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Why the United States needs a 3rd world war?


The alternate title of this editorial could have been why the United States is at war with us? because we must not be fooled, There are indeed a world war raging it's just not conventional, for the simple fact that it does not directly opposing one State to another, but it is a war of outsourcing, with the pretext of terrorism in the background, which became the reason for the destruction of certain targets, and occupation of the territories of sovereign countries by foreign forces.

the numbers speak for themselves, for example to support its global warmongering empire from the late 19th century, Great-Britain adopted the "two power standard" (standard of the combined value of two powers), which required the Royal Navy, to be equal to the combined strength of the two next largest navies in the world, to be able to fight and defeat them more easily.

Based on this principle, the United States has more than doubled this standard with regard to their military budget. In other words, the United States, have apparently adopted a “standard of total power” ... military spending more than the major part of the world combined:

The United States spent more on their military than the 13 largest nations in 2011 (Great Britain, Russia China, France, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Brazil, Italy, South Korea, Canada.) $ 695 billion for these countries altogether, against 711 billion dollars for the United States alone. A financial windfall at the height of American warmongering.

It would be illusory to believe that the American army expands its arsenal just to ward off any attack by a foreign power because the logic is that of attack not defense. The principle of the attack as the best defense is the modus operandi of the pentagon.

The United States of America, the world jewel of the market economy is at a crossroads, growth and development in the second world (BRICS), and the Third World led by South Sahara Africa becomes a problem for the continuity of its hegemony. And the facts are there to prove it; as this report of analysis recently published by a bi partisan group of American researcher’s which states, in other words that, the United States refuses to see the world develop. The development of some countries would be a threat to them; wars to take back peoples of the world, to the Stone Age would be the solution...

The first two world wars devoted the United States to major power not only for the simple reason that the United States was producing goods and services consumed during these conflicts, with methods such as the "cash and carry" which offered the opportunity for countries at war to pay cash the products they needed and carry them home even at their own risk, across the Atlantic, but especially because European countries were considerably delayed due to the war, as the City in London will lose its dominance in finance for the benefit of Wall Street, which will become the world headquarters of the speculative economy. The speculative economy over the following years will be more than ever involved in the major events that define American politics. Since the First World War, the attacks of Sept. 11, through the crisis of 1929 and the rise of Nazism in Europe, Wall Street is in the center of all interactions between the United States and the world.

The practice of principles of economics markets that meet downturns invariably, and mutates into war economy to create opportunities, is the way of doing business that has provided invaluable benefit to the American economy.

Also since the end of World War II with the profits made by these conflicts, products of machinations of the American oligarchy that controls Wall Street, it is clear that all American policies that followed, aimed at extending infinite wars that would create opportunities for the American economy, which is controlled by the same oligarchs who own multinationals, which have become the real executive power, behind the political power it manipulates at will.

Since the end of World War II, the world has seen 248 armed conflicts in 153 locations worldwide. The United States alone has been directly involved by launching 201 military operations around the world. At this time only 11 countries in the world are not engaged in any conflicts.

Recent events are marked by the return to Iraq of the American army after three years, when they left without glory to return to find a solution to the problem they have knowingly created. Indeed according to the revelations of the English periodical The Intercept, commenting on documents released by Snowden, now a refugee in Russia, the CIA and Mossad trained Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the current leader of the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIL). The ISIL, which advocates a return to the "Caliphate”, was originally formed in Egypt to fight the government of Bashar al-Assad. The terror group received weapons from American intelligence services and the UK, with funding from Saudi Arabia and the monarchy of Qatar.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was a prisoner at Guantanamo from 2004 to 2009 during this period, the CIA and Mossad would have recruited him to form a group able to attract jihadists from different countries to a specific location. In short, the United States has become the number one sponsor of global terrorism, because terrorism serves its warmongering interests. Wars, which basically serve its hegemonic agenda.

In the logic of endless war, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains a fire entertained by the same logic. Also in the "hornets operation" it had been explicitly asked to the terrorist nebulae controlled by the CIA and MOSSAD to create perpetual enemies to the Jewish state so that it can survive and spread by the wars it would lead. The discovery of significant hydrocarbon deposit in Gaza comes only make the future of the Palestinian people more uncertain.

The economic challenge remains vital, because indeed the energy market in the next 5 years will be upset with the United States that could become a major producer toppling countries of the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Guinea and Venezuela with the discoveries of new gas shale in North America.

At the moment, the greatest mission of the United States now is to find markets for its shale gas it has discovered. Indeed based on recent discoveries, the United States with the exploitation of large natural gas deposits in Alaska should become the largest producer of natural gas, if the potential of other producer countries was reduced. Americans for the first time in history would become self-sufficient in energy, while the rest of the production is expected to be released in the European and Asian markets. It's a race against time that Washington has committed. The United States absolutely want a war to sell their shale gas, and all hydrocarbon producer countries should quickly get into the eye of the storm of a war of strategic positioning, whose real purpose is to lead to conflicts that ruin their production potential. By following a simple economic reasoning we know very well as an abundance of offers would plunge the price of a barrel of oil, and in the current configuration, Russia, Venezuela, the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Guinea already produce enough and meet the energy needs of a good portion of the world population reaping in the passage capitals that can support the economic and social fabric of their respective countries.

One must simply take a glance at the international news to understand that these countries, including Mali and the Gaza Strip, which has just found a true oil wealth, are for some time subjected to the tests, which in facts are delaying tactics, hatched directly or indirectly by Washington to destabilize them.

While Russia one the largest producer of oil and natural gas is demonized and put to the benches of the “international community” formed by members of the Atlanticist cartel, Venezuela, Nigeria and other countries in the Gulf of Guinea, are undergoing major security concerns, with pathogenic agents artificially planted in their respective territories. A Machiavellian design, conceived by the brainstorming of the American spy agencies that seek to weaken, see annihilate the organization of these countries. Like Somalia, Libya or Iraq who right now are objectively unable to compete in the commerce of oil with the United States, since they are totally destroyed or reduced to their simplest expression. The resurgence of viral disease like Ebola which returns in time could not be timelier; it’s dumbfounding for the informed observers of the international stage.

The return of the American military in Iraq to fight the ISIL, a terrorist group that they, themselves created from scratch, is an ironic cynicism, which challenge human morality. International politics as thought by some is no doubt to always push the frontier of the unimaginable even if they have to pour into ignominy.

In the table of chess, while Washington is pressuring its European allies of NATO, to strangle Russia and destroy any form of state pride within the European Union, its acolytes in the monarchies of the Persian Gulf, fund religious fundamentalism which helps to weaken all the countries of the sub region averse to the Israeli-Atlanticist dictate.

The United States knows very well that Western Europe will fall into a period of unprecedented crisis, a crisis that would make it capitulate by giving up its sovereignty to the Atlanticist dictates.

The European Union is in the process of marking the ground for the coming of the “novus ordo seclorum” a new secular order dominated exclusively by the United States. A great program that is 100 years old and was launched with the creation of the Federal Reserve, the bank note of 1 $ carry this revealing sentence.

The irony is the belief that the Republican or Democrat governments are different, yet they all follow the same bellicose logic. For example the Bush administration when embracing Gaddafi, and disarming his country arsenal, implicitly opened the door to an easy attack on Libya by the Obama administration that followed.

If Western Europe's leaders seem to dance in the tune of Washington, it's not the reality of European peoples who tend for the most part to support Russia and Putin, who for many, has become the only bulwark against the diktat and the injustices perpetrated and supported by the Atlanticists.

The logic of the major proponents of controlled chaos is simple they brandish terrorism to achieve their goal of occupation as recently in Australia where John Kerry labelled as iconic (an odd attribute for a macabre scene) a photo of an Australian who was enlisted in the Islamic networks, which showed the head of one of his victims wielded by his 7 year old child, a picture which shortly after helped send 2,500 marines to counter potential Australian jihadists. A very fallacious argument. In any case governments worldwide are in a catastrophic situation, refuse to capitulate to Washington, and suffer the effects of terrorism whose violent acts committed against civilian populations, gives way to the loss of confidence among people towards those who govern them, therefore frightened population can only plebiscite the United States as the ultimate solution to their chaos.

On the other side, the Persian Gulf monarchies do not yet know, but equally their days are numbered. The lack of fundamental freedom in these countries and the austerity that would move in with their loss of market leadership of hydrocarbons will sink them irretrievably, and of course when the time comes American propaganda agents will encourage the Arab peoples to revolt against the Gulf emirs, a remake of the Arab Spring will make them fall without difficulty. The dictatorial monarchies of the Persian Gulf will be sacrificed on the altar of American hegemony. Once again the United States could claim to have the starring role of a freedom fighter.

However, we should not neglect what could happen in the United States because, while according to some records kept secret until now, the plan is to make a dumbing down of American society, making the course of life so expensive that only the rich and those who serve in the military can have a free hand, the risk of social upheaval is real. Implicitly forcing millions of citizens to enlist in the branches of the military or starve, the American government has realized it needs of arms to fight its wars. Are the American people will themselves be fooled as usual? In any case the targeted killings of black Americans seem to be more a tactic of dividing the American public, there is indeed coincidences that are too good to simply be the result of natural random hypotheses. By varying the secular hatred between blacks and whites the status quo can be maintained in the United States but for how long?

No one can predict with certainty, as control over the American population is huge.

Everything could happen as planned by Washington, but major points remain unknown.

Russia knows that Washington wants war, and refuses to go in this game of provocation. Despite the attempt to embargo against Russia, Washington should reconsider. Russia is not Iraq, and she could learn that the hard way.

In addition in the camp of allies, if Americans can count on the United Kingdom and France who lack real leadership following them in all their blunders and excesses since the war in Libya, the United States cannot safely rely on Germany, a country where anti-American resentment is very deep, even if German leaders since Willy Brandt, have always tried to play the game of Washington politics by concealing the internal voice of the German people who suffered from World War II with a leader; it must be remembered who was imposed to them in a sneaky way by global finance and the European and American oligarchy. Since the end of World War II American occupation of their territory despite the fall of the Berlin Wall is now experienced not as a protection to counter the attempts of the communist bloc, but as a subordination of the German people towards the United States; a situation that becomes increasingly unacceptable.

The return of American forces in Iraq is a fact that allows us to appreciate suitably the card game played by Washington. The American president in a recent speech asked American parliamentarians to expect a protracted conflict on what certainty he bases his comments?

The reason is simple controlling both sides of the conflict; the United States is in a monopoly that allows them the monitoring of hostilities. They can tip the balance to one way or another, they can make the conflict last as long as they want.

However there is a catch, the current government in Iraq can be stripped from the inside and replaced by one that would see the deception by taking appropriate measures, same thing for the rebel forces that can also find a new commander who would not play the Americans game, even though the downturn of jacket of men in place is not to be excluded. Especially since the mood of times has the flavor of the end of era. Are we witnessing the end of the reign of the American Empire? Could this be the end of the novus ordo seclorum which coincidentally began just a century ago with the creation of the Federal Reserve December 21st 1913?

In any case ultimately war games are open. The world population today has a Pleiades of sources of information unprecedented in the history of humanity, so that it becomes impossible to lie for long. The case of the use of chemical weapons in Syria, the case of the Malaysia air plane downed in Ukraine, and many others, are examples revealing that the lie is now a war crime that pays no more. There is no more need to fight in shade the dark forces, turn on your screens and voila, internet is here to enlighten you.

By Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

Journalist Writer

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