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Flashmag meet with Bam’s , an accomplished artist


Flashmag this October is in France , the Parisian autumn has never been so kneaded by lightning from the sky of the music world. In this stop we are going to meet a talented artist who stormed the French rap scene in 1999 with the album “Vivre ou mourir” ( Live or Die) a rap album Afro electro that will make her a sure bet of rap in France. 6 years later, the public will be stunned by a new affront of the French African , because it must be confessed , feminist with rebel whiff, she’s among those who force the questioning, and the quizzical of power balance, she is a true allegory of the law of the supposed weakest. “De ce monde” (from this world) will be a little an ode to the angry woman , all on a well worked hiphop . The 3rd album released in 2010 “On Partira” (we will go) meanwhile is the result of the maturity of the artist finally, achieved . But she remains fully engraved in the politico- poetic lyric. 3 years later Bams is again in the bins with a 4th album entitled “Dérèglement Climatique” (Climate Disruption). An album that draws on jazz electro, hip hop, riffs rock , groove, and the French song , one of the main title “Changement de trajectoire” (Change of course) is quite evocative of a music , which has been worked closely with the inclusion of all the experiences of the rapper who once was triple jump champion . It is a leap in her musical world she invites us to do, through the lines of the interview she gave us. Flashmag: Hello Bam’s is a real pleasure for our magazine to have you as a special guest of the Cultural column, Arts & Entertainment, without further ado we'll get into the thick of things, I always ask myself and the public would no doubt want to know, why Bams chose to enter the arena of French rap in the 90s a very square world at the time and exclusively for guys? Bams : " For every misfortune , happiness is good," is the phrase that introduces well my answer ;) Child - teen , I listened to Jazz and Rock. My musical culture took place around artists like Miles Davis - David Bowie - The Kortatu - The Violent Women - The Smiths - Nina Simone - Fela Kuti - Wes Montgomery , etc. ... I wasn’t listening to rap at all . At 2O, I lost a loved one whom I inherited all his discs . He only listened to rap, so I re listen these albums with a particular affect that makes me , for once , this time enjoy this music. At the same time, I go to my first apartment . Paris ... my first black friends ( I was born in Paris but I grew up in a white suburb ) , they take me to my first Hip Hop nights . I discover this culture. I discovered the Freestyle and as teenager, I had a group named " Shuka Gang " , bass-drums - guitar - and me at the micro and lyrics . I have never been shy, so it was quite natural for me to take the micro and improvise. Quickly ( few girls) , I 'm spotted . DJs - Producers make me my first beats and fast ... my first pieces . What grabbed me right away, is the release I felt while writing and interpreting my titles . I always thought that the social revolution , which I hope to serve by my music , is no more done through politics, but that the revolution must be, above all , cultural . Yes, I am convinced that art changes the course of things . Music, a book, a sculpture, a film ... convoy us, thickens and fed us. Real cultural backgrounds can be real spiritual weapons . So instead of doing politics to share my vision of the world , I prefer to make music . And it's so much fun and sexy ... I find on it much more freedom. Flashmag: “Vivre ou Mourir” (Live or Die) a cry for survival in a derelict world of Parisian

suburbs, when today you make ​​a flashback on this period of your life how do you feel it? Do you think your lyric and those of other rappers involved, helped to change the attitude of society towards the suburbs and blacks, two decades after the tide of Rap movement? Bams: I do not know if I contributed but it is clear that the black youths of today are growing up in a different world than I lived 20 years ago. To remain in the music, I grew up at a time when Michael Jackson opened the way to broadcast clip of black artists on music channels, essential to qualify for an international career. Today, access is granted and thanks to Rap . By cons for me, racism is still there. It is before all a state institution and that; I do not think it's going to change. So stay in the music again, it is interesting to analyze what kind of black artists are highlighted: Who has access to big labels, big budget. What image do they promote? You can find pretty much the answers by yourself. Basically it's all politics. And I like to think that till the African continent will not; stay right on its legs, autonomous and truly independent. Till they are not be able to participate also, in the running of the world and not to suffer the laws dictated by imperialists , the Black Man and Woman of the world, will continue to face discrimination based on their skin color. For me, the link is obvious. After ... the class struggle and social exclusion, the biggest problems are unfortunately a lot of the world and resolve them is a collective decision, to be taken by the peoples of the world. Flashmag: 6 years have elapsed between your first album and your second album De Ce Monde (from this world) appeared in 2005 in what was due this period of hiatus?

Bams: My first album, which I love, is a 100% Rap Album. On this project, I got a record company - editor – distributor ... everything an artist could wish for. And then when the idea of ​​" De Ce Monde " has sprouted, mixing genres and musical forms (we are in 2001) , I talk about the new gig to my artistic director in place and there ... it's only a year and half after that I understand, he will not follow me on this one. So I break my contract and my life of independent self-produced begins. Again, when you stay warm in the place that they make ​​for us. Black artist - rapper - world music - or reggae - ragga , it’s okay but when you claim to take a place in pop or rock song ( which, however, is black music at the beginning) , in France, it’s very, very complicated. But we are more and more artists eager to provide a plurality in our artistic codes. To break down the stereotype that unfortunately, have hard skin. But no great struggle has built in a day ;) Flashmag: on Partira released in 2010 was well received by critics outside the hexagon but was a little laborious in France even if your audience will remain constant, about what was the reason of this slight setback, to the hexagonal media world that is very selective, or the famous crisis of the hiphop worldwide that goes decadent. Some as the American rapper Nas said “the hip hop is dead”?

Bams : I love this disc , I love all my discs ;) but I think in the production , I did the best with the resources I had , but the results are quite opaque . Whether the mixes , the choice of prods across the disc . There is less to be adventurous as well wise , as they say , as usual we do. So this evidence combined with my lower realization, it gives ... more complicated ;) By cons , on stage , those songs are hot and I continue to play them;) Flashmag : From the pure and hard core rap of your debut you have found a niche in a melting pot of genres in your new Album “Dereglement Climatique” (Climate Disruption) Changement de trajectoire (track changes) a title far is apparently reminiscent of your turn , what does this implies? An expression of the maturity of your artistic experience?

Bams :" Dereglement Climatique" is just my disc , so far the most successful . I worked , I worked all . The prods , the consistency of all in the service of history , the sound path that I had in my head , voices , all up to the image. Before I did not care about discs and image . I thought a disc , it's just a business card between the audience and me, for them to realize what I'm doing and then come see me on stage over there ... I have always been demanding. That’s what I make music for, the live stage, my world focused directly without marketing - voice traffic to what - the audience and me. Besides on stage, I 've never had to worry thinking about " what image " and answer that "a woman , free, dressed , and sexually daring " because for me, it is political. Crack the code , beautiful , good , bitch but tell our men, and our fearful sisters, yes, you can be a woman , free, sexy and beautiful and have things to say and of course other than darling baby , why is that you do not love me ;) And with Dereglement Climatique (Climate Disruption) ," I said, tired of being trapped because every time before that, I refused in promo , pictured and the clip, the one I have always been attached to on stage . I felt it was compromising my own self. An album, two albums, three albums ... the "simple" critical success , which has also never been questioned , is not enough for me . Today, I want more . I want that every project assures me at least to be able to produce the next , so I said what image I, would tell me . What are the values ​​held by my songs, what I want you to feel while watching my album cover , my music , my photos. It took time but now I have found. It is sleek, slick, demanding, poetic, artistic, and simple . We did our best to respond to this complaint book .

And finally , 99, was 14 years ago . I think when you study and when you produce a thesis ... you are ready (Smile…) Flashmag : those from the African migration to Europe as you, are sometimes prone to daily questioning of their cultural identity, with the West that does not always accept them, and the existential questions that lead them to assimilate to a model that is imposed to them , in your opinion is this ambiguity that is the common thread of your musical work or simply the envy to give your message ? What inspires you the most ? Bams :It is clear that my status as a young black woman constitute the first prism through which I see the world . And I write to share my vision of the world and especially in telling the exit doors that we tend to close ourselves from and / or of course we tend to leave well closed. It is telling that the " other - something else " is our salvation all of us . That's what makes me like , taunt the system , laws, cases , and dogmas, to praise the human being ... freedom. So my inspiration as I think any artist is based on, experiences , life , friends , television , the news , forest walks , traveling , good food , wine, Love. Everything inspires ... the sound of the flush. Flashmag : this fourth installment let’s talk about it more in - depth how do you feel yourself? Where do you place it in your career path? How was done its design on studio with whom did you work? What goals are you targeting with this new album what is your target audience? Bams : I think that if an artist whose life lend life, has the chance to exercise his 75 rods , perhaps, if like me, he hates repetition , will there be a chance to live 3 or 4 great artistic movement in his career. With this new disc, I feel to settle the first period. As if all the paths in the previous day were a world , a platform , a place : Location 1 : Bams ;) I know that if I lend myself a life, I’m ready; the next will solidify these previous four. Today, I feel that I have acquired feelings I never had before. Next, I leave some of these achievements, which in addition will enrich all that I will have the opportunity to live with the concert and it's like I already know the previous, I will have to do another thing. My goals with this album, the same that have always brought me to the output of each of my projects. Blow it All, make that many have the opportunity to discover my music , turn , turn , turn, and this of course on the planet ;) For music, the energy , the feeling is universal . No need to speak English to feel what the other is talking about. A dumb, is recognized in all languages ​​;) Flashmag : before closing the interview do you have special word to the public ? What is your agenda for the near future? Bams : A word to the public : Light , Strength & LoV ' ... And may the warm winds carry you where your eyes shine . My agenda. Get up , each morning following these next two years , with banana , with potatoes, to support my music and make it exist as possible. Treat those I love , take care of my spirit , take the time to make love, as independence and self-production takes the head and sometimes at home when the head is taken ... legs close; ) Write and keep writing and be especially diligent in my singing lessons ;) This is my program and of course, play in 2014 by home ! Also ... Flashmag : Bam's Flashmag and its readership thank you for your cordial and open talk. Bams: Flashmag thank you for inviting me , and thus shed light on my project. Light, Strength & LoV ' ... too ...

Intreview by Hubert Marlin Jr.

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Pictures: Valezy- Houcke

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