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Espionage & Resources The Conquest of Politic Power in Africa

Who masters the intelligence, masters the future, or in any case, takes advance over the others to make the appropriate decisions. Sun Tzu in the art of war believes that a wise prince and a brilliant captain always come out victorious from their campaigns, and cover themselves with a glory that overshadows their rivals, because to their ability to predict. Meanwhile the forecast does not come from spirits or gods; it is not drawn from the analogy with the past nor the result of conjecture. It comes only from information obtained from those who know the situation of the opponent. "

Africa attic of the mining resources of humanity remains the most coveted place. The turbulent history of slavery and colonization, which the abundant literature exhibits without chastity, the partnership of subordination between Africa and the rest of the world, is a window into the reality of the arcana of political power in Africa. Since the factitious independence of the 60s in Africa, an army of mercenary regents, subservient to the system of spoliation which copts them to duty, are since what is called agents in place. In the jargon of spooks, agents in place are personalities who held important functions in a given field which, because of their links to intelligence service networks of foreign powers, in fact serve their masters, who in exchange make sure that they keep their positions of privileges in states apparatuses, by directly or indirectly influencing the socio-political landscape of a given country. For example, by manipulating the mode of accession to political power to favor their agents. In French-speaking Africa, it is estimated that at least 90 per cent of personalities holding the highest positions in government have ties with the West, by sectarian and lobbyists networks, which, with the intelligence services, form a power broker nebula that has been sowing rain and good weather on the continent for almost a century.

Despite advances in technology, human intelligence remains paramount. Spies of foreign powers are inescapable, decisively influencing the fate of millions of people on the continent. The entry into the theater of operations of new powers like China, has only increased the degree of interest, while sharpening bellicosity.

In the early '70s as the Cold War is at its peak, and as coups are the most shared thing in Africa, the CIA has over 300 active agents on the continent spread over 40 stations. Access to resources and the growth of the African population is worrying for Americans. Thus, the US administration by a secret memorandum "National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security and Overseas Interests "; decided to work hard at the depopulation of the so-called third world countries, for the simple reason that too many local mouths that would ogle the wealth under their feet, would put in danger the gargantuan appetite of the United States. In order to prevent the United States from being accused of "racially motivated imperialist activities", it was recommended that international agencies, private groups, political and religious organizations be dispatched to the territories to be conquered. For this purpose, US embassies were collecting information from around the world to seize every opportunity to promote fertility reduction programs. An agenda that has since been actualized by French President Emmanuel Macron, who believes that fertility is dangerous for Africa. Even when there are important questions about underdevelopment and the so-called excessive fertility of women In Africa, the economic bottleneck that confines the black continent to underdevelopment should be reconsidered. A bottleneck that is the prerogative of the West. Also, the war that embraces Congo since the 90s, with a toll of over 6 million deaths, is above all a war of depopulation. A rich and uninhabited Congo would be ideal for its servile exploitation.

Therefore, when it’s not possible to completely depopulate, what is often encouraged is the destruction of the power of the State, in regions rich in ores; as it is the case in North Mali, in the provinces of North-west and South-west Cameroon, or in failed states like Somalia or Libya Resources control is the catalyst for espionage on the African continent, and African presidents are usually mere foremen of colonial plantations. It is a grotesque scheme, but one that perfectly illustrates the world, according to the definition of imperial capitalism. The racist ideology, when it exists in the countries of the northern hemisphere, the Persian Gulf, and Eurasia, serves only to prepare the minds for the legitimization of the right to despoil the people judged to be inferior. In the 1970s the Angolan war saw not only socialism oppose capitalism, but also and above all racist forces oppose the oppressed peoples. It is well known that despite the embargoes, the apartheid regime in South Africa had a very good relationship with the American CIA, or the French SDECE. If it was established in the 90s that the CIA had participated in the Coast project, which aimed to exterminate the so-called black race, by sophisticated methods such as pandemics that would hit only individuals with high rate of melanin. The control of Angola's mineral resources, was the main concern of Western powers. After an agreement with the BOSS, the espionage service of the apartheid regime, during a visit of the director of this service in Washington DC, the CIA tried to organize the recruitment of a large force of mercenaries, to fight the MPLA of Dos Santos, who opposed Joseph Savimbi's UNITA. The SDECE put the CIA in contact with Bob Denard, who had just organized an umpteenth coup in the Comoros. Denard had already provided French mercenaries to President Mobutu to help him carry out his Invasion projects in the Cabinda enclave, rich in oil. For $ 500,000, the infamous French soldier of fortune agreed to provide twenty mercenaries to "advise" UNITA, while the SDECE helped by giving the necessary passports and visas. This costly mercenary operation also saw the participation of Portuguese commandos from Angola as well as British and American mercenaries, in front of a Cuban army, loaded with a strong Afro coloring, doubled by Africans hardened to fight by their long years on the front. There was a kind of moral fusion of these forces which had there, the ideal opportunity to fight together an enemy who had largely contributed, and this for centuries, to the slavery of the black peoples. Without waiting for Moscow's approval, the Cubans and Angolans engaged in hostilities and inflicted a memorable defeat to the South African forces backed by Bob Denard's mercenary army.

Beyond the mineral resources that are the preserve of foreign powers to Africa; international trade with the deterioration of exchange terms and state sovereignty tools like money which are confiscated by foreign powers, enforce the rule of poverty in the continent. When there are not humiliating treatises like those on the unequal exchange partnership with the West, France, with the Nazi system of the CFA Franc that it imposes in French-speaking Africa and Polynesia, recovers on its own 50 percent of all revenues from the countries it already over exploiting. It is estimated that each year no less than 400 billion euros belonging to the African countries of the franc zone, are thus confiscated by the French Treasury. France at the same time prints the banknotes in circulation in these countries, and has a right of veto in the central banks of the countries of the zone to annihilate any attempt to change the system of enslavement, when other lethal means like political assassination by the spooks are not enough, or are considered too messy.

In 1959, Sékou Touré's Guinea, which wanted to free itself from the F CFA, had its economy destabilized by the Persil operations led by the SDECE. France flooded the Guinean market with counterfeit money to create inflation, while an armed insurrection was launched from the Fouta-Djalon region to overthrow Sékou Touré. From the Ivory Coast to Libya, Egypt, Tunisia or Burkina Faso, wherever there was a violent or populist regime change, it happened because of the will of Western powers to change the course of history and topple one of their agents in place, who was becoming uncontrollable. In Rwanda, the genocide that started on April 6, 1994, with the assassination by plane crash of Burundian and Rwandan presidents, may have been in fact a conspiracy straight out of Western plants. Paul Kagame, a former senior Ugandan military intelligence officer, was very close to the CIA. He received a scholarship to study at the US Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. This proximity would have helped Kagame, to take power in Rwanda despite the million deaths of the genocide. The war he sponsored in Congo first to drive out Mobutu from power and impose Laurent Desiree Kabila and secondly to help loot the Congo, with his Western masters, is only the continuity of the plan of spoliation of Africa and Congo in particular.

In Chad Idriss Deby, came to power on December 1st 1990, with the help of the French intelligence services. After a stay in Libya with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi who granted him refuge in 1989, when running away from Hissen Habré, who had decided to get rid of him. His rebel forces seized N'Djamena and kicked out Habré from power ,who in turn took refuge in Senegal. Logically, while Chad a few years later launched the vast exploitation of its oil resources, it is those who would have helped Deby to come to power who will have the fair share in the contracts. In Chad as everywhere else in Africa, the accession to the highest function of the State, is still dependent on a cordial agreement with the sponsors of Western spies. As was the case in Ivory Coast with the intervention of the French army to put Alassane Ouattara in power against a Laurent Gbagbo who had become unpopular in Western chancelleries for his desire for economic emancipation of Ivory Coast. While socialism, that Laurent Gbagbo or Gaddafi preached is the congenital enemy of imperial capitalism.

In Cameroon the situation is no less worrying Paul Biya, who has been in power for more than 36 years, would first have had a meteoric rise because of his proximity while he was still studying in France, with the networks of the SDECE and the dreadful Jacques Foccart. The mister Africa of France. Beyond France, and its allegiance to the system of spoliation of the continent against jump seats, as almost everywhere else in Africa; the Cameroonian president who has just been re-elected has woven esoteric and military alliances with the State of Israel, a major player in the international politics of the West which, in addition to his security, has assured him through effective networks, a discrete influence that would have made him an indelible. The disappearance of one of his worst opponents Guerandi Mbara in circumstances that remain unclear is an enigma. At a time when the military operations in the north of the country, with the exactions of the Boko Haram sect, and road banditry , predicted an imminent fall of the regime by Guerilla. Guerandi Mbara former captain of the Cameroonian army in exile since the failed Putsch of April 6, 1984 would have disappeared after his meeting in 2012 with Georges Starckmann a gun dealer of the Parisian place. Guerandi would have wanted to get weapons for an insurrection against the regime of Paul Biya. Starckmann, who would had have connection with the Israeli Mossad, reportedly would have sold the wick to the authorities in Yaoundé, who organized an ambush through Western spies, who would have managed to deliver Guerandi to a morbid fate. China's entry into the sharing of the African pie is not without worries. If Beijing in general refuses to intervene in the internal politics of States, generally content to do business with regimes often considered dictatorial, it is no less true that the Middle Kingdom uses the most sophisticated techniques to gather information. By setting up one of its naval bases in Djibouti right in front of French and Americans, Beijing expects to play a leading role in the years to come. The scandal of Chinese equipment riddled with sneaks offered to the African Union is a strong signal. In addition to the construction of buildings, in 2012 Beijing had "graciously" offered a computer system to the African Union . Five years later, in January 2017, the computer experts of the Pan-African organization noticed a "strange" saturation of the servers of the AU between midnight and 2am. An anomaly that after investigation proved to be due to massive transfers of internal data from the UA to servers hosted in the vicinity of Shanghai; the Chinese megapolis. This discovery made it possible to identify backdoors voluntarily left by the Chinese engineers in 2012, and which offered a discrete and privileged, access to all the exchanges and internal productions of the organization. This gigantic leak of data would have been on, since 2012, until the discovery of the joke in January 2017.

The spying operations that target the AU are not limited to China. To recall, the leaked documents of Edward Snowden prove that the GCHQ (service of British espionage ) intercepted letters and calls of African officials between 2009 and 2010. Meanwhile French intelligence services privilege human intelligence within the AU, going as far as to try to enlist personalities at the head of the Commission.

Some African countries like South Africa or Morocco are also spying to at least protect their territory and prevent. Thus in 2017 Morocco launched its first spy satellite, built by the Franco-Italian consortium Thales Alenia Space and Airbus, the Mohammed VI A and B, form a system of two satellites placed in the same orbit. 694 km from Earth, these satellites are capable of taking up to 500 photos per day. A geostrategic advantage that worries neighboring Spain, which has had territorial disputes with Morocco for centuries including the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, and the five islets off the coast of Morocco. Spain does not have its own "spy" satellite, and is content to contribute 2.5% to the European observation program Helios, alongside France (90% majority), Belgium , Italy and Greece. A participation that remains insufficient since, during the crisis of the "Islet of Persil" in 2002, which almost degenerated into open war, the heavy bureaucracy of the European Union had not allowed Spain to obtain in time satellite images of Moroccan troop movements.

Apart from what pundits call espionage in peacetime, which is aimed at all activities of illegal collection of information against state entities, it is important to note that even if hostilities between countries are not open, there has been for several centuries a pernicious asymmetric war of interest against Africa and its resources. If, during slavery, the most sought-after natural resource was human labor, and techniques such as ethnicization, the exacerbation of tribalism, and wars allowed prisoners of war to be found in the holds of slave ships. It is important to note that, nothing has changed in the strategy of division and domination. Relationships between the different components of the African continent continue to be artificially exacerbated to create disagreements that facilitate conflict and help underdevelopment. For decades African economies have been confined to the bottom of the scale, in an economic assassination strategy, that forces these countries to be simple suppliers of raw materials, which are often bought at cheap prices. Technological illiteracy is cleverly maintained by the same entities that control those who govern these countries, to perpetuate profiteering chaos. If misery is the mother of all vices, ignorance is the father of nothingness, when one knows nothing, nothing can be undertaken.

By Hubert Marlin


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