer. Rodents, bats, and monkeys have often carried this virus without any risk of mortal transmission to humans.

The Ebola virus has five variants, the Zaire strain, the Sudan strain and the Bundibugyo strain, which are humans and are located in Africa and in the Western Laboratories, while strains of Reston and Tai Forest are not associated with major human epidemics, no deaths have been reported to date. Reston strain was spotted in the Philippines and China, it mainly affects monkeys and pigs. No cross over from animals to man has never been possible for the simple reason that these variants, have never been genetically modified to mutate. For example, E. coli is a normally harmless bacteria found in the human colon, it was manipulated in the laboratory as well to produce insulin as therapy, and as a bio weapon only to become an extremely deadly vector of a virulent disease.

However it is important to note that outbreaks of Ebola which strikes Africa simultaneously in several countries at once, are not from the same household namely Sierra Leone; because the genetic signature of Ebola raging actually in the Democratic Republic of Congo is different from that of Sierra Leone and Liberia. Who gave the green light to the explosion of the epidemic? Outbreaks of different strains cannot simply explode simultaneously in several countries coincidentally while there is no transitive pattern beforehand.

Genetic engineering is able to render insensible to any known treatment of endemic diseases. Thus in the 80 new waves of endemic malaria resistant to quinine will ravage sub-Saharan Africa retaining its title of killer leader. Malaria is the leading cause of death worldwide, killing only on the African continent, over 660,000 people each year. This disease which is the leading cause of death worldwide, according to World Health Organization (WHO), still has a bright future ahead, especially when one know how little interest the pharmaceutical companies of the West have for malaria, which is a real obstacle to the development of the countries of southeast Asia, Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa, where it occurs with frightful force. The resistance of the Plasmodium falcifarum towards quinine may be caused either by manipulation of the chemical structure of the micro-organisms, or because of its blend with some other pathogen agents from the same class. A fatal miscegenation. Also a morbid cocktail mixing the plasmodium vivax, with the plasmodium falcifarum, Plasmodium oval, or Plasmodium malariae, will render the treatment based on quinine antiquated, because the mixed bacteria form a sort of hybridization (mutation) that would make the body insensitive to any existing treatment known before. Resistance to quinine of the plasmodium sickle cell is linked to this principle, where hybrid strains of malaria are becoming more deadly. It’s important to add up in the same line as example that, Japanese scientists have made a combination between the genes of the human AIDS virus with the gene of the AIDS virus carried by monkeys, and a human gene encoding a protein involved in the immune system. The results obtained showed that the human gene stimulates the multiplication of such a virus, according to the researchers, "this has an effect on viral replication and toxicity in humans"

This is what would have been done with the new Ebola virus, which was mixed with the virus of the Lassa fever, by the American military in Sierra Leone, at the Kenema hospital, where in collaboration with Tulane University, they had established a research center on the Ebola virus. American researchers took advantage of the naivety of local people to carry out full-scale tests on them taking them as real guinea pigs.

The analysis of strains of Ebola that is killing dramatically people recently proves pertinently, that there is a large structural difference between this new wave of the virus and the one which existed in Africa, which some local people had already developed some immunity. Also in a study by the Broad Institute and Harvard University in partnership with Sierra Leone, the researchers demonstrated a plausible track in the origin and transmission of this new type of Ebola virus that has a feature never seen before.

Of the 99 Ebola genomes sequenced and collected from 78 patients diagnosed positive for Ebola during the first 24 days of the outbreak of the epidemic, the research team found more than 300 genetic changes that make the Ebola 2014 striking West Africa, an unprecedented version. 5 members of the research team were killed before the results of the research were published. Among others Dr. Sheik Hummar Khan who was a specialist in hemorrhagic fevers, and 3 Sierra Leonean nurses, in circumstances subject to interrogation. First to face the disease in Kenema hospital, where was installed at the same time, an American laboratory research, which was testing on Ebola, they succumb to the disease. Was it possible, they knew too much? In any case in the early days of the epidemic Dr. Sheik Hummar Khan, believed to face an outbreak of Lassa fever. A fulminating hemorrhagic fever (caused by an arena virus named Lassa virus), very similar to Ebola, this disease was first described in 1969 in the town of Lassa, in Borno State, Nigeria, Lassa fever is inoculated to human by a rodent whose contact with urine or feces transmits the disease. Dr. Khan was a specialist, in Hemorrhagic fevers by identifying at first a case of Lassa Virus in laboratory tests (serology) it was normal after antibiotic sensitivity Therefore, for him to apply the fair procedure or protocol Medicament, though Dr. Khan would have been unable to treat this disease because of its hybrid nature, since the Lassa virus was coupled with the Ebola virus treatment became inefficient even when the disease was detected in the first stage. A macabre mingling, a cocktail of death would have been concocted in a laboratory by the American researchers who of course were doing a research on this type of disease in the same hospital of Kenema.

As of today the American center of Research on Ebola in Kenema has closed by a decision of the Sierra Leonean government, under popular pressure, since many sierra Leoneans members of the medical staff, had begun a strike because of the working conditions, the death of their colleagues and suspicions about the intentional and criminal contamination of people and broken promises of American researchers, who had pledged caregivers a $ 20 risk premium, no less.

If transmission of the Ebola virus is through contact with body fluids of infected patients (sweat, saliva semen, blood, urine, feces) first these substances must get into the body through open ways (wounds) or through mucous membranes (nose, eye, mouth, sex). The ability to make a lethal weapon is a reality that one cannot afford to neglect with current technology. If the Ebola virus was sprayed into the air and breathed by the people, it would go through the nasal mucosa and contaminate countless people. The Ebola like TB can also be transmitted by breathing air polluted by the cough of infected persons.

To date, as the new version of Ebola continue to take its toll African voices with the ability to talk about what really happened at the beginning of the epidemic are extinguished forever with Dr. Khan and his assistants, whilst at the same time the only source of information left, is the American University of Tulane and the USAMRIID (United States Army Medical research Institute of Infectious Diseases). Will they dare acknowledge they own torts? It is hard to believe; anyway hope is still required in the ability of certain individuals of the African population infected, to resist the disease even when they would have been in direct contact with infectious agents, and the better is that now, a very small number of cases of patients who survived the Ebola new edition exist. The blood of these African patients has become the miracle panacea to curb the disease. As an indication the famous serum Zmapp is simply the outcome of the blood of Congolese who in the 90s and 2000 survived the hemorrhagic fever. while the United States at the moment, have already recovered strains of the new Ebola both on field of experimentation, and in the bodies of American patients who were urgently repatriated some time ago and cured, in the mean the Americans, took care to apply for a license to have right to exploit any profit that will come from this new plague, one will say rightly it’s their find their creation. Nowadays, It’s time that the positive forces of this world combine their efforts to protect the interests of global public health by finding a cure for peoples with no power to purchase, while protecting the lives of African survivors of the epidemic, before their blood fall into the wrong hands, who will not hesitate to make an ignoble bid to the higher clients. The Inoculation of blood serum as of today remains so far the only real option for the cure of this disease, since the Zmapp serum and the experimental treatment finally delivered to some patients in Liberia and Texas has failed probably because as it was said earlier that this experimental drug was curing only people with no melanoma, a hypothesis that gives grist to the conspiracy specially since the only survivors cured by the experimental drug are white Caucasians , while the unprecedented structural difference of the Ebola virus Version 2014 is making the case worse. Anyhow despite the spinelessness of some, nature that abhors imbalance always end up having precedence. Genetic engineering has created an evil that it cannot heal and control anymore, at this time only the human nature itself seems to have found the solution.

By Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.


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