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Mafia and Governments

Ochlocracy, is the rule of the mafia or sectarianism in a government that operates based on a group of individuals who because they belong to a tribal group, a secret society or any other zany organization, enjoys unlimited power in the exaction of a government. This caste of untouchables above any rule of law because they are the law, is not only the preserve of the states of the third world, where corruption, influence peddling peculiar to dictatorships has created a class of unrepentant enjoyer, but also and especially in the countries of the northern hemisphere and Eastern Europe where the marriage between mafia and governments has become the most normal thing. The misappropriation of public funds in all the countries of the world in general follows the same money laundering circuits , used by the mafia, while clientelism even in the so-called democracies, is no longer to be proven. The big bosses of the oligarchy, in general influence governmental decisions. Politicians who exercise legislative and executive power, are generally under their thumb Using their contribution to the electoral campaign of politicians in terms of millions, and their influence on the economic and social fabric, conferred to them by jobs they provide, to the populace in their multinationals; they have become true king-makers whose rulers sometimes blindly obey. In the United States, for example, if General Motors or Ford decides, to relocate their factories in Asia, they could create an employment crisis that is able to bring down an administration. This dependence of the government on the oligarchy has been defined as the synarchy. A system that put rulers under the protection of oligarchs as in the classic mafia. They have the visible power, like the mafia's henchmen, but they do not have the authority in the sense that their decisions are in fact acts of obedience to the oligarchy's injunctions, which remains invisible in its manipulation scheme. The birth of espionage services is intrinsically linked to the mafia. It’s undeniable that the Templars who later became among the first armed group to form a secret society, were the armed arm of the executive power of the time, namely the papacy. In this duty they allied themselves to the sect of the assassins, the deadly organization of banditry, with whom they made crusades, spreading Christianity by swords with non-christian organizations .The relations between organized crime and espionage are very old and are often surrounded by a mysticism that makes members of both spying and banditry, affiliated to the same secret society which gives them a surreptitious cooperative channel, because in the Masonic lodges for example the members can secretly discuss some of their agenda and define common strategies. The most brilliant agents of the servizio segreto in the 30’s in Italy were generally those who had honed their skills in the Sicilian or Neapolitan mafia.

All the espionage services of the world which in the norm evolve in the shade, are not less familiar to the practices of the mafia, because they sail in the same nebulosity. In fact, in many cases, espionage services and organized crime are brothers in arms, both sides of the same coin; who often fight each other in the safeguard of their respective interests but who at the same time know where to find each other to eventually collaborate. Since the existence of human organizations, there has always been the need for leaders to strengthen their power and their organization by wacky methods. The term “reason of state” is a reminder to who wants to understand, the opaque nature some activities, related to states and governments, which have always had recourse to either pirates, mercenaries or even religious fundamentalists, as is the case today, to reach secret agendas. In 2007, a CIA file was published under the Freedom of Information Act. This document, which dates to the end of the 1950s, states that Fidel Castro, who attempted to overthrow Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista in favor of a communist revolution, was to be murdered. US officials claimed in the missive that Castro was a threat to national security. After Castro's takeover in 1959, in the 1960s, the CIA hired John Roselli, an influential gangster in Chicago, Hollywood, and the Vegas Strip; Chicago's godfather Sam Giancana; and the great Capi of New Orleans, Santo Trafficante, to help in the killing of Castro. Several daring attempts like the cigar gun, were fortunately thwarted . Long before the 1960s, during the Second World War, a mafia Don, known as the father of organized crime in America, Charles "Lucky" Luciano (born Salvatore Lucania) who had made a colossal fortune in the illegal liquor market during Prohibition was given a prison sentence from 30 to 50 years, which was commuted to parole and deportation to Italy. While in prison, Luciano offered his assistance to the United States by using his connections in criminal circles in Italy to advance the cause of the Allies. The operation, known as Operation Husky, took place on the night of July 9, 1943, when 160,000 Allied soldiers landed on the extreme south-west of Sicily. The same Luciano will reappear in Cuba in the 60's as the CIA tried to kill Castro. After the missing gambit on Castro's head, Sam Giancana, Chicago's crime chief, will ask for small services from time to time. Jealous lover he will send CIA agents to spy on his girlfriend, the singer Phyllis McGuire, to find out if she cheated on him with comedian Laugh-In Dan Rowan. This sordid story specifies in the records made public that the agent in question was arrested while trying to bug the apartment of the singer.In recent years, governments have become a real mafia. In the 60s’ after the loss of Algeria, by France under General de Gaulle, the secret organization of the army (OAS) which was constituted by caciques who had very badly digested the granting of the independence to Algeria by the General de Gaulle's government will lead a cabal to assassinate him.

General de Gaulle to protect his back will appeal to the Zionist oligarchy of the Rothschilds, and especially to the Corsican mafia by hiring in his vicinity the very enigmatic Charles Pasqua, who for decades has been very involved in scandalous affair, as the famed incestuous relationship of France with the so-called French-speaking Africa, where gross exploitation of resources and subordination reign . Charles Pasqua's good relations with African dictatorships will allow the legal branches of the Corsican Mafia, the Mutual Urban Bet to take a strong foot hold in Africa. Money is the nerve of war and some state spying services have often resorted to gangster methods to finance some of their businesses. There is an overwhelming amount of evidences linking the CIA to crack introduction in black neighborhoods in the 1980s, causing the 1980s cocaine epidemic in America. The Associated Press wrote an article about these connections in 1985. The drug money would have helped finance some covert operations in Iran and Latin America. In the 1980s, the financial sector of the United States experienced a crisis in the savings and loans industry, it was the biggest collapse of the banking sector since the Great Depression of 1929. According to former Houston Chronicle reporter Pete Brewton, the CIA allegedly teamed up with the mafia during the tenure of George Bush Senior to steal billions of dollars of savings and loans. A scandal that paralyzed the US economy in the 1980s. In his book The Mafia, The CIA & George Bush chronicles the results of his investigation, which began as a series of investigative journalism he wrote for the Houston Post. He suggests that the then President, George W. Bush, was part of a small circle of powerful Texas businessmen who teamed up with the Mafia, with the help of the CIA to defraud the money from savings and loans.National interests and those of organized crime are inextricably linked in some countries. The deputy and former boss of the Bulgarian counterintelligence, Atanas Atanasov says it in more than clear terms: “Other countries have a mafia; in Bulgaria, it is the mafia that has the country”. In Venezuela, former President of the Supreme Court, Eladio Aponte, has provided ample evidence that senior state officials are leading large transnational criminal groups. In 2010, another Venezuelan, Walid Makled, accused by various governments of running one of the largest cartels in the country, claimed at the time of his arrest that he held documents, videos and recordings involving no less than 15 Venezuelan generals (including the Chief of Military Intelligence and the Director of the Office of Counter-Narcotics). In Afghanistan, Ahmed Wali Karzai, brother of the president and governor of Kandahar province, murdered in 2011, was regularly accused of participating opium trafficking - the main economic activity of this country. According to the Financial Times, capital flight in the form of banknotes transported in briefcases by traffickers and senior officials is roughly equivalent to the state budget. The heroine drug trade or afghan connection is always cited by some investigations in the use of drug trafficking by the CIA.Bissau Guinea, a country that has been in turmoil for decades, and that holds the world record of coups, has become a hub for drug traffickers who before exported directly their goods by air and sea in Europe, now transit them through Africa because of the high security in European ports and airports due to terrorism. It is no secret that the ruling junta has always had a certain attraction for organized crime, as in the case of Noriega of Panama, the military junta that holds Bissau in an iron grip, since the coup d'état, of Mamadu Ture Kuruma in 2012 fattens itself in the pass right that it takes from drug traffickers. What still saves the African continent from a drug epidemic is the purchasing power of the inhabitants that puts out of reach, some prohibited substances that transit there simply. If in Russia authorities, somehow, managed to put oligarchs in their scope while controlling the mafia, it is no less true that this control of the oligarchy and the mafia was done by infiltrating the oligarchy as well as the mafia. However, there is still some opacity in the management of some vital resource such as gas distribution scheme, and awarding of contracts is very complex, so complex that one does not have to be an expert in international politics to understand that Russian intelligence services, have since succeeded in gaining the upper hand over nebulas, they can use on an ad hoc basis, such as the influential members of cybercrime who often work for the Russian state service.While in recent years the classic mafia seems to be settling into the legal framework, it remains no less that the world of politics seems to have inherited its habits and is very far from getting rid of these malfeasances.

Security reasons in recent years have been the driving force behind dictatorships in the northern hemisphere, where the people are forced to barter a semblance of security against their freedom and rights. As a result, the increased powers of governments over public and private matters, as in the dictatorships of the southern hemisphere , where there is no need of any pretext to crack down freedom by subrogating all the rights, has created eventually a caste of privileged who for the reasons of State security, can now legally, pass over laws and morals and commit the most heinous crimes.

Hubert Marlin Journalist

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