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The greatness of America an avatar of white supremacy and racism

The idea of supremacy underlies the idea of domination and domination implies mainly in the history of humanity, oppression of others. No people in the world who have known greatness have achieved this goal by intrinsic value, apart perhaps from ancient Egypt, which built up sowing its inner value and giving itself the means to be a respected not a feared nation, admired for its virtues and not for its deadly prowess. With the end of the Egyptian empire, whose domination was based on virtue and the way of life, will come the era of domination by massacre, to which Egypt itself had succumbed. White supremacism is the deadliest phenomenon that humanity has ever known. It is defined as a racist ideology, based on the idea of the superiority of those among humans whose skin is perceived as white by others or by themselves, compared to other humans. The notion of "white supremacy", among supremacist theories in general, is rooted in ethnocentrism and a desire for hegemony, and has frequently led to violence against individuals considered "non-white".The centuries of Western enlightenment gave rise, to centuries of darkness for other peoples of the world, Europe having assimilated the concept of domination by war against other peoples like, Macedonia, the Roman Empire or Genghis Khan had already done centuries before, will develop the ideology of disdain towards others and an industry of death, that will do considerable damage across the planet.Warmongering people need enemies even when they do not have any, they create some, because they live by antagonism. In Western culture, one is great only by domination through violence. So while ancient Egypt thought it was necessary to respect nature and human beings that could be distinct from each other, Western supremacy, rather made the physical and visual distinction, of human beings a market of speculation on the hatred and the contempt, to give a logical reason according to his understanding to destroy and dominate others, because they were not somehow conform to the virtues that they thought to impose on the rest of the world. Thus, were born the notion of slavery to save the sub-humans of Africa from their perdition, and of course centuries later the civilizing mission was implemented, since once again it was necessary to save the poor indigenous peoples from ignorance and disease, while destroying nevertheless their culture which for millennia had made it possible to live without being decimated by epidemics like those which the Western world brought to them.

The economic and technological development mission of Africa and third world countries is in line with this scheme, it is a lure, it will never be done through those who have been and continue to be the gravediggers of the third world. one never finds happiness with those who made its misfortune, it is a concept that the countries that undergo the presumed greatness of the West, should understand by deciding to build themselves, while collaborating simply with the forces that would contribute to their agenda of dignity, freedom and social progress. Forces they should find beyond those who are responsible for their troubled history, highlighted by slavery and colonization. Since the dawn of time belligerent nations use virtue as a sham, when some prepare to kill for domination they always tell lies themselves and to others. This serves to indoctrinate the people to whom they belong, to accept wars often costly materially and humanly; and of course, to convince forces in enemy countries that their imminent destruction is for their own good. The same pattern of domination by violent means is no less racist, and the ideology of supremacy is a leprosy that always threatens harmony among peoples. A nation like the United States is the epitome of the domination of others by murder and racism. The United States has benefited from this ideology of evil more than any other nation and continues to ignore the rights of others while building an empire based solely on the ideology of contempt, death and lies. Americans use notions of virtue, such as freedom and democracy to destroy entire nations, violating the first principle of freedom, which imposes on anyone the duty to respect the choices of others.

The democracy by guns since the 90s made more deaths in Africa than the first 30 years that followed the period of independence in the 1960s, that were dominated by dictatorial regimes. Neocolonial dictatorial regimes, that of course impose the misery and the repression of the people with the backing of Western chancelleries, who have always supported regimes that were favorable to their interests, which have always been antagonistic to the notion of freedom and progress of peoples considered inferior. The parallel of terror is visible only to some wise minds, as the manipulation of the masses has reached its climax. Africa and other developing countries must understand that when their people are dying it is never for their welfare. By the end of the Second World War, the wars of independence caused millions of deaths because the Western warlike forces were fighting to continue to dominate the so-called inferior peoples to exploit them in a servile manner. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and the deadly wind of democracy in Africa, nothing has changed in the agenda of domination and submission of others by Western forces. The notion of obsessional domination is often in general linked to an awareness of one's inferiority, one cannot want to be great, when one already knows of its own greatness. The obsession with grandeur in the average American, no doubt finds its origin in the founding history of the United States.

The country was created as a colony for the rejects of Europe, and those who were forcibly emigrated there from slavery were indoctrinated for centuries as sub-men. Also, in white American from Europe, just like in African Americans, there is this historical blemish that encourages conscientiously or not the desire to dominate others, to purge a shameful past. American experts whose racist philosophy is well established, decided overnight that the earth's resources were running out, and that the main reason for this exhaustion was "the demographic bombshell". They claimed that if humanity did not reduce its reproduction rates to zero or less, especially in developing countries, then humanity was doomed. This eugenic doctrine was inspired by racist circles which, since the time of segregation, believed that blacks and the poorest whites were not fit to reproduce. Until the 1970s and 1980s, thousands of black women were sterilized in the United States without ever giving their consent. After having solved the problem of the black population of the United States, whom white supremacy controls, with several methods, some more venal than the others, such as drugs, all-out penance, and cooptation to recognition by auto flagellation, for when one is black in the United States, one must often bring the proof of its anti-black side, to climb the social ladder, it was of course time to attack the rest of the world, which has always be seen as lower beings. American exceptionalism would in fact be a racist panacea that, like Hitler's Germany, made the Aryans a near-perfect people. Likewise, Americans of every background and race firmly believe that they are better in everything compared to the rest of the world. a foul heresy that has already killed and will continue to do so as long as some believe that their so-called exceptionalism gives them the right to dictate their views to whoever they want. The task of domination by the destruction would have been more arduous if Americans did not benefit from a network of collaborators who sometimes do not know what cause they serve, when it is not the greed which animates them, because as with its blacks of the Showbiz in America, the size of the loot paid to the traitor is matched only by the megalomania and hatred towards non-Americans, often called aliens according to the administrative terminology. Namely, an incongruity of another world. The American genocidal lobbies have not skimped on the propagandist means to reach their goal of decimation of populations that hinder their expansion. As during slavery to save the souls of sub humans, the civilizing mission of colonization was to save inferior peoples from ignorance, and logically the eugenic mission now wants to save Africa and the developing world from itself, while promoting health and wellness. According to the official line the United States is concerned that underdeveloped countries will not be able to achieve economic and social progress if population growth is not restricted, enlisting weaker and more credulous allies, as women and children, who according to them suffer more in the third world because of the demographic pressure, that puts the poverty and customs on these groups of people. If certain measures are to be taken, as in any society, on the protection of the rights of the weakest and needy, it’s not a reason to incriminate the others when one has more shady designs, and that in its own country, one does not shine by justice towards the disadvantaged groups like black Americans who without being of the third world live the third world in the nation which is said to be the most powerful of the western world. Since the 1970s, at the dawn of independence in Africa, the number one raw material supplier; the US government began planning a genocidal policy that does not care if the women of Kousserie in the depths of Cameroon are whipped by their macho husbands. In reality, population growth is not an obstacle to development, it is rather an asset. The number is a market, and a labor force necessary for the development of nations. The United States itself has used human labor, unfortunately unpaid during slavery, to develop itself, and maintains by rigid laws a clandestine immigration that favors the slavery of undocumented immigrants from the Third World. However, in the scheme domination of others, and free access to resources under the feet of the poorest populations, the rapacious system imposed by dictatorial relations between the north and the south, plunder the resources that should be used for the development and survival of the populations of the third world and southern hemisphere. A system of economic predation that has made this part of the world an extractive economy that benefits only the West with the United States as forerunner. with a whopping 4.5% of the world's population Americans consume more than 30% of the world's energy resources. A growing scandal, that will bring the American ogre to simply consider the total destruction of parts of the world to keep it pace, grabbing their resources, to support its agenda of domination and gluttony. It is imperative for the United States to prevent the emergence of other nations. The real motivation behind the US population control policy was laid bare in a series of three secret National Security Council reports, written by two successive national security advisers, Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft (formerly national security adviser of George Bush), between 1974 and 1976. The secrecy on these documents has been lifted only recently. The first, published on December 10, 1974, is the National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of World Population Growth for the Security of US Interests Overseas. The second, National Security Decision Memorandum (NSDM 314), published in 1975, was to establish the lines of application of this new policy: it was decided, so to speak, to "take action". The third, First Annual Report, published in 1976, reported on the progress made in implementing this strategy. Thus, it suddenly became clear that the primary cause of the attack on Third World peoples was the willingness of the Americans to maintain their access to cheap raw materials, and to prevent any Third World country from becoming a world power.The war of freedom, insidiously called wind of freedom, democracy or development aid, is in fact the war that the United States and its Western allies do to the world labelled poor and inferior, to have a free and unlimited access to its resources. Misery, desolation, wars, genocide and bankruptcy of the southern hemisphere states are an immeasurable market. Landfills of radioactive waste, they are no less vulnerable to the servile use of their mineral resources when access to technology is denied to them to prevent them to transform their natural resources themselves.

The paradise of this state of affairs, no doubt, is a third world without its population. In the era of high technology, the United States and the West are seriously asking themselves more and more why they should be bothered, with sub-men living in precarious conditions? Imperialism and supremacy lead to loneliness and uniqueness, in opposition to the diversity of peoples, values or incongruities which unfortunately are part of their definition of the new world order. From now on, when they will talk to you about the greatness of America, do not forget its corollary, the death, the great banditry and the contempt towards others.

Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr. Journalist

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