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Monkey salary, monkey money, and monkey price .

While the effects of the misery of the black people are worrisome, there is very little energy left to focus on the reasons that create the social and economic discomfort of the black populace in the world, and the most absurd explanations compete with ingenuity. White would have built a world of exclusion that does not allow the evolution of the so-called black species, or blacks would simply be cursed, a race that should be purely and simply confined to slavery, a version advocated in general by the Abrahamic religions such as Christianity and Islam, which continue to count millions of faithful followers throughout the African continent and the black diaspora of the globe When some Islamic suras like the one of the bees admit the normalcy in the slavery of Negro pagans. Christianity through the curse of Ham does not reserve a very glorious fate to blacks as well. A papal bull, moreover legalized their slavery status in 1454. The extroverted religiosity of the Africans living in the continent and the black diaspora sums up in itself the paradigm of the alienation and submission of the so-called black race, to a destructive ideal; for how is it understandable that it is those who have preached hatred against the black people by reducing them to slavery and colonization, who are found to be the reference model of the black populace? An aberrant situation that could only give way to neo-slavery of today.The first stone of the temple of alienation of the black people remains mimesis. Mimesis is their ultimate nemesis, since they want to be like their enemies, blacks logically became their own enemies and the rest is only the logical consequence of the black who succeeds his executioner of yesterday, and continues his lame work, using simply the black mask to better camouflage the forfeiture of the ideal to which he is subjected. However, if the black people are not cursed, it is not absurd to say that they have come across a curse that must be said is largely responsible for their misfortunes.The lack of literacy and the lack of policy to help socio-economic progress, are often pointed out as the main causes of delay of the African continent. However, when observing the standard of living of the black diaspora residing in environments more able to offer better options in terms of socioeconomic development, the results remain the same. Blacks wherever they are, are still proletarianized. The few examples of negro bourgeoisie publicized by the Western press hide very badly, the global slump of the black populace.When the smartest, talk about the maladjustment of the black world to the techniques of modernism, it seems that they are talking about a people who just landed on earth, and who know nothing about life on the planet, yet historical facts and daily experience seem to support theses of the anteriority of the black populace, and its pugnacity when it comes to survival in more than hostile environments. If one has to consider the civilization thesis justifying the fight against the black populace, in 15 centuries of learning, because the first cases of taking hostage for allegedly the formatting towards humanity, religion and civilization, the natives African people date back to the 5th century, during the Muslim Arab slavery, which left very few traces because of its destructive character since, African slaves who were forcibly taken each year based on shame treaties like that of Bakht in 652, between Nubia and Arabia, and slavery raids in the rest of the continent on the fallacious base of Muslim proselytism, were sterilized using cruel methods like castration.The reason of civilization dressage of the so-called black race no longer holds, and moreover never held. One cannot teach a people to be humans for 15 centuries, and feel that they have not learned anything yet, and thus continue to justify all kinds of contempt and abuse. A sensed person will normally understand that it is rather a system of profuse perpetual domination, which has since justified, the oppression of the black populace. The situation is no less scandalous, one can very badly justify the fact that whoever has gone to a medical school, for example, remains a medical student all his life because he is never allowed to exercise his profession freely and to develop new principles, since he struggles under the yoke of a ubiquitous master. Similarly, neocolonial predation, is analogous to the religious situation where the faithful learn to know a God and its messages all their lives, under the rule of dogmas professed by pastors, or imams, without ever having the opportunity to understand their faith on their own and therefore , the decipherment of writings whose hermetic codification for ages obeys a slavish agenda.It is expected that those who have learned to drive a car one day will take the wheel and decide to apply their knowledge, but in the case of Christian or Islamic religiosity this is never the case. The instructor remains ubiquitous, as of course in the relations between the Western colonizer, enslaver and Africans and their diaspora who have been considered immature for centuries and still are. Also, one can ask the question of who benefits from the crime of perpetual immaturity of the global black populace? To understand, this paradigm it’s primeval to return to the title of this editorial. The monkey salary which alludes to the fact that blacks despite their equal competence with Westerners, rarely have the same salary as their Western counterparts, and there are situations that border indecency, an African major of his promotion in a medical school in the West recruited by an African hospital as well as a white fellow of his promotion will undoubtedly have a salary lower than his white fellow. And better an African in Africa or in the diaspora is often forced to do trades that do not always match his academic pedigree. they are legions cases of African with PhDs who are dishwashing or driving taxis in Western metropolises for failing to find better. In Africa, for example, in sectors such as sports, expatriate coaches receive huge salaries while local coaches, who are not least talented, are generally paid 100 times less.

The infantilization of black peoples in the media and entertainment only contributes to the maintenance of this status quo of enslavement. The second point and not the least, is the monkey currency, it is an open secret that to say that north-south trade is leaded by phenomena such as the CFA Franc which places the economies of Africa on the brink of perpetual bankruptcy, which benefits the perpetual plumpness of the West, which is the main beneficiary of the situation of perpetual crisis. The monkey money could only lead to the monkey price. In the segregationist America of the 50s, it was no secret that black peoples who showed up in white owned stores to shop had "preferential" rates, which paradoxically were always higher than those of whites. The official end of segregation, has not changed the situation. In 2008 during the economic recession and the years following the scandal of toxic banking products sold to Americans put hundreds of thousands of black families on the street, losing homes they had acquired through predatory banking arrangements. And of course, the US government led by Barack Obama at the time did nothing better than compensate the banksters forgetting to bring justice to thousands of families who were forced to misery by shark loans. The use of pervasive injustice in general is a tool of domination that makes the victims understand the irreversible nature of their situation, which they should accept in submission or perish.

In Africa the situation is not better either, the transfer of the technology costs an exorbitant price, not only because of the expenses of the freight or the customs, because in a key sector like the telecommunications tariffs that operate the multinationals distributing the internet and the mobile telephony are open-air holdups. When in general the multinationals are followers of the tax evasion, paying little or nothing to the states, contenting from time to time to corrupt some shady officials, the general price of a phone call to Africa or from Africa to the West is about 30 times more expensive, than calls between Western and Asian countries. While ADSL Internet connections cost for example 100 000F CFA, which is about the equivalent of 152 Euro, in a country like Togo, the same service costs the equivalent of 20 000 F CFA or about 30 Euro in France. These services because of the links of capitalist colonialism are often offered by the same companies both in Africa and in Europe, and paradoxically these companies make more profit in third world country allegedly poorer than in the western world richer . Of course, some will talk about the high cost due to technical difficulties to achieve the feat of bringing the digital civilization in a rough environment, and forget once again that this environment is not conducive precisely because of the reasons mentioned above, which perpetuate underdevelopment. It is not the world that excludes the so-called black people, it is simple a system of exclusion that has its tentacles around the world that has made it a hated race, if the same race count the greatest number of those who are always accused of betrayal of the cause, it is inevitably because there is a war that undergoes this group of individuals. No offense to some, and before abounding in conspiracy theories it is important to ask the question why black people would be at war? what makes the so-called black race considered the most hated in the 4 corners of the world? And why racism seems to focus only on this group of individuals?

Not that other groups of individuals are perfect friends, but there is always the impression that when other racial groups seem to disagree on issues of their own, when the African equation comes by, a consensus is always formed to first put the black in the place that would be his, namely barely above the animal, but especially below all the other whiter groups, as Asian, Pacific Islander, Spanish, Arab and other Indian? The rejection and contempt of others should be the unifying element that finally should sound the consciousness of the global black populace because nobody will give them the respect if they do not respect themselves while mimicking others. Renouncing one's intrinsic identity, undoubtedly leads to contempt from others, which itself is despicable.

Hubert Marlin Elingui Journalist

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